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Tobey Maguire: I Did NOT Play Illegal Poker

6/30/2011 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tobey Maguire has just filed legal docs, categorically denying that he participated in illegal celebrity poker games.


As we previously reported, Tobey is being sued by the bankruptcy trustees of a convicted felon who claims Tobey won more than $300,000 in unlicensed poker games in L.A.  The trustees are trying to get the money back.

In his answer to the lawsuit, Tobey says the hold 'em poker games were not "controlled games," which required the host to have a license. 

Tobey also denies there was any scheme on his part to defraud anyone.  According to the complaint, the person whom Tobey took to the cleaners was Bradley Ruderman, who is serving time for defrauding a bunch of people out of more than $50 million in a Ponzi scheme.

In the docs, Tobey "admits that he was invited to participate in the Poker Games" ... but denies that there was a "regular roster of players consisting of wealthy celebrities, entrepreneurs, attorneys and businessmen."


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the real diva    

noone really cares.

1157 days ago


Go Tobey, defend yourself.
You weren't playing with other people's stolen money.

1157 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    


oh but Tobey was playing with stolen money. now Tobey gotsta give it back. lol.

can't stand this butt-ugly Tobey twerp. love the fact that this cheap ******* will be paying it back and paying for his legal fees too.

since tobey's not working, he'll have to deal some drugs to get the cash - that or steal from his rich trust fund baby wife. tobey's face always makes me want to straight-up hurl.

1157 days ago

some guy    

Tobie, Tobie, Tobie... we've met before, haven't we?

1157 days ago

some guy    

The more I think about it, the more it seemed that "Spiderman 3" was a setup for failure.

You never got that feeling on-set? You really thought emo-Spidey would score the chix?

1157 days ago

some guy    

I think if people really had your back, the Venom persona would've been alot more darker and interesting. Such a cool character.

1157 days ago

some guy    

I mean, there were so many good actors in it, and it still sucked. Some people must really hate you.

1157 days ago


On the positive side, this will toughen up Tobey Maguire´s image.

1157 days ago


were the guys reporting their winnings on their tax forms
imagine the IRS is looking into that

1157 days ago


Show some respect! The man was in a billion dollar franchise. In the comic books it was Aunt May or Jamerson's secretary (I forget which) who was always involved in questionable gambling practices. Has TMZ (tm) spoken to either actress who played them in the Spiderman (tm) movies about this? Anyone? Thought so.

1157 days ago


to me the one person that deserves scrutnizing is molly bloom who organized these games. i didn't really know anything about playing a solid game of poker.

in terms of the level of strategy involved it is more like chess. it is a thinking man's game. i don't think most ppl know that. maguire is a serious poker player; he knows how to play this game and has played with professionals like phil helmuth and even beat him (I think). personally i think he just loves the game. so what is wrong with that?

from what i understand there is a community of young actors, directors and producers who are poker enthusiasts meaning they like the game not the gambling aspect. with that said maguire was invited to a poker game; big deal. there is something fishy about molly bloom.

i don't think there is anything wrong if they want to play in private, other ppl play poker in private. i am just wondering if she had something up her sleeve to make sure that only certain people received invitations. perhaps she was targeting certain ppl for shady reasons without them knowing it. it does happen.

1157 days ago

some guy    

Tobie, Tobie, Tobie... we've met before, haven't we?

1157 days ago


rsmik: No kidding! Let me say, the 1st word of the 2nd paragraph might have gave you some more clues, being it was LOVERLY? LOL!

Just me playing with the words, not trying to be absolutely correct. You know? For fun, with making a point or two if I can. How we HEAR words spoken incorrectly that are in broken english. Yes, on purpose. Duh? That's all it agree with you as I was not a English major in coleege either. LOL!

1157 days ago


I'm not the best typist either, ya think? LOL! Coleege, I very much like that typo where it ocurred...ROFL.

1157 days ago


Rich people have private, no house, high stakes poker games.

Who cares.

Don't hire dirtbags for your organization. If you do hire s***, ensure your organizations infrastructure can stop them before they plunder you and go play poker with your money.

Big Poppa

1156 days ago
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