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Arnold's Baby Mama Mum on Divorce

7/1/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "other woman" in the Maria Shriver/Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce looms large in the breakup of the marriage, but she has nothing to say about the breakup.

Mildred "Patty" Baena has "no comment," according to her lawyer.

It's interesting, because while she was carrying on with Arnold, she had plenty to say about the marriage, according to her friends, even telling one that she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria because she was always there for him.


We got the first pic of Patty and 13-year-old Joseph this week at the California Pizza Kitchen in the San Fernando Valley. 

Patty won't play a part in the divorce, since California is a no-fault state.


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1208 days ago


In her mind she probobly thinks he will marry her.

1208 days ago


If you looked like a pig like her, you'd kiss his ass too. A slut? Nah, she knew what she was doing. Bun in the oven, set $$$ for life.

1208 days ago


Dont stalk innocent kids. Just because his parents are ****tards doesn't mean he should suffer.

1208 days ago


That hideous she-beast has a neck about an inch high/long. And shoulders like a linebacker. How the hell did he even get it UP for this hideous creature? I mean, you have to have more than a vagina to be appealing, but perhaps Ahnold had some kind of mama issue and went after her for that. It's puzzling to be sure. And why he didn't figure out something about the birth control. I thought he had AT LEAST that much sense!
It amazes me no end that he threw away his entire life and marraige with an intelligent, sweet, warm, wonderful human being to furtively plunge against this REALLY ugly female who thought so little of herself that she would screw her employer AND the whole damn family in the process. Maybe she's too stupid to understand the repercussions of her actions, but he's not. And he did it anyway, and for YEARS!
How would he have felt if one of his children would have caught him in the act? I am SO dissappointed in him. I admired their long marraige and they truly seemed to be in love whenever they were shown together. I just can not believe he ****** THAT all up for this ham-looking chunk of meat with a "face" if you can call it that. I'm sure men are not lining up at her door because they just have to have her.
WHAT a colossal mess. I feel so bad for his kids and loving wife.

1208 days ago


Which one is uglier, this Patty B. or Camila porker bowle? close one I say....

1208 days ago


You mean nothing to say that she doesn't get paid for. And stop stalking the kid. he has it hard enough as it is and nothing is his fault.

1208 days ago


OMG I seriously can not believe Arnold went for her over Maria Shriver!! She must have some "special talents", or he likes the ugly girls b/c it makes him feel more attractive/superior??

1208 days ago


People are so shallow. Dis her because she slept with a married man, not because of her looks. I guess you all have control over your genetics?

1208 days ago


What's wrong with America? It sounds as if you're ready to stone Patty...but nothing to say about Arnold. All women should stop expecting the other woman to ward off their husband advances and hold their husband's accountable for his own wrong doing!!! Patty didn't promise in front of God, friends, and family to love and honor Maria. Surly Patty WAS NOT able to force Arnold to do anything...So why is Patty taking all the heat...I say it's because married women want any excuse to take their cheating, lying, no good man back and men have found the perfect way to take the heat off of pitting the STUPID WOMENS AGAINST each other.

1208 days ago


Hmmmm....interesting. I think it is for the best that Patty keeps her mouth shut at this point. She has said and done quite enough.

1208 days ago

Mark Moxness    

Woooof! If she was walking his dog you would wonder who was walking who? Wtf?

1208 days ago


Ha,ha,ha Maria Shriver ******o bad that Arnold prefered to ******omeone else.

1208 days ago

Arnold Schwarsleaser    

Arnold should and must pay for his poor judgement. He does not deserve Maria because he has stoop too low to go for someone like this lowlife and had a kid with her.

1208 days ago


Dudes, it was like 14-15 years ago when he banged that stuff. She probably looked better. Still, I have to tip my hat to his lack of pickiness.

OK, for a PSA, don't do what Arnold did. Look at the mess he caused. However, I'll bet the kid is OK with it considering he wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Arnold's infidelity.

1208 days ago
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