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Arnold's Baby Mama Mum on Divorce

7/1/2011 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "other woman" in the Maria Shriver/Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce looms large in the breakup of the marriage, but she has nothing to say about the breakup.

Mildred "Patty" Baena has "no comment," according to her lawyer.

It's interesting, because while she was carrying on with Arnold, she had plenty to say about the marriage, according to her friends, even telling one that she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria because she was always there for him.


We got the first pic of Patty and 13-year-old Joseph this week at the California Pizza Kitchen in the San Fernando Valley. 

Patty won't play a part in the divorce, since California is a no-fault state.


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Say what you wish about her, you are still and will always be a broke incestuous idiot. All you have is your little Wal-Mart blue clearance special computer that you hide behind….lol

1148 days ago


Why is everyone criticizing the maid's look? There's more to a person than just their looks you know. Maybe she cared a lot about Arnold and he had an emotional attachment with her that was clearly lacking with his wife- according to articles, the household staff said that him and Patty were extremely close to each other. He looked extremely happy in that photo with the maid during Christmas- a kind of happiness that was not even seen in other photos which were taken with just him and Maria Shriver. I know he was doing a whole lot of females to fulfil his manly desires, but its not like he's not capable of having a serious relationship either with someone- seems like him and Patty were very close.

In no way am I agreeing with the cheating- its better to just divorce, but unless you live in their house, you don't really know what Maria Shriver and Arnold's marriage together was really like. To me their marriage seems like more of a business arrangement for a very long time. It could have been over years ago, but she decided to pull the trigger now- because his governorship is done, the kids are older, and she wants her career back. She knew about this child for a long time- I doubt she found it recently. Those Kennedy women know how to shutup- it runs in their family.

A highly publicized divorce would bring her name back in the news in the biggest way and because of the sympathy, she's hoping that big networks and high profile friends will give her some great job offers. She also has her eyes set on particular goals in the long run. This is all Maria's PR machine at work because she could have kept her whole separation and reasons behind the split low profile if she wanted to, but she didn't.

1148 days ago


Wow, Arnold's mistress or one of the many out there, is incredibly unatractive. He clearly grabbed the first person closest to him to sex. She's the anti-hollywood or anti-pornstar, hotty, babe etc..I wouldn't have sex with her unless you payed me $100G's. She's scary looking and Arnold must be blind because there is no way this woman ever looked good, even 20 years ago.

Arnold Shfartz****** should get lasik eye surgery.

1148 days ago


Hollywood is about looks first, talent second. Arnold could have had a much more attractive and smart lady with something to offer. Instead he grabs the closet one to him, the help. The nanny knew a good thing when she saw it and knew she would cash in one day, who could blame. Besides, Ahnold would have ended up with some other slug meat skank that no one would suspect he's plugging. If he hangs with an attractive woman the rumours start making their way on line.

He had sex incognito with the last person anyone would suspect because she was not even remotely attractive. She shaves her ass; I'm certain. I mean really, she's downright scary looking and its' all about appearancs in Hollywood. I use that word appearance in all context's- how one looks in every way is all that Hollywood is based on.

How many incredibly unattractive actresses, regardless of their talent, get work in Hollywood? Think about it.

1148 days ago


Hey guys don't trash a latino " beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Who knows he wasn't getting any from Maria Nun in the morning nun at night so he got even by banging the maid as a revenge.

1148 days ago


She must have a HELL of a personality. I just don't understand it!!! I agree with Reta and Moondust. To throw your 25yr old marriage away to cheat just doesn't make sense.

1148 days ago

Patty M.    

Jeeze, I thought maybe he had better taste in women than that! I sure hope she looked a helluva lot better 20 years ago...whew!

1148 days ago


Arnold and Patty are 2 of the ugliest people I have ever seen. The poor boy they produced doesn't have a chance.

1148 days ago

Big Daddy    


1148 days ago


It has been reported that she was going to file divorce two years ago. This would lead one to believe that there were far more problems in that household than the maid if you really believe the stories that Maria didn't know until just recently! The failure of their marriage can not be blamed entirely on Patty. While she may have been the last straw, there were clearly problems before anything about her surfaced.

1148 days ago


I'm confused. Is Arnold's mistress the same lady that also had an affair with George Anthony??

1148 days ago


Maria could more than likely turn a blind eye to a affair, but to have a woman taking care of your family and carrying your husbands baby is one thing that 99.9% of all women would be unable to forgive. This is one of the most hurtful stories that I have ever heard.

1148 days ago


now you're silent?!?

1148 days ago
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