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'Top Model' Star: Why I Left Jonny Fairplay ...

7/1/2011 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Michelle Deighton tells TMZ she decided to walk out on her husband Jonny Fairplay because she feels like she's married to a child.


Deighton -- who's been married to the "Survivor" villain since 2008 -- tells TMZ ... "I work 40 hours a week at a daycare to support us, yet he would still want me to come home and cook and clean for him."

"I left because I was tired of feeling like I had two children instead of a husband and a daughter."

She adds, "I just want out of this unhealthy relationship.  I have tried to work this out but he refuses to speak to me."

As TMZ first reported -- Fairplay served his wife with separation papers this week -- after she moved herself and her daughter out of the family home.


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I don't think anyone cares about this.

1209 days ago

Facebook Sucks    

Jonny Fairplay is an idiot. Him and Spencer Pratt should go out drinking together and give Ryan Dunn's last stunt a try.

1209 days ago


wow, did she no*****ch any of his shows?!? Big surprise!! Maybe when he left an upperdecker in the toilet.... that should have been a sign!

1209 days ago


I married him while he was making decent income because I didn't have to work. Now that he's not making money and I have to get a job, I see no point in honoring my vows to him. Of course I'm going to take the kid because I want that child support.

She sure didn't think he was a child when she was whoring herself off on Tough Enough (which she quit after a few episodes) and she needed someone watch their kid.

1209 days ago

S. in Colorado    

Shut the **** up Mike. When did that ******* ever make a decent income. You don't know **** about their relationship, so shut your ******* trap, Bitch!!

1209 days ago


She didn't want to "cook and clean" for her husband? Call me, "old fashioned;" but, isn't that what wives are suppose to do for their husbands?

1209 days ago


What is it with men thinking their wives are their slaves, maids and servants? I think women don't mind doing the domestic thing as long as they're not expected to do everything by their self all the time. You live there too. Run a va**** now and then. Wash a dish. Pick up your crap. Wouldn't kill you to cook a meal once in a blue moon. She was working while he did what? Made a list of things for her to do when she got home?

1209 days ago


Kinda hard to feel sorry for her, what was she thinking marrying this dork?

1209 days ago

who cares    

******he is ugly

1209 days ago

who cares    

She is f***ing ugly ewwwwwwww

1209 days ago


So... in other words, Jonny Fairplay is a childlike imbicile? Better late than never for Michelle, I suppose.

1209 days ago

Kathy L.    

who cares! Please check my Indy $30 budget video. Thank you.

1209 days ago


He is a complete pig. I worked with him one time (March '10), and all he could do is hang his tongue out salivating over all the women, trying to get them in bed. I obviously turned him down, but I'm pretty sure he was serious about bringing girls back to his hotel room. Disgusting. Definitely didn't know he was married.

1209 days ago


@canadasux... call me modern but shouldn't a marriage be a partnership? If he is not working while she is, he should be helping to take care of the home and the child and vice versa, end of story. If you allow your husband to do nothing but take from you and think that is okay, that is your business; the smart women among us know better.

1209 days ago


Uhm... the entire world knew this guy was an immature ****. Way to catch up to 2003, Michelle.

1208 days ago
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