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Weston Cage 911 Call -- He's 'Mentally Ill'

7/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who beat down Weston Cage on an L.A. street earlier this month screamed out for witnesses to call 911 ... explaining that Weston is "mentally ill" ... and he needed help.


TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 call, placed on June 8, in which the caller explains, "There's a fight going on ... one guy is bleeding, it looks like his nose is bleeding."

The caller continues, "This guy holding [Weston] down ... he says [Weston] is mentally ill. He's asking for the police ... send somebody!"

0612_weston_fight_video_smallTMZ broke the story ... Kevin Villegas claims Nic Cage employed him to locate Weston that day ... but when Kev found him, Weston allegedly greeted him with a roundhouse kick ... and all hell broke loose.

After Kevin punched Weston into submission ... and then restrained him for several minutes ... cops eventually arrived to the scene and Weston was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.


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damn... I lost an IQ point reading your comment.

1209 days ago

Jim from Germany    

Hello Beloved TMZ,

Just a quick note; you wrote "The man who beat down Weston Cage on an L.A. street EARLIER this month" however, this post is from July 1st. The dude kicked his ass in June, so it should say LAST month... :)

Love you guys and I was bored so I commented.

Jim from Germany

1209 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

weston: the blue eyed bizerker

1209 days ago

Sean Thomas Fisher    

The crazy comments on this story are way better than the Wesson Oil story itself. I mean, many kinds of "fashion shoes", "flawless manliness", "pap rat finks"?? All money. This is the story TMZ, not what's his name. Come on, man.

1209 days ago


I think Weston and his father both have some serious problems.

1209 days ago


Good Lord TMZ you can't let this story go...ugh.......
Initially I thought good for the trainer for defending himself but seriously beating the crap out of a mentally ill person....? to me that mean the trainer also has issues!!! one failed roundhouse punch merited a severe @$$ beating...?!??? REALLY!?!!!

Regardless I think they both need counseling.....
and this story is older than day old stale bread...:/

1209 days ago


next time i kick the crap out of someone. ill be sure to tell the cops the guy was mentally ill

1209 days ago


It's terrifying that this trainer might get away with this. If he can, then anyone can beat the living sh*t out of you on a street when you haven't touched him.

1209 days ago


I have to agree with the guy calling 911..."why is this so hard?"

1209 days ago


Weston, if you see this...when you see this...send me an email, we need to talk. Your pops and his atty have my contact details, ask for the 'guy from Idaho'.....

First, Kevin needs the 5150, he is a danger to you, the City of Los Angeles and anyone he is hired to "protect". If LAPD hasn't arrested him for vigilanty justice on the mean streets of the "wild/wild west" then I would be fearful - pure case of 'roid rage and ironically wasn't there a movie about an abusive HS wrestling coach who returns to cause trouble.....

Also know this Weston, you likely suffered a massive head concussion with the plates of your skull now nowhere near where they were prior to the assault (with deadly force) you received.

We the people may never know the pain you feel going forward, or what you 'lost' that morning while being attacked, time will tell. I can recommend cranial-sacral for the head injuries (it's a long road but one worth walking) and I can also recommend you stay the *&LL away from anything with UC or UCLA on the building.... google: UCLA NPI Wrongful Death / UCLA West Coast MK ULTRA / UCLA Project Bluebird / UCLA MK Monarch / UCLA Jolly West / UCLA Nazi Torture ............

In a nutshell, since WWII UCLA has been a research lab for rats, mice, monkies and humans. Weston, please reach out and let me give you my 20 yrs worth of knowledge and experience. Make my hell worth something to someone...

I was beaten mercilessly in the back room of UCLA Medical Center on the 4th day of a 3 day hold by 6 cops, 2 docs and a needle (I stood within my Rights to not be drugged and when I made my Rights known, BAM, LAPD and UCLA PD cops broke my neck, broke my jaw, required me to undergo reconstructive sugery on my eyes and left ear, I was tortured and well, it forever changed me. When I came to, I did not recognize my doc, my family or my friends... yeah, it was THAT bad.

It was June of 1991, Rodney King had just received his infamous beating and the Menendez brothers were on trial freaking out every parent on the Westside....basically I was framed by a 5' 2" Nazi Quack MD who likes to abuse 19 yr olds with $60...k in benefits....that story is being written now (KAMP UCLA and the German Body Mechanics)......coming soon.... I received the 5150 for not showing up to his appointment, and well, at 19 I made it clear that I would choose my own medical providers...and this Nazi was not giving me a good vibe and I had just spent 3 months in Germany and had viewed the 'hooks' at Aushwitz and the 6th sense kicked in. I didn't like this guy and like Kevin, he flexed on me... 5 Beverly Hills PD showed up at my apartment with guns drawn.... then to UCLA I went voluntarily. When the place creeped me out (think One Flew Over), well, I was outta there...not exactly... True you can 'check in' to UCLA (Hotel Hell), but checking out is a whole 'nutha story entirely.

I had myself transfered to safety 6 days after my attack (at UCLA)...they wanted to use 'teaching funds' to keep me there indef.... there is no end to their sickness or what they will do.

Anyhow, this is about you not me, so please if you see this we MUST talk. Your mother is psychotic and is trying to use you as a pawn in her twisted Hollywierd game of "Get Mo of Nic's Dough". You are o****e, have Rights and need to get the fk out of LA for a while....come to Idaho bro, I'll show you Rocky Mtn perfection.

You will recover and have a wonderful life IF and only IF you conterclaim against that crazy woman called your mother, and if you stay OUT of the CA mental health system. It is designed ONLY to abuse and once psychotropics are involved, your world will change and not for the better.

So take it from me:

1. Press the Chief of LA (in writing an cc Dept of Justice and the Mayor of LA) for an immediate arrest of Kevin (the maniac). See to it in your letter that outline only a crazy person would beat a man down in broad daylight to show that he "still had the moves".... Kevin needs a 5150

2. Have your father's attorney get your *&% to Boise or a place like it for some peace and quiet, time on the river, Elks Rehab, whatever...this is a college town with a fantastic upandcoming music scene, you will fit in just fine...find a new patch of earth, LA is the devil's playground when Vegas is booked, always has been.

3. Issue a TRO against your mother immediately. She wants your Dad's money and has likely been 'approached' by UCLA upper Nazi management and let's just say there is more than likely a bounty on getting you to their Chambers.....fight now or you will be placed in the garden with sprouting tops...(fill in your vegetable of choice)....

4. Also Google those words above as I said and write your concerns to the Dept of Justice. I am doing this now 20 yrs later (post attack) and with evidence. As the white Rodney King no one knows about, let my pain be your gain. Get informed stat.

5. Know that when anyone enters the UCLA Mental Health System (KAMP UCLA), there are always dollars, egos, and sick and sadistic Nazi forces at play, again bro, you are being used like a pawn. Stand up now to that Kevin chap and your wildly obsessive mother. She is beyond help as most LA uppercrust are. Remember, in a town of 10 million super sized egos, there is not much room left for sanity. I grew up in MB for 25+yrs and could see that no one in LA ever really grows up...I had to uproot, so I did.

6. Just understand that when Brit Brit, Lindsay and you were in UCLA, I was trying to call the patient phone to get this info out to no avail. You need out of LA not a conservatorship... the guy you see under a bridge talking to the bottle cap in the street, he needs a conservatorship....not you. Capiche?

7. Lastly, know that Dr. David Feinberg (<---- good German name, starting to get it?) runs UCLA Medical Center, google his name. He makes over $1.3 million a year and is the highest paid member of the UCLA 'family' of Medical Research Institute's Staff (read human lab for Big Pharma). He makes that much by charging his lab rats and their parents(human or otherwise) $3-5,000 a day for the ability to humiliate, torture, and abuse their patients. Let the evidence speak for itself.... for $30 and a postcard you can obtain 20,000 pages of evidence on the US Govt's mind control programs, lead by, you guessed it, the creepy Germans at UCLA.

Take warning from a survivor, nip this talk of mental illness in the bud. Everyone in LA is crazy, especially Kevin, now pack that bag and find good clean sane soil. I hope you sue that Kevinpuke for his gym shoes and his 1985 Div 1 Wrestling trophy....those things most valuable to him.

If I can help guide you through this labyrinth they are trying to throw you in...reach out, my details are with your Dad and his J.D.

Remember, Upleddger Institute and Cranio-Sacral are your tickets out of pain, UCLA Crazy Institute run by Nazi's, well stay clear of those Institutions....

Here's to your speedy recovery Weston and please think through this offer to help. I want nothing in return just to know UCLA failed to get their hooks on another 20 yr old with a promising life ahead of him. It has taken me over 7400 days of recovery to get to the point where I could articulate what happened to me in such a way that someone else might value in it.

Also, for the record, TMZ, I tried a few times to get my story to you and you wouldn't take it. Post this please....for Weston and Nic's sake. Also, whoever was laughing a*****ching Weston being beaten and who didn't jump in to help him, your karma is forever tarnished....are there any humans left in LA?

Thank you / namaste


City of Trees, Idaho

1209 days ago


What are his injuries?

>>> He has a bloody nose!

So now what are his injuries?

>>> He has a bloody face! They are fighting!

So now what are his injuries?

>>> He's mentally ill, AND he has a bloody face!

So NOW what are his injuries - sir?

>>> You fumm Ducks, I am gonna shoot him and he really will have an injury! Whats wrong with you people? Didnt Gov Moonbeam give you a bonus to your 150,000 pay check last year?

1209 days ago


The guy that made the call was a duffus. He's about as discriptive as a doorknob. He he spoke in full sentences with a bit ore detail the poice wouldn't have to ask him as many questions.

"why is this so hard?" Because you aren't telling them anything useful.

1209 days ago

And thats the truth    

So the guy is yelling that Weston is mentally ill and needs help while he is beating Weston in the face? One of them is mentally ill and I have a feeling it is not Weston.

1208 days ago


How much more descriptive do you want it?

"There is a verbal and physical altercation on Rose and Vine.

Names being called, the guy called him crazy, the other guy called him an ass.

The alleged crazy guy has a leaking hematoma to his right nasal passage. Still breathing from the left. If cops dont come quick, more dirty words will foul the air"...

1208 days ago


you say he is mentally ill like its some foreign rare disease
every freaking body on this planet is mentally ill
in one form/way or another
to some degree or another
every freaking body
every watch any show on TV??? = MENTALLY FREAKING ILL...
Hoarders, "celebrity" Rehab, Intervention, The Bachelorette,
Diners Drive Ins and Dives......judge freakin judy..... COME ON!!

I'd press assault charges against this A hole so fast his head would spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist....(speaking of mentally ill.....wait...that's possession....)
EVERYONE is Hollywood needs The Exorcist.....

1208 days ago
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