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Weston Cage 911 Call -- He's 'Mentally Ill'

7/2/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who beat down Weston Cage on an L.A. street earlier this month screamed out for witnesses to call 911 ... explaining that Weston is "mentally ill" ... and he needed help.


TMZ obtained a copy of the 911 call, placed on June 8, in which the caller explains, "There's a fight going on ... one guy is bleeding, it looks like his nose is bleeding."

The caller continues, "This guy holding [Weston] down ... he says [Weston] is mentally ill. He's asking for the police ... send somebody!"

0612_weston_fight_video_smallTMZ broke the story ... Kevin Villegas claims Nic Cage employed him to locate Weston that day ... but when Kev found him, Weston allegedly greeted him with a roundhouse kick ... and all hell broke loose.

After Kevin punched Weston into submission ... and then restrained him for several minutes ... cops eventually arrived to the scene and Weston was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.


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You got spew & spirting further crud TBone...what a rant & a tale spinner you are! You ranting with ill fated perspectives whether encountered or not truly and you don't get it. If you remove the gloss your spewing, you'll find just another wishing for $$$. Your CLEARLY an ambulance chaser and we shouldn't applaud your cheezy slant you have. If real, your just a puke hoping for $$$ and attention, no different than the person resorting to violence first.

You said it..."there are always dollars, egos, and sick and sadistic Nazi forces at play here"...yep it's with you too!

This young man learned it from his father as we all have witnessed over the years with anger issues, plus given retailiation tactics. This lame person CHOSE to hit and it whipped him miserably. That's the truth of the story I observed. It's always ugly when you let violence speak for you and a no one wins in any given situation.

1210 days ago


Why can't these 911 operators stop being ***** and start pretending to care. Maybe people don't know the answer to their questions. Asking what's wrong with his face like they are talking to an EMT.

1210 days ago

karen darvin    

the long st ory, well, i wouldn't necessaily blow that advice off even if it was long winded..Once you are pulled into any kind of mental health hold even(that's where it can start) you are on your way to losing your freedom faster than the blink of an eye.And it is for real.jails, institutions and death, it is used in addition talk and can be applied to mental illness issues as well which I often see as intertwined.and there are peole galore in those places that want your money and can get the power to hold you aga inst your will if one is not very careful.I was pulled in on a hold after a s o called bf thought I might commit suicide, and that is downright scary.Not only did i spend 48 hours s itting in a chair and (sleeping) in same chair with no chance to get up and the tv left on constantly in a room full of people who had a bad night or were truly crazy, it was a few hours before I thought I couldn't take anymore and guess what, you can't leave?And they were threatening tohold me longer which scared the hell out of me when I was moved into the real mental illness part due to over crowding in the "chair room."that looked real fun, people zombied out on drugs shuffling around playng cards or trying to talk to me.Mental illness is real, it is usually t reatable, i believe a change of scene is a great idea, Hollywood is not the real world as far as i can tell and little except some movies that comes out of it is healthy and or normal.Get out of there!Lose mom.find some reak friends or na or any kind of g roup where yuoucan meet people that want to help you.Even t here, be careful of the fame aspect, play it down for awhile.

1210 days ago


PFG - You get the first copy of the novel...send me an address to your bridge you troll.

And while on the subject, no, I wish what happened to me had never happened. Again, I am just looking for a way to turn my 6 into a help somone along the way avoid a one way ticket to hell would be enough for me.

Fame? Glory? Money? No, just 20 yrs of walking the line back to truth, to the health I had before the quacks got their hands on me. You Sir/Mam/Bot are likely one of the 'others' and I wish you peace in your misery. My story of torture is no different than what you will read if you Google: "Broken Laws, Broken Lives" a 120 page report recently published by the Physicians for Human Rights on the affects of torture at Kamp X-Ray, Gito etc... in fact, PFG, ever stop to think how the US Military even knew HOW to torture in the first place, as in, who wrote the infamous 'Field Guide'? If it was a recipe for torture, how did they know what to do and for how long?

I cannot believe I even acknowledged your comment but I forgive you, afterall JC said something about Forgiveness being the way.....

So when you hear Donald, the Quack, Rumsfeld and Bush say that 5 point and 'stress positions' do not do permanent damage, well, now you know the truth. For 20 yrs I could not fold sheets, no strength in my shoulders, as a result of being chained to a bed and tortured by John R. Moeller at Torrance Memorial in Torrance, CA overseen by a Craig Leech, the same Craig Leech who after 2 yrs still won't return my calls or provide my 'lost' medical records.

I hope my abusers go to prison in the Hauge for what they did to me and many many others.... To make matters worse, the good people of California actually paid Moeller to live in Rancho Palos Verdes, send his kids to Chadwick ($25,000 a year and it's just a high school) and rape innocents of benefits in the name of Hitler and the Rise of the 4th Reich. Shut em down folks....

So yeah PFG, your comment is that of a miserable human. I have nothing but love for ya, Cali love. How's that for making peace you little rat. Now go choke on exhaust on the 405, please.

1210 days ago


Tbone, it's clear, even to someone on an internet forum, that you are mentally ill and need help. I am not saying this to insult you. It seems that you have been denying yourself help and refusing the help of others; people who recognized that you are not who you used to be. Mental illness often appears in the early 20s, and it may take a long time to accept the fact that you need help, but I hope you eventually come to that realization and will get better.

1209 days ago


Thanks Nic Cage for procreating and unleashing this s*** bag into society! You should have pinched his little head off in the womb.

1209 days ago


Ya think?

1209 days ago


So TMZ, what's the story you posted that he was his personal trainer, or such. Bunch of liars!.

1208 days ago


this is a message for all Weston Cage's detractors
**** OFF.
we are the Black Metal circle in America and you are all just worms to us
**** all your internet ******ry

1184 days ago
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