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Andrew Keegan

Tasered and Cuffed by Cops

7/3/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Andrew Keegan was tasered and handcuffed last night ... after getting into a scuffle with cops.

Multiple witnesses tell TMZ ... Keegan -- who has starred in a bunch of movies and TV shows  including "10 Things I Hate about You" and "7th Heaven" -- was throwing a party in Marina Del Ray last night when cops rolled up and asked him to turn down the music. Witnesses say Keegan refused and became "very aggressive."

We're told officers slammed him to the ground and tasered him. One witness said they could hear Keegan screaming to let him go.

Keegan was eventually released and according to cops ... he was never placed under arrest.

A source who spoke to Keegan late last night told us "he was very shaken up" by the ordeal. 

That tends to happen when a lot of electricity passes through your body.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Keegan was "uncooperative" when talking to cops. They say Keegan was detained and released, but say he was not tasered.


No Avatar


Why do 12 cops need a taser to take out one drunk guy? lol I worked in a bar before college~those boys in blue would never survive my shift. Seriously why the taser?

1176 days ago


see how the cops bunch around him.
that so the cops on the inside of the bunch
can beat the snot outa him.
thats why the cops bunch together, so ya cant see that..

1176 days ago


Oh another Andrew Keegan out of line and in trouble with the law story. For those who don't know who he is- it doesn't matter. He's done such things before. Therefore, it's easy to believe he was way out of hand.

Also, Marina del Rey rules. To the guy that said it didn't, you probably live on either end of the spectrum- Bev Hills or Culver City.

1176 days ago


Maybe you can get him in front of a Karaoke machine to sing "all Shook Up" instead of Macaulay Culkin and Harvey doing "My Way". We could then compare the three and see who does the best job here.

1176 days ago


spoiled punk ass probably deserved it

1176 days ago


I guess it's that old actor's complaint: "Can't even get arrested in this town..."

1176 days ago


Isn't this the guy who pretended to like LeAnn Rimes so she'd buy him a Porsche and other stuff?

1176 days ago


He's a douchebag anyways

1176 days ago


My bad sorry spelling COPs

Just another WHITE BOY getting a BEAT DOWN in LA. Lets hope he gets the NAACP involved!!

1176 days ago


Just another WHITE BOY getting a BEAT DOWN in LA. Lets hope he gets the NAACP evolved!

1176 days ago


Can you say police-state? It wont be long until they swarm like this to issue a parking ticket.

1176 days ago


The reason is ....his skin isnt dark enough to get thrown in know they really save all that **** for blacks,mexicans,samoans,and noone else...cant wait till they start a rebelion....Ill beholding my picket sign high ...lets run all media whores out of town asap!

1176 days ago

South Beach    

This guy has a long resume of douchiness.

1176 days ago


Wow this is so "L.A." ... No fewer than 13 cops on scene to deal with a "loud music" issue. Two or three officers restraining a rowdy celebrity with another ten or so shielding all the manhandling from the cameras.

1176 days ago

44 Magnum    

People seem to forget that this is LA. You don't mouth off to cops in LA because they will beat your ass. There's certain places where you don't mouth off to cops. Texas, Georgia, New York and Los Angeles. They will beat and taser you...and then they'll ask questions. LAPD will go Rodney King on your asses. Best thing to do is STFU around cops in LA.

1176 days ago
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