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Nic Cage's Son -- 'I Was Four Drinks Short of Death'

7/4/2011 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage says he is now "incredibly clean" after that crazy drunken street fight with his dad's assistant -- who he says "always had it out" for him and started the whole thing by punching him in his no-no place. 

Cage spoke with our photog outside Katsuya in Hollywood last night where he said his blood alcohol level that day was 0.335%. He says that if he had a few more drinks, his "loyal and beautiful wife and my outstanding father wouldn't have been visiting me in the psych ward, they would have been visiting me for the last time in an open casket funeral."

Cage said that his dad's assistant, Kevin Villegas, threw the first punch in their street brawl, saying, "Before that fight, I wish you guys had the intro to it, because he actually punched me in the nuts, like a little girl."

0612_weston_fight_video_smallCage said he wants to settle things once and for all in a real fight ... but seeing as Weston is about five inches taller, outweighs him by at least 50 pounds, and is a black belt who studies all sorts of fighting styles -- we don't see Villegas agreeing to that.


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Only 4 more drinks? So why the hell did you stop? Nice to know that, on top of everything else, you're also a quitter...

Seriously though, what grown person brags about how much they had to drink? That's not even cool in high school!

1103 days ago


I'll fight you loser. What a punkass *****. He says the guy hit him in the nuts like a girl. Oh yeah? How about when he pinned you down and punched you in the fast 155 times? Way to fight back after the fact when the guys not around. Man...I'd pay money to run into you somewhere. I could not hate you anymore than I do. Along w/ the rest of America. Everyone hates your loser bankrupt dad too moron. Nice look you have going there? Are you going for a Tranny Vampire?

1103 days ago

art Gonzalez    

ah ha ha hah ha! Weston would have been killed if it not 4 the advent of the video cell phone. i hope Kevin does fight him again, that way i could watch Weston get beat up again with better clarity, and resolution. give anyone enough of daddy's cash and u 2 can be a black belt. besides, u don't need a black belt when u have a can of WHOOP ASS.

1103 days ago


Is everyone forgetting that he is only 20 years old? He can't even legally drink in the first place and he's bragging about how drunk he

1103 days ago


He looks like Corey Feldman.

1103 days ago


Too bad the 4 drinks were not given to this jackass!!

1103 days ago


Black belts are worthless

Especially for small women

1103 days ago


Doesn't any body have any thing to say that isn't putting down some one you don't know. Or maybe wonder whats really up these two people. Although some of you say hateful things I know it isn't true because other wise you wouldn't have any body to talk **** about.I'm just grateful my biz isn't all over the place for people to place opinons on me like they know me personally. love you both hope **** gets better for the both of you!

1102 days ago


Next time, don't be such a *****. Get those four drinks down and do us all a favor.

1102 days ago


What a spolied no talent loser. Yes, more tatts and more piercings. Here is a good example of what happens when your parent[s] are famous and have lots of money and tell you that you have talent.

1102 days ago


Another ahole who should just die already and save the world from his bull****.

1102 days ago


"seeing as Weston is about five inches taller, outweighs him by at least 50 pounds, and is a black belt who studies all sorts of fighting styles"

And despite all of this height, weight and training, it still didn't seem to help him the first time around...

1102 days ago
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