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Andrew Keegan

The Cops Were


7/5/2011 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Andrew Keegan claims the ONLY reason he was manhandled by cops at his ill-fated house party Saturday is because they wanted to make an example out of him  ... even though he did nothing wrong.


The "10 Things I Hate About You" actor tells TMZ ... the event was more than a raging house party ... it was also a fundraiser for three charities ... adding, "The police chief knew about it ... I employed 5 off-duty officers."

Keegan says ... when cops approached his Marina del Rey home and asked him to turn down the music, he WAS cooperative ... even asking to speak to a sergeant "about how we can work together."

But, Keegan explains, [the sergeant] ordered 'arrest him' while my hands were in my pocket ... but they just wanted to make an example of their 'No Tolerance' Independence Day [policy].

True enough ... cops swarmed Marina del Rey and neighboring Venice, after a spike in violence, including one gang-related fatal shooting. 

Keegan wasn't the only one who felt the pinch. Cops made a bunch of arrests over the long weekend ... some say to make a statement and reclaim the beach.



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If he had 5 off duty cops there and he was respectful then regular cops wouldn't have acted that way, or would back up Andrew's story if what he said was true. My guess is he got mouthy with them.

1171 days ago


Who is this now?

1171 days ago

some guy    


Srsly. Man up and take responsibility for your actions.

1171 days ago

some guy    

I'm thinking he's doing this cuz he wants to get on TMZ.

Anyone wanna hire him?

1171 days ago


cops are ********!!!!!! their "power" goes to their heads. they're going to get their asses kicked one day like these "cops"....

1171 days ago


it was funny seeing him cry and whine- his finest performance!!
ah, the suffering- the sweet suffering!

1171 days ago


its sad how you are crediting him with a movie that came out in '99... what the heck happened to THIS guys career?

1171 days ago


'Cooperating with the police' is not 'asking to speak to a 'Sargent to see how we can work together' Are you kidding me?? Work together, turn your damn music down!! Your neighbors called the cops for a reason. Your 'buddy' with the camera is a douche too, I would've tased you just for being friends with douches like that

1171 days ago


If y'all don't think he is a celebrity, he is still a U.S. Citizen. How many friggen cops does it take to turn down a radio? Cops don't want to be filmed, see how they make a wall so no one can see what is going on. I am surprised they didn't charge him with a laundry list of offenses. These cops need to be held accountable for their actions. "cracking down on Gang activity" Sounds like profiling to me. I would demand everyone's badges until someone told me why a volume level requires someone to be taken to the ground. Pigs are the new bloods and crips!

1171 days ago


PATHETIC that it had to go this far. All these immature and pretentious "stars" think they're above the law. Cops (in general, especially in such a large number) do not just taze an innocent person. Dude got what was coming to him, tomorrow we'll hear the rest of the truth... like he thought he was above the law, wouldn't listen to the cops, or was being defiant. The only problem I see is that the ignorant and defiant camera person wasn't arrested. You just can't do that ****!

1171 days ago


Citizens should start not paying their tickets and fines to "take back" their freedom.

1171 days ago


LAPD always overeating! LAPD you are always guilty until proven innocence. LAPD always behaving badly!

1171 days ago



1171 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

There are indeed times when the police get the wrong person, or someone who wasn't really doing anything...but have you noticed that almost everyone who gets arrested: wasn't doing anything, wasn't even there < my favorite!, they were holding it for someone else, it wasn't theirs, etc?!

1171 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I believe it. Cops find people to make examples of all the time, it makes them look like there doing there job, being a bad cop.

1171 days ago
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