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TMZ Live: Did Casey Walk Because She's a Celebrity?

7/5/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony beat the murder rap -- and CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell says one reason for the shocking verdict could be Casey's sudden fame, or is that infamy? Plus, why we think Vinny from "Jersey Shore" just kissed all his fame goodbye ... he'll be sorrrrrry!

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live.


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0:00) First up -- the Casey Anthony trial. We have Jane Velez-Mitchell on the phone to break down the SHOCKING "not guilty" verdict.
(2:50) Jane explains why jurors often surprise the public with not guilty verdicts ... when the media was busy painting a guilty picture.
(7:00) Harvey breaks down everything that's wrong with the Anthony case.
(13:00) Even if Casey confesses ... she still can't be tried again.
(18:50) The Weston Cage saga -- how it went from good to bad in 9 hours flat.
(20:30) Weston leaves jail covered in blood -- and has a COMPLETELY different take on marriage than he did the night before.
(26:00) The Schwarzenegger divorce -- why Harvey says it WON'T be a dramatic event.
(27:00) No prenup for the Schwarzeneggers ... we're told they'll be slitting a TON of money ... you know, like $400 MILLION!
(36:00) Vinny BAILS on "Jersey Shore" -- he won't be missed by the cast and crew ... and Harvey knows why.
(39:00) Octomom is on the phone! She explains how she was able to make $28k in a month -- see if you can keep up with her.
(47:00) How much does it take to keep Octo & kids afloat for a year?


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Check out Weston Cage's IMDB page and the trailer with the bloody bed!!!

1213 days ago


Re: Weston Cage FB Quote:

The "South African thing" is due to Nikki being from South Africa, from what I can gather from Nikki's FB page.

I think that's all I'm going to dare to decipher. ;)

1213 days ago


OCTOMOM - You keep threatening the public that you might have to do a reality show to pay your bills. You DID a reality show for Eyeworks in Europe and it was not picked up. WHY do you think a reality show will solve your long term financial issues? Reality shows (even successful ones) dont last forever and the money runs out.

1213 days ago


is it true that kevin bacon is dead? My local radio station 94 whjy is reporting it on their website

1213 days ago

some guy    

OMG hang up on this chick already. She speak English?

1213 days ago

some guy    

I don't think you should feel sorry for the Jersey Shore cast, but you should understand where they came from.

1213 days ago

cindy lou    

Casey Anthony may or may have done this crime but there is
unreasonable doubt in this case. The family lying on the stand
plus others did not help in this case. The things that are in question for me is 30 some days before reporting her missing,
the phone call from the jail to her parents, how Casey loved her daughter and even played together a day before, also the George
and the mistress thing, George and hosing down media when they
walked down the sidewalk or even out on the road, Casey Mom doing searches on home computer when she was infact at work. So many loose ends in this case. But Casey does know the how, when, and why. Where is the real dad of Caylee and what is his sstory.

1213 days ago

George Vreeland Hill    

What I don't get about the Casey Anthony trial is this ...
She was found guilty of lying (covering up the crime), but she was found NOT guilty of what she covered up.
I wonder if her friends were on the jury.

George Vreeland Hill

1213 days ago


He is an f'ing moron for quitting the show. Getting paid millions to do far less then others who get paid far less, ez money is ez money. Guy is a moron, but then anyone who watches that show is. (Happy to say never seen a single episode)

1213 days ago

some guy    

This chick is nuts

1213 days ago


This is shocking. With the prosecutor’s stellar closing arguments I was sure the jury was coming back with guilty.

Poll: Should Casey Anthony have been acquitted of murdering her daughter?

1213 days ago

big L    

has kevin bacon died?

1213 days ago


Tell ****tomom to STFU. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board.

1213 days ago


Octo's keepin those kids. She has sense. Casey the killa and her parents arent getting thru the week.

1213 days ago


The look on Harvey's face is priceless. He looks like he can't wait for this interview to be over. Bet he's glad he's gay right now.

1213 days ago
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