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Weston: My Wife Is PREGGO and I Want a DIVORCE!!

7/6/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage made two MAJOR announcements this morning -- 1) he claims his wife Nikki Williams is pregnant with his child ... and 2) he's filing for divorce.


Cage -- who has only been married since April -- went to his Facebook page to break the news ... saying, "Made my choice. getting divorced."

As for the whole pregnancy thing, Weston believes the news only SUPPORTS his claim that he never laid a hand on Nikki before the two were both arrested for domestic violence this weekend.

Cage wrote, "Never hit my wife. why would i start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test."

Weston added a bizarre, cryptic message -- "Have fun killing my child Breyan Prescott."



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Maybe he is bipolar after all, who knows...

1206 days ago


I KNEW there was someone out there more bat **** crazy than Charlie.

1206 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

Get a divorce. It's ovbious you two were not meant to be together and were immature to get married anyway. Real, mature adults work their problems out but like any other "celebrity" you guys get the easy way out and divorce..and one other thing, how is this guy gonna pay child support? Does he make any income?? We all know his dad is way 2 broke.

1206 days ago


Generation after generation of Dr. Spock techniques and this is what happens.

Time out Weston, Go to your corner Weston, Oh, naughty, time out again.
Bi-Polar gets too much credit nowadays for spoiled rich kids.

1206 days ago


More Hollywood Trash!!

1206 days ago


now you know why christina didnt get married
he takes shots at christians but praises the gods...
that makes sense

1206 days ago


No one cares...this kids an idiot i dated a guy who was bipolar..they think they are always right n amg this idiot reminds me of my ex..he was a psycho too.. and leaving her is the best you could do. Made my choice divorcing her and shes pregnant like who even says that he just wants to hurt her and wants the attention. What a real man..psh.. grow the hell up ...take some more lithium.

1206 days ago


he is obviously mentally unstable. hopefully he gets the help he needs.

1206 days ago


All we need now are some tweets about goddesses.

1206 days ago


Weston, the best thing you can do for your wife and coming baby is to permanently RID THEM OF YOURSELF! You are a LOSER and a WACKO. Be gone freak.

1206 days ago


People with no lives seek attention any way they can get it. This puke named Weston post this crap on Facebook as if someone gives a damn about his life. People don't give a crap, they just want to be entertained by watching freaks destroy themselves.

1206 days ago


This guy is gonna be the next Charlie Sheen haha *winning*

1206 days ago


. . . why do people feel the need to play their lives out on Facebook / Twitter etc for all the world to see? It's so stupid. This guy needs to grow a pair and shut up! Leaving your wife when she is pregnant is a classless act. He needs to change HIS life . . get straightened out and man up . . All his tough guy "ACT is BS . . it takes a real tough guy to change when you see your life is screwed up and you are harming others around you . . not live off your dad and blame everyone else around you while you ACT tough.

1206 days ago


Why is this psycho pos white trash even news? Cause he's nicks kid? Who f*cking cares.

1206 days ago


I am sooo confused.

1206 days ago
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