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Guy Fieri

Dragged Into NASTY Custody Dispute

7/7/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous chef Guy Fieri -- the host of NBC's "Minute to Win It" -- is embroiled in a very bitter custody war ... all because he tried to do the right thing for his nephew after his sister passed away.


The whole ordeal started when Guy's sister Morgan died of cancer back in February -- landing her 11-year old son, Jules, square in the middle of a custody battle between Morgan's parents and the boy's father.

According to a petition for guardianship -- filed by Jules' grandparents -- they claimed the father, Dain Pape, should not get custody because he is "living out of his motor home," and has no income.

But last week , a Marin County judge sided with Pape ... ruling he should have custody -- and the grandparents should hand over Jules.

But since then Pape tells us ... Jules has been vacationing with his uncle Guy on a remote lake in Northern California -- with NO phone service -- and as a result he's been unable to take custody.

Pape says he hasn't driven to the lake because he wants to avoid a confrontation with the family. He simply wants the grandparents to comply with the court order.

We reached out to Guy's reps, but so far ... no response.



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Celeb Gossip Addict    

The child should be with his parent, but he needs to get his act together post haste. No way should he be living in a trailer park on welfare and food stamps.

1212 days ago


I know they say the child should always be with the parent. But, now life is all about opportunity. Sounds like this kid would have a better chance to succeed if he stayed with the uncle. Its all about the child's life chances, not the father's wants. Sounds like the father will take years to recover financially, his son doesn't have that long to get a good start.

1212 days ago


Are you kidding TMZ? Why did you censor that comment? There was nothing to censor!

1212 days ago


I agree with Human Nature. They should all be trying to help the Dad retain custody and provide a good home. The kid is old enough now to tell someone if his dad is mistreating him. He belongs with his Dad.

1212 days ago


So Kathy, if you have a kid and someone else say a sister has more money, she can take the kid from you because you aren't good enough and she can give the kid a better opportunity? You are twisted.

1212 days ago


It's pretty straight forward, it's unfortunate the child's dad is poor but lots of people live out of a trailer and since when should a man lose his some because someone has or makes more money? If the man loves the child and provides the basic necessities ie: food, schooling, heated roof over his head then again, why should he lose his son? Who has more money should not be a factor, if that's the case lots of people's grandparents would be living with their grandchildren.

1212 days ago


If the father isn't a bad person he should have custody of his child. Instead of fighting why don't they help him get a home he could rent and the whole family can still have visits with the child. They need to get along for the child, it's only go to mess him up big time. What does the boy want? Maybe they need to ask him how he feels. I feel sorry for this child being pulled back and forth.

1212 days ago


Give the man his kid back.
Just because you are rich does not mean you have the right to take away someones child.

1212 days ago


The child is 11 - he's old enough to choose where he'd like to live on his own, isn't he? Has anyone bothered to ask him who he'd like to live with???

1212 days ago


this looks like a kidnapping of this boy to me...I think that boy should be with his father whether his dad is rich or poor and if the grandparents want to help they could help by paying his education for example but they should not deny this boy of living with his dad unless the dad is a drug addict or an abuser...

1212 days ago


The family should help the Dad if he's so down on his luck.. income, or fame does not decide your fitness to be a parent. Plenty of poor parents out there who love their kids and do the best they can for them. Dad sounds like a decent guy, doing the right thing by wanting his son, and waiting while the boy is on vacation rather than running up and making a big scene. The family sound like jerks using the guys living situation as a reason to keep a father and son apart.

1212 days ago


Cancer treatment is expensive, with or without insurance. If the couple was together throughout her illness, no wonder the father is down to a motor home to live in. (BTW, has no one SEEN some of those motor homes? Some are better than most of the houses we live in.) I think the grandparents..and "uncle Guy"...should be trying to help this family heal, not cause another sore to fester. As for the child on a neat vacation...that's cool. Just bring the kid home TO HIS FATHER with the vacay is over.

1212 days ago

Linda O    

Guy's sister Morgan was living with her girlfriend at the time of her death. The Fieri family is very close and "sounds" like it is the side of the family he is closer to. Just hope the court will find the best custody arrangement for the boy.

1212 days ago


Too bad some people can't think of their kids before their own egos. Now us taxpayers are going to have to pay for both of them because this loser has no money (and probably no job). What a stupid judge. Just because you can make a kid doesn't mean you're a decent father.

1212 days ago


Kid belongs with his dad. I really hate when one parent dies and then the grandparents get into a pissing match with surviving parent....grandparents step back and let Dad do this. gawd.

1212 days ago
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