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Dodgers Bankruptcy -- Calling All Pissed-Off Fans!

7/7/2011 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing unites L.A. Dodgers fans like their abiding hate for Frank McCourt -- and now, they're filing MULTIPLE seething letters in his bankruptcy case ... demanding the judge give Frank the boot.


A Dodgers fan named Greg MacDonald opened the floodgates recently, submitting a passionate anti-McCourt letter to the court ... the first fan letter in the McCourt bankruptcy file -- but FOUR more letters have since entered the fray, and each one LAMBASTS the current franchise owner.

One fan writes, Frank McCourt's behavior "is an outrage and is an embarrassment to all of MLB, its owners, players, and fans."

Another writes, Frank's ownership "has been a huge black eye on our city and the team we love the most."

It's unlikely Judge Kevin Gross will weigh the letters in his decision-making -- but if it keeps going like this ... they might be hard to ignore.

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Donkey Punch    

I'm and Angels fan. So keep what you are doing Mccourt. Everyday I see the news about the Dodgers it's comedy. Go Mccourt!!!!!

1206 days ago


Lets not forget about leatherface. I can guarantee that this POS spent as much of the Dodgers money on herself.

Both these people should have everything taken away; I MEAN EVERYTHING! This should happen to every person who has ever used a business as their own personal ATM machine.

1206 days ago


Who gives a **** what a bunch of idiot dodger fans think? FTD!!!!

1206 days ago


I am a Los Angeles native and McCourt sucks balls. He sure is a black eye to our city. In NO way is McCourt or that piece of **** who beat that Giants fan up any reflection of Dodger fans. He is slime. He and his soon to be ex wife are a sick disgrace of greed, lying, manipulation. NON tax paying trash. Your net worth isnt listed on your tombstone ********.

1206 days ago


Hopefully```````````````` the rich getting poorer!!

1206 days ago


Pen to paper - Got it. Thanks for the tip.

1206 days ago


SCREW YOU MC COURTS.........You've wrecked one of the storied franchises in MLB history.
GET OUT of town and never come back to LA.

1206 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Awesome job by Dodgers fans doing this.

1205 days ago


TMZ please publish the snail mail address so those of us that support Frank M. can write letters -

Imploring Major League Baseball -

To somehow keep him -

This is a great owner - his wife's affair is not his fault -


1205 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh please. there's a core group of so called 'dodgers' fans' who have been wiping their a.sses with the team, the teams locations, the teams reputation and their presence at games, in and of itself (see brian stow semi-murder, for reference...) and now, those same folks are the ones protesting the loudest about the owners behavior. bunch of schizo union a-holes trying to communize a 'sports franchise'. let's wait and see if the judge falls for this left wing bullding.

1205 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

turning the merchandise of a sports team into gang related attire, is not really a marketable strategy, if you ask a smart person. a real dumb person will really think this is a great idea. dodgers jersey =/= gang wear, morons.

1205 days ago

Norcal Giants Fan    

Karma b*****s.

1205 days ago


which dodger fans are upset; the gang bangers? do they know how to write with a pen or only paint cans. good bye gang bangers-- no new owner is going to put up with you.

1205 days ago


Relocate the Dodger's franchise to Tijuana.

1205 days ago

Sir Bacon    

Frank McCourt is trying to win LA over, one fan at a time.

Check out this story at www.sirbacon123.com.

1205 days ago
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