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Weston's Wife -- I AM Pregnant and I DRANK Anyway

7/7/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage's wife Nikki Williams tells TMZ ... she HAD been DRINKING the night before the couple was arrested for domestic violence last weekend  ... even though she KNEW she was pregnant at the time.


Williams released a statement saying ... "I did drink the night before the arrest. I suppose my hormones got the best of me. That was the only occasion I consumed alcohol since I found out that I'm pregnant and I really regret my decision to do so."

Williams says both she and Weston are back in rehab together -- adding, "We are not pressing charges against each other and we are working through our issues. We love each other very much."

As for the altercation, Nikki explains, "Weston and I did get physical with one another and he did not hit me in the face."

Williams concludes, "We may be passionate, but we are not crazy."


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So he's trying to become famous by getting beat up by smaller guys and now his wife and she's telling everybody what a ****ty mother she is....AWSOME!!!! Nic must be so proud

1203 days ago


You white trashiece of poo. Never drink while pregnant. #1 preventable cause of physical and mental retardation in the world. Shame, shame!

1203 days ago


Keep drinking for all we care. Just HAVE FUN taking care of that mentally retarded child for the rest of your life when it comes out. So you have eight months of hardcore partying until Chunk from the Goonies pops out of your vag. Live it up!

1203 days ago


I'd like to be able to say that these two totally immature adults need to grow up fast and take complete responsibility for not only themselves, but their marriage and now their baby but "adults" is a word that doesn't apply to them. Age wise they can scream all they want that they are adults and can do what they want but as long as they are living off of of someone else's money and good graces, they can't be regarded as adults. Adults pay their own way through life, they pay their own rent, buy their own food, clothes, cars and necessities and they come up with their own money to get themselves out of jail and to go to rehab. They also pay their own insurance and they certainly don't go ranting on Facebook or to tabloids and blogs the way these two do. I feel so incredibly sorry for the child to be born.

These two need to grow up FAST

1203 days ago


Passionate?? Lol, is that what they're calling dysfunctional relationships nowadays?

1203 days ago



1203 days ago

Chun LI    

TMZ why are you reporting on these 2 nobodies so much?You make me long for the other 2 LOSERS,Lohan and Sheen.

1203 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ Kevin

1203 days ago


They remind me so much of William and Kate.

1203 days ago

Chun LI    

LOL @ Regulator and Northern Lights

1203 days ago


What do these two losers do for a living? I mean besides getting drunk, doing drugs, screwing, and sponging off of Nic?

1203 days ago


Do you know what happens when pregnant women drink? They end up with kids just like these ******* parents

1203 days ago


And to think, a few weeks ago before they got really drunk and stupid no one even knew of them, now they're almost famous. Imagine how famous one will be when the other ones od's

1203 days ago



Why are these two getting media coverage again? Maybe if the camera went away they'd stop acting like human garbage.

Even if they didn't, still better we wouldn't have to look at them.

1203 days ago


low lifes. fighting and drinking while you're pregnant. hey now casey anthony has somebody to hang with when she gets out.

1203 days ago
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