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TMZ Live: 'Caylee's Law' ... Political Chestpuffing?

7/8/2011 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Politicians are taking advantage of Casey Anthony's trial to push a new law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours -- but Harvey and Jason agreed for the first time ever ... it's all just grandstanding BS.

And Xzibit is up in arms over "planking," claiming it's racist. Does he have a point, or is he grasping at straws?



(1:50) Jane Velez-Mitchell is on the horn to talk about Caylee's Law -- a proposed law that would force parents to call police within 24 hours if their child is missing.
(4:00) Harvey and Jane agree -- this proposed law is probably just a power move by sleazy politicians to make a name for themselves.
(6:02) Vegetarian talk with Jane -- with an appearance by Ribeye.
(9:20) Jason makes three ... he thinks the 24 hour law is ridiculous as well.
(15:45) Casey's lawyers caught heat for sippin' champagne right after the trial ... and one was busted flipping the bird ... Gary explains.
(16:45) The bird-flipper's explanation of the incident.
(24:00) We shift gears back to Casey's law.
(40:00) Xzibit rips planking as racist -- does he have a case?
(41:45) A few shots of celebs planking ... including The Biebs.
(43:00) Swastika talk! How'd we get here?
(46:45) The real problem with planking ... is that it's "stupid" ... so says Max. And to prove it ... we show a picture of Ribeye doing it.
(47:00) A caller puts everything in perspective -- that on slave ships it was called "packing" ... not "planking" ... and that it's not racist.


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Jail Too Good For Casey

Her punishment will manifest itself in other ways

She knows the truth and

the truth will not set her free

but wraps around her like a cloak/ envelops her

1200 days ago


If any news organization pays her to interview, our great nation will boycott them and their sponsor.

1200 days ago

Megan Lovelett    

I am for the law BUT I see what your point is as well so I think the law should be altered by having an age limit, a 1-6 year old isnt going to be just down at a friends house. So if a young child is missing I think that it should have to be reported within 24 hours. For sure! About the jurors I think they are mainly getting the sh*t end because we the people are outraged that she was not convicted. It is really sick she didnt even get charged with man slaughter OR CRIMINAL ABUSE OF A CHILD!!! That is just not right. Very VERY sad no one will pay for a 2 year olds death because SOMEONE is responsable, a 2 year old is not responsable for themselves.

1200 days ago


I signed Caylee's Law because it is horrendous that her mother...or any parent, wouldn't report their child missing ASAP. If she had been reported missing, if Casey had nothing to do with her death, then little Caylee's life could possibly have been saved...but her liar mother chose not to notify authorities. Lets not forget that this is NOT the first time that a parent has failed to report a child missing...and that child was found dead.

1199 days ago


I think such a law SHOULD exsist, i even signed the petition!. Any mother that would not report her child missing needs to be charged! I think Casey got away with murder. granted,i dont think she meant to kill her. I think she dosed her with cloriform then taped her mouth incase she started crying when she woke up then put her in the trunk and went on with her partys. when she discovered that Caylee suffocated she didnt know what to do so left her in the trun*****ill she started all know the rest.This whole thing makes me sick, poor little girl gets no justice,and alot of skumbags make a fortune off her sad

1199 days ago


Caylee's Law may be chestpuffing, but it is a necessary law. At least someone cares!!

1198 days ago


Vegetarian warning!!! Those beautiful creatures you want to save by being vegetarian. They have one goal to eat all your vegetables, they want you to starve.

1198 days ago


I have signed any thing that would protect a child who is unable to protect it's self. Ever from a mother the child trusts and loves.

Does anyone know about the statement the sheriff made at the news blitz this week? He stated they were checking into witness tampering by, Baez or is Judge Perry filing contempt charges against Baez? thanks for ant information you may have

1194 days ago
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