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Witnesses: Hines Ward Didn't Look Drunk to Us

7/10/2011 5:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Witnesses at two different Georgia bars tell TMZ ... they spotted Hines Ward just hours before he was arrested for DUI ... and they all say the "DWTS" champ showed no signs of being drunk. 


TMZ spoke with employees and patrons at two places -- Oasis Gentleman's Club and Buckhead Bottle Bar & Restaurant.

A witness at Oasis (an establishment where young ladies work to put themselves through nursing school) tells TMZ ... Hines was not drinking heavily, did not want to be bothered, and seemed genuinely "disinterested." The witness said Ward was only there from 9-10:00 PM.

The lovely young lady who answered the phone at Oasis confirmed she saw Ward that night. 

And another witness says he saw Ward at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. A waiter there tells TMZ Hines was at the bar for a few hours, but only had one or two drinks. The employee said Hines was super nice, not drunk at all, and did not appear to have any problems walking or talking. 

The waiter says Ward left at around 1:30 AM. He was popped for DUI approximately four miles away, an hour later. 

Ward maintains he was not impaired by alcohol at the time he was arrested.


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No Avatar


He be red eyed.

Get a good lawyer, Hines.

1168 days ago


ummm I am sure he failed the tests and probably blood alchol count. They all claim they werent drunk when it happens.

1168 days ago


You'd be surprised how drunk you aren't at .09...

1168 days ago


Oh, that solves it for all law enforcement. No more breathalyzer tests; if you don't look drunk then you aren't. What a bunch of twits.

1168 days ago

Shady's Lady    

Hines , I truly thought you were a decent guy. Get it straight folks, drunk driving is unacceptable.If you do it then you are a criminal and deseve to go to prison!

1168 days ago


Quote: "The waiter says Ward left at around 1:30 AM. He was popped for DUI approximately four miles away, an hour later."

Where was he for the "hour" that took him to go only 4 miles?

1168 days ago


Yeah, you can be charged with DUI less safe in GA if you're BAC is over 0.05. So you don't have to be over the legal limit of 0.08 to be charged with DUI. Over 0.08 is a different charge called DUI per se....

1168 days ago


It doesn't matter if you are "impaired". All that matters is that you BAC is above the legal limit. If you are going to drive, then lay off the booze!

BTW, someone who "did not want to be bothered" and "disinterested" sounds like someone depressed and would be drinking heavily. And you don't sit at a bar for "a few hours" and only get "one or two drinks"...isn't the place called "Bucket Bottle" after all?!? Doesn't a waitress have work to do while someone is sitting at a bar for "a few hours"?!? Sounds like you got either piss poor or lying witnesses.

1168 days ago


Clancey 56 minutes ago

Quote: "The waiter says Ward left at around 1:30 AM. He was popped for DUI approximately four miles away, an hour later."

Where was he for the "hour" that took him to go only 4 miles?

Thank you. This BS story doesn't add up.

1168 days ago


That's what they said about Ryan Dunn....he didn't look drunk or act it!

1168 days ago


TMZ, just get a copy of the lab report, and let's clear this thing up. Let's not turn this story into a mystery novel.

1168 days ago


Here comes Ben's PR people to cover it up

1168 days ago


Then why did he refuse to take the test? That in itself says alot, plus in some states it is an automatic lose of your license................js

1168 days ago


Let's see a car & driver for the night = ~$500...DUI = car impounded, $1000 bail, lawyer's fee, public spectacle...gee what is more expensive...idiot..if you are going to drink DON'T DRIVE

1168 days ago


when people think "drunk" they assume outward sighs
slurring speech
staggering and falling down etc.

"impaired" starts with
mental functions
slower reaction times
lowering of inhibitions etc.

so when you are impaired and keep drinking you'll endup falling down drunk

have seen some who drink regularly, not "appearing" drunk
but have had maybe 6 drinks
and you know their blood alcohol is above what is considered to be safe behind the wheel

so we need to stop thinking that just because someone looks OK they are not impaired

1168 days ago
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