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'Road Trip' Star -- Dispute Over Official Cause of Death

7/11/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mia Amber Davis -- the big girl from "Road Trip" -- officially died from a blood clot in her lungs ... so says the actress' death certificate -- but her husband still believes KNEE SURGERY is to blame.


Mia's official cause of death had been a mystery ever since the 36-year-old actress passed away on May 10 ... one day after undergoing a routine knee surgery.

Now, an UPDATED death certificate has been filed in L.A. County ... listing Mia's primary cause of death as a "pulmonary thrombo-embolism" ... which is a blockage in the main artery of the lung.

But here's where things get murky -- under the line marked, "significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in underlying cause" -- the doctor listed "LEFT KNEE, OPERATED."

Mia's husband, Michael Yard, asked the Coroner's Officer if it meant she died as a result of the surgery ... but the office said they could not give a definitive answer.

Yard tells us ... he believes the surgery DID contribute to Mia's death -- claiming she never had any issues with blood clots before she went under the knife.


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Leia J    

I understand where he is coming from I had surgery on my knee just as she did very basic and routine and it went bad and I was in a wheel chair for a year. I started to have problems after the first day of my surgery and that was the first thing that they checked me for. So this is not uncommon. Due to the laws that we have that protect the doctors there was nothing I could do but I did not die so I hope that he does go after her surgeon. No amount of money is going to bring his wife back but some amount of money may help to make that doctor think twice about what he is doing next time he works on someone else love one.

1178 days ago


when having knee surgery your leg has to be immobalized so that you have a greater chance of whats called a DVT(deep vein thrombosis) which when breaks off and travels to the pulmonary vei causing a pulmonary embolism surgery is not cause of death but she would not of had a dvt without the surgery

1178 days ago


dr lied on my mom's death certificate to. So insulting. Said too fat .. yeah.. my mom was not obese. Said it caused fatty liver disease. uh moron she had a heredtary liver disease that she had no control over regardless of anything she did. Makes me livid to this day. I KNOW she died of a clot from a staph infection of her legs.

1178 days ago


he is just looking for someone to sue!

1178 days ago


Blood clots can form in the deep veins of the leg after knee surgery. It is very rare for one of these clots to break loose and travel to the lung, but it does happen. Studies have shown that being female, having a history of cancer, and surgical time over 90 minutes increases the odds significantly.

1178 days ago


the idiot is just looking for money...Get a life and move on. Stop blaming someone else

1178 days ago


very sad.

i had a hysterectomy two and a half weeks ago. my doctor also prescribed the blood thinner lovenox injections. unfortunately, i still developed a blood clot that ended up in my lungs. forturnately, i read an article in people magazine where serena williams described her experience with a pulmonery embolism and a realized that it was happening to me. i am now on coumadin for the next 6 months while this thing desolves.

I will NEVER have surgery unless my life depends on it.

1178 days ago


Was she on birth control? For women over 35, birth control significantly increases the odds of blood clots and strokes; add surgery or injury and the risk skyrockets. I broke my leg and three weeks later had blood clots in both lungs. Stories like this make me realize how lucky I am to be alive.

1177 days ago


It is very common to get a pulmonary embolism (clot) from surgery.

1177 days ago


Wow, I hope y'all claiming to be medical personnel really are not because y'all are idiots.
yes the clot probably came from her knee operation, it is a risk of surgery that clots can form. Some doctors put you on lovenox injections in the stomach (not heparin, I've never seen that injected, only given IV), and coumadin is a long term drug that takes time to get the correct dose based on each person, so its not going to be used short term post surgery.
No, in surgery you are not given any drugs to make your blood thicken, I have seen too many surgeries to count, including heart transplants and the filter and recycle your blood if needed, but would never want to clot your blood. That would be very bad.
If you find health care personnel uncaring, sorry, that is what we have chaplain for. Our job is to make you healthy and if not, make you comfortable. It is not suprising that a 400lb woman died post op. She's high risk. Just like all the smokers who die because they won't quit smoking... We see this everyday and you have to become "cold" to it.
And of course the cause of death was a blood clot in the lung. They couldn't list the knee surgery as cause of death because that is not 100% provable. The clot could have come from anywhere.

1177 days ago


Some of you don't read, some of you are insensitive, and some of you are just crazy. First of all, the woman was no where near 400lbs. A woman who wears a size 18 is not 400lbs. Second, so what if her husband is looking for someone to blame for his wife's death. They had only been married 3 years, and to my understanding, she was in good health prior to the surgery. Looking for someone to blame is often part of the grieving process. The poor woman just died in May! Good grief! Also, as someone posted earlier, there is a chance that Mr. Yard has a case if she did not receive Lovenox or other post-op blood thinner after a knee surgery, which is known to cause possible blood clots. This is especially true for people who are overweight/obese.

Mia Amber was more than just the "Big Girl" on Road Trip. She was an extremely talented, poised, graceful model, a TV producer, and an agent of change. She was known to light up a room when she walked in and was greatly respected by her colleagues, adored by her fans, loved and cherished by her family. Her presence will be missed in the plus-size fashion industry.

1175 days ago

Molly Showalter    

My Mom is now an invalid after her left knee surgey...she can hardly speak due to the blood clots that traveled to her lungs and brain...they call her the miracle lady because she survived. All the doctors pretend like they don't know nuthin'...and the knee surgeon who we saw on Thursday seems weirdly overjoyed that she lived...I'm so sorry for your wife and you and all.

1138 days ago
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