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TMZ Live: Octo Fallout -- Ban Kids from First Class?

7/11/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's 12 kids raised hell on a cross-country flight -- pissing off fellow passenger/"3rd Rock" star Kristen Johnston. So ... should little ones be banned from First Class ... or would that be too "elitist"?

And,   Brooke Mueller -- who has custody of Charlie Sheen's twins -- was photographed holding what looks like a crack pipe ... is it time for Child Protective Services to step in?


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(0:00) Charles' obsession with Derek Jeter is far more severe than we first thought. Wait 'til you hear this revelation!
(3:00) '3rd Rock' star Kristen Johnston had a verbal spat on a plane with Octomom -- because Octo's kids were unruly. So the question: Should little kids be banned from First Class?
(7:10) Max hates rules ... but he's on board with the First Class kid ban.
(14:30) What's the difference between Chinese Water Torture and Octo's kids?
(18:00) Would "Dexter" go after Casey Anthony
(20:00) WARNING ... Harvey lets out some "Dexter" spoilers.
(22:45) A caller says "Dexter" wouldn't go after Casey ... that is ... until Harvey makes the guy pull a 180. Score one for Levin!
(23:45) WARNING ... another spoiler.
(30:45) Brooke Mueller was photographed possibly holding a crack pipe ... so what's it gonna take for CPS to step in?
(37:45) CPS hasn't visited Brooke in SIX MONTHS. Seriously?
(41:00) Sheryl Crowe, wild horses, bull testicles, and controversy.
(49:00) Our Douche of the Day award goes to... Tiger Woods!


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if octomom paid for the airfare would her kids be travelling in ... CARGO? if i had been stuck in the air with them, i'd have kicked out a window and watch to see which of the little b@$#&$^s could fly.....

1165 days ago

carol stewart    

I think jurors should be more educated people. I don't think the average person can comprehend the depth of forensics, etc. Some of them appear pretty simple!

1165 days ago


Octomom comment: I am a Mom of 2 grown sons and I can truthfully say they were not always "perfect" - BUT, I did know
their time restrictions as to how long they could be in restaurants, movies etc before they became noisey, fidgety and not only annoying to the others but me as well.
I always scheduled "public outings" according to their schedules
(after naps, in the am etc) did it alwasy work as planned - NO -but I believe I had the common sense to gather the children up and leave when they would not behave for more than 5 mins. As a parent of that many children, Octomom is probably immune to her childrens offending others - but it is proven she does not have any common sense to begin with (so many children, no job, no money & her own parents being done with her) - so how can we expect her to look at any instance such as the airplane instance objectively????? Talk about Family Services looking the other way......

1165 days ago


Dear Harvey, I just finished an episode of Peoples Court. How dare the person who greets the people after the case is over I think his name is Harvey, How dare that conceited tripe call a defendant Trash Man. Harvey was way out of line. He is a Bloody Schmuck. "Here comes the Trash Man. Harvy thinks he is better than everyone. Looking like an ape in a suit. Schmuck.

1165 days ago


It wasn't the kids' fault, it is entirely their mother's fault. If you had a dirty diaper and had to stew in it for 8 hours, you'd be cranky too. Ban Natalie Doud from flying!

1165 days ago


i agree muppet, she is like judge judy.A REAL BITCH

1164 days ago


Hey Harv & Charles-did you see this? A Pennsylvania restaurant now banning kids under 6!(again because the noise factor)
*just to add a little gasoline on the fire.

1164 days ago

Barbwire's the link about the restaurant

1164 days ago


Hey Harv & Charles-did you see this? A Pennsylvania restaurant now banning kids under 6!(again because the noise factor)
*just to add a little gasoline on the fire.

1164 days ago


An across the board ban would be inappropriate. The airlines would be forced to determine at what age a child could appropriately act well enough to sit in first or business class and that is subjective. My five year olds who frequently accompany me on business trips are more experienced flyers than many adults who are recreational flyers. They watch movies or play games on an iPad. They know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Perhaps a no one under the age of three rule would be something that could stick; however, after that, most children understand right from wrong and are correctable.

Since we're talking about bad behavior, I would be remiss not to mention the adults in first class whom I've witnessed making out to the point where the flight attendant had to interrupt them. The travelers who refused to put away their electronics and continued to talk on the telephone even after the doors were closed; as well the passengers who routinely kick the seats of the people in front of them - yes even in first class. The worst though was when I went to the rest room during meal service and came back to find the man next to me taking something (food) off of my plate. Bad manners aren't exclusive to small childrern.

1164 days ago


Ocotmom really needs to put her bajillion kids in first class?? No wonder she's fricken broke. Whats wrong with her seriously?? She does that and then wonders how shes going to pay her mortgage? Give your head a shake, you're pathetic.

1164 days ago


hummm your commits on Nancy Grace , yeah shes bad but its like calling the kettle back Harvey, just like her you have been in a movie and now your own tv show, and even your own staff called you the worse lawyer since you claimed people were using dead peoples arms in toll booths and driving off and said there was no law agaist it , hummm Im not a lawyer and I even know you cant do that to a dead person lol

1163 days ago


Kristen Johnson is right, octomom should go in coach, people fly all the time with kids, she cant handle all of them she is a bad mother and for octomom to have the nerve to tell Kristen Johnson to get a life, she has one over 20 movies,and over 11 stage appearances, two Emmy Awards for best supporting actress, got a B.F.A. degree in drama at New York University AND teaches at New York University AND mentors local girls from New York City on self esteem issues and what has octomom done ??? be a burden on her family, a burden on society and the state of California by making the tax payers pay for her kids, have strange men pay for her house, make a fetish video, and she claims she doesnt work since she hurt her back but TMZ always has pics of her caring two children hummm

1163 days ago


Why don't the airlines run family flights at a discount on off times of the day? That would put everyone who either has kids or will fly cheaper willing to be stuck around them, where they should be?
I wound up unknowingly on a charter flight that was mostly families. Sheer hell for me but the parents were all very happy about it.

Plane tickets are extremely expensive and air travel is a miserable way to have to get anywhere. This would bother me a lot more if I hadn't stopped flying domestically and now regularly and happily take Amtrak.
You can easily move away from bad kids on a train, but actually they are having such a good time, and so is every one else on board, they very rarely are a problem.

1163 days ago
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