TMZ Live: Octo Fallout -- Ban Kids from First Class?

7/11/2011 10:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Octo Fallout -- Ban Kids from First Class?

Octomom's 12 kids raised hell on a cross-country flight -- pissing off fellow passenger/"3rd Rock" star Kristen Johnston. So ... should little ones be banned from First Class ... or would that be too "elitist"?

And,   Brooke Mueller -- who has custody of Charlie Sheen's twins -- was photographed holding what looks like a crack pipe ... is it time for Child Protective Services to step in?

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(0:00) Charles' obsession with Derek Jeter is far more severe than we first thought. Wait 'til you hear this revelation!
(3:00) '3rd Rock' star Kristen Johnston had a verbal spat on a plane with Octomom -- because Octo's kids were unruly. So the question: Should little kids be banned from First Class?
(7:10) Max hates rules ... but he's on board with the First Class kid ban.
(14:30) What's the difference between Chinese Water Torture and Octo's kids?
(18:00) Would "Dexter" go after Casey Anthony
(20:00) WARNING ... Harvey lets out some "Dexter" spoilers.
(22:45) A caller says "Dexter" wouldn't go after Casey ... that is ... until Harvey makes the guy pull a 180. Score one for Levin!
(23:45) WARNING ... another spoiler.
(30:45) Brooke Mueller was photographed possibly holding a crack pipe ... so what's it gonna take for CPS to step in?
(37:45) CPS hasn't visited Brooke in SIX MONTHS. Seriously?
(41:00) Sheryl Crowe, wild horses, bull testicles, and controversy.
(49:00) Our Douche of the Day award goes to... Tiger Woods!