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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's Deal

No Drug Testing

7/12/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's custody settlement provides that neither is required to undergo drug testing ... something that is becoming increasingly troublesome.


As TMZ first reported ... Brooke was photographed last week holding what appeared to be a crack pipe. And there are other problematic images as well -- like the one recently in Hawaii, when Brooke walked up to a parked car in a seedy area with cash in hand.

The two rehab veterans each have selfish reasons to avoid drug testing, but Brooke is especially worrisome because she is the primary caregiver of the twins. Although Brooke's parents step in when she goes to rehab -- and she goes a lot -- Brooke ultimately calls the shots.

So the question -- who is looking out for the kids. The judge hasn't called a hearing to determine if the parents are unfit, and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has not visited either Charlie or Brooke for more than 6 months.



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Celeb Gossip Addict    

I couldn't even answer the question about who is the better parent. Neither one should have the children.

1107 days ago


This is sick. Given BOTH their past histories, having no drug testing is just plain irresponsible. Especially being in the oh so very public eye. One would think that 2 loving concerned parents would be putting the welfare of their kids before their own selfish desires, i.e. to be able to do drugs while (she) supposed to be caring for children...without repercussions it seems. And if their parents cannot put them first, how did they get away with the courts not ordering mandatory drug testing for both parents??

Someone has definitely dropped the ball here. Doesn't seem as if the 'parents' give 2 ****s about the welfare of their kids.

Brooke. you're probably the only person on Earth who can make Octomom and Charlie Sheen look like good parents by comparing them to you... Congrats?

1107 days ago

Professor Chaos    

She seems to be even deeper into her addiction then he is.. which is a bold statement consider all we know about Charlie.
She's going to end up getting herself raped or killed going to all of these ghetto neighborhoods to buy drugs. Idiot. You have kids. Knock that s*** off.

1107 days ago


I think it is a crime Charlie lost his kids to her parents who are no better than Brooke. That is disgraceful. Her parents are enablers, she's a major drug addict and Charlie lost his boys to people like that. It's unfair.

1107 days ago

And another thing!    

"neither" should have been a choice and I'm sure many people feel the same way when it comes to these two. Charlie is bat chit crazy and an addict and so is Brooke. If they were just two normal people, CPS would have already yanked those kids. If anything happens to those kids, CPS is also going to be blamed for not doing squat. They have no excuse for not looking into this situation on a regular basis considering both parents are drug addicts and have displayed abnormal or suspicious behavior in public time and time again over the past year. As for everyone who says that they are rich and can afford good help, that doesn't matter. Apparently Brooke doesn't have the cash even after her payments from Charlie if she's out pawning stuff. If she has to pawn things, how is she paying a nanny? You have to wonder if they do this crap around their kids.
Must be nice to be rich and famous. You are above the law even if the children suffer.

1107 days ago


Why is it even a question ,we have seen Brooke messed up more than ever lately ,looks like cps and the judge should maybe get the kids away from this drugged out wacko of a woman. She should lose the kids and charlies money ,all she is doing is smoking it away anyhow. This is sad. and when something finally happens to the crackhead then cps will do thier jobs .

1107 days ago



1107 days ago


If this was anyone except someone rich in famous...aka a regular Joe...they would have lost those kids to social services a long time ago.

1107 days ago


Both of these psychos are junkies, but Brooke is the only one who actually slipped up and showed it. NO ONE should have the kids, take them to fostercare quick!

1107 days ago


What`s sad is TMZ poking into these peoples private lives. You`re just a bunch of profiteering s***bags.

1107 days ago


The first elephant in the living room in the Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen case is Judge Hank Goldberg, who hasn't appointed counsel for the children. Because then this nonsense would stop.

The second elephant in the living room, - which is getting a little crowded, comes in the form of a question? Why is Judge Hank Goldberg not acting in the best interests of the children?

See the four reasons why this case represents most things wrong with Family court, mid-page on the left under the heading,
Always keep your eye on the judge.

1107 days ago


Where the HELL is Child Protective Services?????

1107 days ago


Give the kids to Charlie. Somebody should do something. Where are the grandparents or siblings of this couple? Somebody call the cops!

1107 days ago


How am I supposed to choose between two unfit parents? Stupid poll!

1107 days ago


How do you know they`re unfit? Something you read at TMZ? I`m sure TMZ could make you into an unfit parent if they choose. Perhaps they are unfit, i choose to make my decisions based on facts. I know people that smoke pot and drink and are great parents, they love their children and treat them the very best. Other people that never touch drugs or alcohol can be horrible parents. This site profits from headlines like this, that`s what i`m saying.

1107 days ago
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