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Ex-Queens of the Stone Age Guy -- S.W.A.T. Standoff

7/13/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former member of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age got into an intense standoff with a S.W.A.T. team at his L.A. home last night ... where cops found a high-powered LOADED rifle.


TMZ has learned ... cops were called to the home of 39-year-old Nick Oliveri after a neighbor called 911 to report a "disturbance" between the rocker and his girlfriend.

Sources close to the couple tell us ... Nick's GF told police the rocker struck her during an argument the day before ... and she had come back to the home to collect her stuff so she could move out. That's when the two got into another heated argument ... and Nick locked themselves inside the duplex.

When cops arrived, Oliveri -- who played bass with the Queens for years before parting ways with the group -- refused to allow cops inside the residence ... and would not let his girlfriend leave.

A S.W.A.T. team was called to the scene -- and a standoff ensued. After two hours, Nick finally agreed to let his GF exit the duplex ... and  two hours after that, he gave himself up without further  incident.

When cops searched the home, we're told they found one high powered rifle -- which was FULLY LOADED.

Oliveri was booked on felony domestic violence. He has since been released after posting $100,000 bail.


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@lou give me a break. No where does it say he used it against her. It said she said blah blah ... he said she said.. people lie.. including people who write stories.

No way right this sec the cops can prove **** about ****.. they still need to prove they had a legal right to harass this guy. Also if she knew it was going to go down so bad then why did she show up there when she could have asked for a standby. this lacks major facts and unless they can prove they were in the right they will have to return his weapon.

1206 days ago


Sure, he may have had a loaded rifle, but that doesn't mean he was waving it around at people. Way to create false hype, TMZ! You people are bigger queens (drama) than Chris Crocker.

1206 days ago


can someone e-mail a link to where someone got arrested with low powered rifle? I would love to see that story. TMZ creating more sensationalism and trying to get in peoples heads that it is illegal to own a loaded, high powered rifle in your home....which is 100% legal! Harvey.....c'mon....your a lawyer....remember?

1206 days ago


No,no,not a nazi,He has decendants from the weimar(1923)group and accounting group that were running Germany in the 1920`s

1206 days ago


Capitalize fully load? OOOOH he had a loaded gun! What good is a gun if its not loaded? Idiots.

1206 days ago


sucks that he did that BUTTTTTTTTTTTT. If you are a gun owner you always have your guns fully loaded!!! You always treat guns as they are fully loaded!

don't twist it worse then it is and it is bad enough.

1206 days ago


And he had a full six pack of beer in the refer. What about that!!!..and a bow with arrows in the quivery..ready to shoot. We need laws to protect us from people who keep these weapons of mass destruction.

1206 days ago


oh my god a loaded gun! everybody run for the hills! we're all going to die because a gun is loaded@!

Owning a weapon isn't relevant in this situation because he wasn't booked on weapons charges, which means he never pointed the rifle at anybody during the stand-off. The gun can't do anything by itself. He could have just as easily stabbed his girlfriend if he really intended to hurt her. Calm the **** down about the gun.

1206 days ago


Another dumb white guy that can't take it when is girl don't want him anymore lol...

1206 days ago


I am ******** tired of these garbage media outlets(yes, you TMZ) using the same keywords that the Brady [Communists] Campaign, and other anti-firearm groups, use to scare the general public when a firearm is involved, either directly or indirectly. A "high-powered rifle" means nothing, as that term is total *****. I have rifles and handguns, and all of them are "LOADED", at all times. It is my right, and I will continue the practice till I die. I also carry "LOADED" firearms on and about my person, which is also my right, not some privilege.

The idiot in this story wasn't using a firearm during his alleged criminal activity(according to what was presented in the text of the article), so why was the firearm even mentioned? Add to that, the modifiers used in the description of the firearm("high-powered"? Really?) makes TMZ look like it's run by a group of baboons. Does TMZ give to anti-firearm "charities"? Is TMZ just helping making the United States rabidly anti-firearm?

1206 days ago


rly? what does TMZ(and other media outlets) consider high-powered LOADED rifle? Do u even KNOW what a high power rifle IS!!?!?!? at least he didnt shoot her for being stupid

1206 days ago


I like the way TMZ acts so shocked to find that a person has a "fully loaded" firearm in their home. There is a law against holding your girlfriend hostage, but there is no law against having a loaded firearm in your home.

1206 days ago


Shoulda known that the gun-nuts would turn this into another stupid diatribe about guns. Hug'em if you got'em, you redneck reprobates!

1206 days ago


I feel somewhat gratified that so many TMZ bloggers jumped right away
on the loaded, high power rille nonsense. But I was equally offended by
the cops searching the house part of the story. I bet they didn't have a
search warrant and unless it was in plain view or he had brought it to
their attention by threatening someone, not to worry. Of course this guy
is a dirtbag holding someone against their will, which IS a serious crime,
like kidnapping! Note the amount of bail.

1206 days ago


Most are rifles are "high powered." Could you be a little more specific?

1206 days ago
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