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Patrick Schwarzenegger -- Keeping His Eye on the Mall

7/12/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 17-year-old son Patrick is laying low for the summer -- and by "laying low," we mean the opposite ... working a high-profile internship at L.A.'s infamous outdoor mall, The Grove.

According to sources, Arnie is good pals with real estate tycoon Rick Caruso -- the developer who built the celebrity-filled shopping center -- and when Patrick said he was interested in mall management, Rick offered him the summer gig.

But Patrick won't be fetching coffee for people -- we're told he's getting a special crash course in bigwiggery, including running a massive shopping center, from security to public relations ... and he's already doing rounds with one of Caruso's top managers.

It's unclear if the position is paid or not -- but with his parents' combined wealth of about $400 million ... he probably doesn't need the money.


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Nice looking bulge Patrick is showing!! Like father like son!!

1163 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Mall management? Mall management??? Why would a rich kid be interested in mall management? It makes about as much sense as Prince William wanting to manage a McDonald´s.

In any case, he should stop the crotch-stuffing. Nobody gonna belief that stuff is real.

1163 days ago


I think it's good that he has a job. Look how other rich pieces of sh*t like Pari******on turned out when they never had to work a day in their lives.

1163 days ago


damn TMZ, leave him alone! He has nothing to do with the scandal.

1163 days ago

some guy    

Whew... that's a hell of a summer gig. I think someone would be paid a good salary for what Arnold's kid is learning.

Looks like Arnie's looking to groom his son in the world of business. Sharpen that killer instinct.

1163 days ago


Someone probably worked hard for that opportunity and Arnold's boy gets it handed to him on a platter. Nepotism at its finest.

By the way, isn't the goofy kid on TMZ that says "like" every other word, some big shots boy. College drop out and illiterate and gets a good gig, yet totally undeserving...

That's Hollywood.

1163 days ago


don't give a S###!what a spoiled Brat!so what if his parents
are divorced, he's still young & rich. I'm unemployed and
ageing very fast.

1163 days ago


A high school kid managing a high-end mall?! Don't you think this internship should go to someone with a MBA? Oops, I forgot...LA isn't known to celebrate people with brains. Must be nice to know people in high places without putting the effort in like the rest of us average people.

1163 days ago


a very handsome and well-dressed young man. looks like he's taking his assignment seriously. good for him.

1163 days ago


Hey, I give him credit. Don't forget he's 50% Schwarzenegger but also 50% Kennedy. He could be like a Kennedy spoiled brat, living off the family name and puking his guts out in the gutters outside Georgetown bars. Picking up drunk preppie chicks and popping pills.

Instead he's working a real job, and he's just putting Patrick S. on his tag (though Patrick Schwarzenegger probably wouldn't fit on the tag)

1163 days ago


To make it in this world, it's WHO YOU KNOW!!!

1163 days ago


Sure he's still in high school, but we have to realize he is in a whole different world than 90 percent of Americans. Even though he clearly doesn't need them, he's got opportunities given him that most of us unfortunately can only dream of.

1163 days ago


N-i-c-e package.

1163 days ago


Just because his parents are rich doesn't mean he will be. My parents are rich (not 400 million dollars rich, mind you)and I'm definitely not. Good parents raise kids who can stand on their own two feet. My mother told me not to expect an inheritance she said "I didn't work my whole life to give it to you when I die, I'm spending it". I totally agree with her, good for her!

1163 days ago

wow ew    

what a gorgeous boy, hopefully he has some good moral and standards.

1163 days ago
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