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Daniel Baldwin

Files for Divorce

7/13/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Baldwin has filed for divorce, one day after getting a temporary restraining order against his wife, Joanne ... and he claims it's all over drugs and alcohol.


Daniel says, "Due to recent events in our home and for the safety of my children and myself, I have made this decision."

Daniel adds, "I have had my share of problems with drugs and alcohol many years ago and know first hand how difficult a position she is in."

The couple married in 2007.  They have 2 kids.  The judge who issued the restraining order gave Daniel temporary custody.



No Avatar


Coming from one drug addict to another.

1197 days ago


wooooah! what a huge face...lay of the alcohol dude.

1197 days ago


Weekly drug tests need to be done on HIM ALSO. I can bet he is not clean from drugs or alcohol.
God bless and take care of their children someone in the family to insure Danny is sober also and not a harm to anyone.

Very very sad situation ;/

1197 days ago

Mr Furley    

Is he Alec's "other brother Larry?"

1197 days ago

jealous of kate    

like the other poster said-baldwins always marry supposed crazy. Are the women crazy or the Baldwins? Or,do the Baldwins drive them crazy? I go for the latter.... All 4 are irritating on occassion, depending on the subject. So, I would say.... DO NOT MARRY A BALDWIN UNLESS YOU HAVE GOOD MENTAL HEALTH INSURANCE and do not care what the public thinks of you.

1197 days ago


Now they can have a divorce party!

Here are some ideas to get ya started Joanne-

1197 days ago


Anyone else think his wife looks like Hillary Swank?

1197 days ago


Yes, people go through this everyday. Why are y'all saying. "Just because it's a celeb, doesn't mean it should be front page news." TMZ is a celeb based news outlet. They aren't CNN, HLN, Fox, NBC or ABC News. So if you want "REAL", "NON CELEB BASED" news, those are the sites/channels you should be paying attention to. Not TMZ.

Hope Daniel gets full custody soon and everything works out for him and his kids.

1197 days ago


Uh huh, but what Danny Boy left out was "....because I love crack more than I love my wife and kids." Big omission there Daniel.

How the Eff did she stay with his porky drug addicted arse for so long anyway?

1196 days ago


"Oh Danny boy, the crack, the crack is callin' From den to den and o'er the cracky waaaaay."

Ok. I didn't read the article before commenting. It seems she's a drug addict too.

UGH! You need a license to drive, fish, sell hot dogs on the street but any crack smoking couple can breed with impunity. Whatta woild we live in....

I guess his career is so washed up he has to emulate Charlie Sheen's and Brooke Mueller's messed up A**es. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

Ah those poor kids...Ah their poor teachers. I know from experience teaching crack babies is a B****!

1196 days ago


Mr. Mehauff....
Oregon is the lesbian capital of the world. That's why you got scared by the Chewbaccas. Druggie haven too. Know a lot of drug addicts from Oregon...homeless teens too....They seem to congregate there.

1196 days ago


Stu..Ok Whats wrong with Chynna Phillips? Chynna and Billy are back together after a separation..

1196 days ago

Drivel Lady    

I heard she got violent when she realized he wasn't Alec.

1196 days ago


Hey Autumn.....yep...Lake O is horrible...just full of users and rehab losers....if that is what keeps your idiot ass out of our beautiful city then it is all of that and more....jack ass.

1196 days ago

Magnus smith    

He will be submit the file to court for Divorce his wife.I do not know but he is wrong person.
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1194 days ago
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