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NFL Star RIPS Commish: I'd Let Him Burn to Death

7/13/2011 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive juggernaut James Harrison just BLASTED NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, claiming, "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn't do it."


Harrison -- the 2008 Defensive Player of the Year -- unloaded in a brand new interview with Men's Journal -- adding, "I hate [Goodell] and will never respect him." Harrison also calls Goodell an anti-gay slur, a "crook," a "devil," a "puppet," and a "dictator."

Goodell famously fined Harrison $100,000 for illegal hits last fall -- making Harrison one of the most heavily-fined players ever in a single season.

But Goodell isn't the only one Harrison targets in his rant -- the Steeler also blasts fellow teammates Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall, whom he calls a "fumble machine."

Referring to Roethlisberger's two interceptions during the Super Bowl, Harrison says, "Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain't that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does."

As you may recall, Harrison famously picked off Kurt Warner in Super Bowl 43 and ran it back 100 yards for a touchdown ... the longest play in Super Bowl history.

The NFL is currently in a lockout after the players failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement with the league's owners.

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This guy is an A-Hole. He will have no respect in a locker room again.

1200 days ago


@ Jay... Maybe you should stop making yourself sound stupid before you call other people names. You might have a high paying job, but you made yourself seem uneducated when you said that football players are slaves. A slave is a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. I am pretty sure that l the football players out there have free will. If the hateful moron this article is about was a slave he would have never been able to spew the hatred he does.

1200 days ago

Jim in Cali    

I agree with harrison. Goddell is a f$#@@% clown trying to steal money from the players. Frickin BS League. I'll pay the fine James, just keep on going HAM on everyone.


1200 days ago


@Mel, u guys (white PPl) r so slow...and u guys call us dumb lol. We were using the term slave not really meaning the actual thing, I guess we have to explain everything word for word to u guys... it was just a saying, u guys get all uptight when balcks say something about whites, but when a look at comments everyday on TMZ when a black person do or say somthing wrong, it's about a 100 comments on it saying racist things. I was just testing it to prove a point to others that when a black person speaks up the evil white ppl will lash out.. I think I prove my point...

1200 days ago


It's comments like these that really demostrate the true character of the person. I see this person lash out with such hatred and distain for someone and it makes you simple question his thought process. The idea that a person can call someone all these names for whatever the reason and then ack like it's no big deal. See how he feels when he does somehting wrong the next time. My Dad used to tell me never upset the person who pay's you are feeds you. Mr. Harrison, you may have done both. I dpes have the power to suspend you, which I honestly hope he does and bring you down off your high horse.

1200 days ago

some guy    

@anony about an hour ago: "Sounds like he's calling him "white devil" and "mas'sa."
Next, he'll start singing an old Negro spiritual."

"Swing Low, Sweet Chaaaaaarrrrioottt..."

1200 days ago

some guy    

Wait... what about: "Jimmy crack corn, and I don't care..."

1200 days ago

fu waddd    

Learn How to play football before you slammy..if everyone late hit and kicked each others faces in you would`nt get payed and would`nt play no one likes a bad sport learn your JOB better get toff them roids

1200 days ago


First off, pro athletes are not overpaid...they get a piece of the multi-billion dollar NFL pie after making money (and reputations) for pop-warner through collegiate programs. We’re talking 10+ years of free labor. Pro athletes SHOULD get every penny they make...period. Get your money!!
Secondly, I love it when white folks get up in arms when a brother speaks his mind. Be it in the workplace, on a posting board, or in a magazine article...when a brother tells the truth (as he knows it) white folk*****e it. Half of you would be just as mad if “devil” wasn’t part of the conversation. Just another product of a society that expects black folks to "shut up and do what you're told." I see it at work all the time when I bring logic and experience (for resolution to issues) to the table and white “teammates” either seethe or are shocked that a problem was thought out and resolved by a brother who’s S#@t makes sense...oh well, jobs get done…
Thirdly, don't get mad at JH for speaking his mind...he was raised in racist-ass society and all of you posters know it. Behind closed doors how many times have all you haters said the N-word, or worse? And now you wanna be mad and him for his "devil" comment then turn around and perpetuate racism in posting the N-word. Think about it for a second. That's what I thought...
I don't hear to many players coming and support RG...JH may have gone too far calling RG a devil(I wouldn't have), but I bet the majority of NFL players would agree with the rest of his description or RG. “Puppet” of the owners and attempting to be a “dictator” to the players…makes sense to me. Another chapter in this fight over billions of dollars…this whole thing is crazy and we’re stuck in this craziness.
God Bless America…

1200 days ago


Thank U Jrock well said!!!!!

1200 days ago

some guy    

Wow... I think smoke may have come off of Jrock's keyboard. I can feel the seething anger.

Use your Anger, Jrock. Give in. Give in to the Dark Side.

1200 days ago


Another chapter in this fight over billions of dollars…this whole thing is crazy and we’re stuck in this craziness.
God Bless America…

Nah, I'm not stuck, G. All you Sportscenter dorks/closest homos who follow all this tight end drama like it's Days Of Our Lives may think it's crazy, but the rest of the world couldn't give a damn. Just droppin' in to tell you how it is. Peace out.

1200 days ago


Should be the current poster child for how the effects of CTE can impact a persons judgement, thinking, and actions well before they retire from the game. CTE, a progressive neurodegenerative disease caused by repetitive trauma to the brain. Yeah, thats it, all those hits to the head.

Can he be given a brain scan, because given the amount of "incidents" this guy has had, he's clearly a danger to others and himself. He's gone after coaches, players, fans, gf's, and continues to say among the dumbest things from any current or former players. Check his brain---he's not right.

Goodell, you ought to pay him back by declaring him brain injured and in the interest of his safety, and the Game, he is retired. The Rooney family must be the biggest liars in sports ownership---keeping trash like him and Big Ben, and looking the other way on dumbness and harm to others all for the sake of winning. Harrisons antics are by no means complete...it can only get worse from here.

1200 days ago


Apparently he's a Peyton Manning fan.

1200 days ago

some guy    

IDK... I don't think things can truly be resolved until there's a Commissioner on board that both the players and owners can trust.

Goodell's been at the head of this lockout since Day One. He stinks of it.

It's time to bring in someone honest and with a backbone that both sides can trust and have faith in.

1200 days ago
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