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TMZ Live: Sugar Shane Hit Below the Belt in Divorce?

7/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sugar Shane Mosley was forced to give 3 championship belts to his wife as part of their divorce ... does she deserve them or did he get screwed?

And, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he would make a "damn good" president. But before you write him off ... Harvey explains why it could work ... and how it all ties back to Abraham Lincoln.


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(0:00) Carmageddon!!! Harvey is actually EXCITED about it because it's causing mass hysteria ... and unifying the city at the same time.
(4:20) So sad ... Harvey and Charles aren't friends.
(8:30) Harvey fawns over Abraham Lincoln ... who he calls the greatest leader in American history. 
(12:03) Would The Rock make a good president?
(17:00) Why popular entertainers could be good politicians.
(20:00) Sugar Shane Mosley has to give his wife three championship belts as part of their divorce. What the hell? Is this fair?
(24:00) Finally, Mosley wins one round against his ex.
(36:20) What broke Harvey's heart when he was young?
(40:05) Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller may be getting back together ... and everyone thinks it's a horrible idea. Should DCFS step in?
(43:02) Mike has special insight on the Charlie/Brooke situation ... because he's been over to Charlie's house.
(44:58) Dax the investigator toots his own horn.
(48:15) A pro skateboarder hurls the N-word around during his arrest last night ... was it racist or not?


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The rock would be a great President. I can't wait for the middle east to get a taste of the People's elbow.

1196 days ago


Penis funny business:
Okay, so there's this theory by Sigmund Freud that the funniest things are those related to being able to put down someone of power relative to your position. Thus why making fun of the boss *ahem* and the rich *ahem* seems to be really funny and is somewhat universal. The gender struggle is far from over and this funny business with the penis is very telling of it.

1196 days ago


I heard Mr. Becker wanted a divorce but she gave him a separation.

1196 days ago

Chris M    

Not from California, can someone please explain how this closure is going to effect the area that much?

1196 days ago

Alan Carver    

What do you think about the USWeekly story yesterday they posted about Lohan? Her antics and drinking again (not that she isn't allowed) but claims to be working on her SOBRIETY?!

Here's the link:

1196 days ago


Harvey if you really have confidence in your shortcuts have a tall glass of prune juice before you leave.

1196 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Waht the Hell is the problem with you mamby [amby southern californians. Carmagedon. It si 2 freekin days, Why dont you just stay out of your cars and stop driving for 2 days, What the Hell is all the bitching about. You think you are the only people with traffic. Give me a freekin break.

1196 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Ummm... Harvey is the same guy that said Trump would be a good president. How soon he swept that under the carpet.

1196 days ago


so are there any oscars that Arnold will have to share with Maria?

1196 days ago


Harvey pushed Trump and then recanted!

1196 days ago


Dwayne would make a WAY WAY better President than the dumb chimp who is in office right now

1196 days ago


The rock would be a great president. Harvey would be a better president! HARVEY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

1196 days ago


The topics today are silly. Why not talk about the Spreckels
mansion case which is THis is $$$$ and really HINKY

Also, why not talk about Judge Hank Goldberg who is allowing two drug addicts to control custody in the Charlie Sheen case?

Who cares about Artie Lane? I mean besides Artie Lane.

1196 days ago

some guy    

I think he would do well, if he stays true to himself. He's charismatic, personable, and quick-witted.

I think if Rock thoroughly understood the problems facing the nation, he could figure things out with the right counselors.

1196 days ago


Regarding Quincy's statement, Philippine Pres. Erap Estrada had the same philosophy... people went to the street to remove him from power.

1196 days ago
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