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TMZ Live: Sugar Shane Hit Below the Belt in Divorce?

7/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sugar Shane Mosley was forced to give 3 championship belts to his wife as part of their divorce ... does she deserve them or did he get screwed?

And, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he would make a "damn good" president. But before you write him off ... Harvey explains why it could work ... and how it all ties back to Abraham Lincoln.


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(0:00) Carmageddon!!! Harvey is actually EXCITED about it because it's causing mass hysteria ... and unifying the city at the same time.
(4:20) So sad ... Harvey and Charles aren't friends.
(8:30) Harvey fawns over Abraham Lincoln ... who he calls the greatest leader in American history. 
(12:03) Would The Rock make a good president?
(17:00) Why popular entertainers could be good politicians.
(20:00) Sugar Shane Mosley has to give his wife three championship belts as part of their divorce. What the hell? Is this fair?
(24:00) Finally, Mosley wins one round against his ex.
(36:20) What broke Harvey's heart when he was young?
(40:05) Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller may be getting back together ... and everyone thinks it's a horrible idea. Should DCFS step in?
(43:02) Mike has special insight on the Charlie/Brooke situation ... because he's been over to Charlie's house.
(44:58) Dax the investigator toots his own horn.
(48:15) A pro skateboarder hurls the N-word around during his arrest last night ... was it racist or not?


No Avatar

some guy    

His mom could've done what his wife did for him. Outside of the sex part.

1167 days ago


great argument harvey, but does that leave the door for assistants, babysitters, aunties, grammas etc

1167 days ago

Michael Smith    


What's up with the Winnie The Pooh commercial sponsoring the soaking segment yesterday?

1167 days ago

Chris M    

losing my championship belts or my penis?...ill take the belts.

1167 days ago


Remember the scene in the movie "Back to the Future" where Dr. Brown said "No wonder the president is an actor, he always has to look good in front of a camera."

I think there is a great deal of truth in this and explains Reagan's success and popularity.

1167 days ago


since you guys love gossip and high celebrity falls why are you not covering the murdoch scandel nothing not one bit on this page that is odd

1167 days ago


i would say to her: go in the ring and earn a belt! he is so stupid and she... hmmm

1167 days ago

who cares    

Must be a slow day celebrity news day if your best story is discussing how good of president the rock would be.

1167 days ago

Chris M    

Sheen and Becker could be each others yin and yang effect.

1167 days ago

some guy    

I remember reading how Brooke would fall off the wagon whenever Charlie was brought up. Sounds like she still has feelings for him.

Maybe they could be good for each other. Maybe they can help each other with their demons.

I think, for the sake of the kids, they should be given a shot together. They might have changed since they were last together.

1167 days ago


Charlie & Brooke together again? That is so wrong! For the sake of the kids, they seriously need to do some growing up.

1167 days ago


She is keeping the belts for the children because when he gets a gal pal and has child he may decide to give it to them. She is thinking of the children. I would do the same.

1167 days ago


The difference between a Renoir and a belt is that the Renoir would have a use to both of them, but the belt ist very personal. Thta's like saying: the wife should be entitled to get half of her husband's clothes after a divorce!

1167 days ago


maybe he has a gambling/money managent issues....and she is insuring the belts are not 'lost'

1167 days ago


As a single mother, I'd tell her to go out and get your own identity and earn your own money. Stop living thru your husband. Alimony and child support is one thing but you haven't spent your life working towards this goal.

1167 days ago
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