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TMZ Live: Are the Streets Safe for Casey Anthony?

7/15/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Acquitted baby killer Casey Anthony is about to be a free woman. So the big question -- if you ran into her in a public place ... would you ignore her, berate her, or ATTACK her?

And, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calls in to talk about the greatest traffic-based threat Los Angeles has ever faced ... "carmageddon!" Is it REALLY gonna be as bad as everyone says ... or is it just hype?


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(0:00) Happy Carmageddon Day!!! Harvey compares shutting down the 405 to plugging an artery in your heart.
(7:05) If you saw Casey Anthony on the street, would you ignore, berate, or attack her?
(8:30) Kendall clears up a false Anthony-related story that's floating around.
(12:20) Seriously ... what would you get out of berating Anthony? And more importantly, wanna hear Harvey attempt to say "beyotch?"
(17:01) Jason has an interesting O.J. Simpson story.
(30:00) Why is it okay for black people to use the "N" word? Nina gives us her take on the subject.
(32:50) Charles and Nina disagree a little bit about who should be able to use the word.
(35:00) Why do people wanna use the word so much?
(36:30) Charles talks about a time when he was hurt by the word.
(45:00) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is on the phone! Time to talk "carmageddon!" 
(46:30) Will carmageddon end up reuniting the city? MAV says it all hype.


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There are reports that Casey Anthony will appeal her conviction. How is she paying for all of this or are the taxpayers paying and what will this do to public opinion and her safety?

1162 days ago


She is GUILTY. if she went A DAY without reporting her daughter missing...she had something to do with it...

someone will let her have it.... and they need to give it to her good...make getting arrested worth it...

1162 days ago


I think she caused her daughter's death but I don't think she killed her. I think it was an accident, and she panicked.
people have to remember that she was a very young girl when she had the child and she still was when this happened.
we like to think we would do things differently if we were in her shoes but we dont know.......

1162 days ago


Harvey, as an African American, use of the N-word is still a debate with in our own community that is hard to say if it should be used or not. Some feel it is the right of the group who have been subjected to the term to change it to term of endearment or empowerment.power;however, I do not understand why other groups feel the need to use the word? You do not see African American's addressing each other by slurs for other ethnic group. I have never felt the need to use a racial slur for a group as a way to communicate or address people of my own race or of other group?

1162 days ago


I think the big difference between OJ and Casey as that a child is involved with Casey's case, and people have more strong emotions towards people harming children. I certainly would not want to be her on the streets.

1162 days ago


Ignore her. There was no smoking gun proving she commited murder. All that was proven without a doubt is that she was a ****ty mother....

1162 days ago


YOU GUYS ARE INCITING VIOLENCE AND IT'S SCARY!!! I watch you all the time and I can tell Jason is very uncomfortable with this topic. Also, the questions should be...WHY DO WHITE PEOPLE WANT TO USE THE N-WORD? You can't control what we say to each other.

1162 days ago

some guy    


Give Harvey a hug.

1162 days ago


These listeners calling in saying they would beat Casey Anthony have issues of their own to deal with. Casey Anthony is a pathological liar who will get caught up in her lies and she will without a doubt end up back in jail at some point in her life. They need to put the parents on trail and determine whether or not they lied to assist her or to cover up a murder. Once they put the pressure on the parents, someone will break and the truth will come out.

1162 days ago


No one should use it and if you are black and you are using it then you are ignorant trash.

1162 days ago


She and her lawyers must now face "Street Justice" and it's not going to be pretty ! I think if there are any witnesses they will say they saw nothing !

1162 days ago

some guy    


Which is worse? A white guy using the 'N' word or chopping a guy's penis off?

1162 days ago


Why don't you run a story to see if people that have the same name "Casey Anthony" if they have had problems since her aquittal?

1162 days ago

some guy    

Weird... Nina doesn't laugh when it comes to racist remarks.


1162 days ago


Nina is an idiotic hypocrite.

1162 days ago
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