TMZ Live: Are the Streets Safe for Casey Anthony?

7/15/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Are the Streets Safe for Casey Anthony?

Acquitted baby killer Casey Anthony is about to be a free woman. So the big question -- if you ran into her in a public place ... would you ignore her, berate her, or ATTACK her?

And, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calls in to talk about the greatest traffic-based threat Los Angeles has ever faced ... "carmageddon!" Is it REALLY gonna be as bad as everyone says ... or is it just hype?

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(0:00) Happy Carmageddon Day!!! Harvey compares shutting down the 405 to plugging an artery in your heart.
(7:05) If you saw Casey Anthony on the street, would you ignore, berate, or attack her?
(8:30) Kendall clears up a false Anthony-related story that's floating around.
(12:20) Seriously ... what would you get out of berating Anthony? And more importantly, wanna hear Harvey attempt to say "beyotch?"
(17:01) Jason has an interesting O.J. Simpson story.
(30:00) Why is it okay for black people to use the "N" word? Nina gives us her take on the subject.
(32:50) Charles and Nina disagree a little bit about who should be able to use the word.
(35:00) Why do people wanna use the word so much?
(36:30) Charles talks about a time when he was hurt by the word.
(45:00) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is on the phone! Time to talk "carmageddon!" 
(46:30) Will carmageddon end up reuniting the city? MAV says it all hype.