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Newly Single J.Lo Takes a Back Seat

7/18/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With a tense look on her face, newly separated Jennifer Lopez was whisked away from a photo shoot in the backseat of a car in L.A. on Sunday.


While reports linked the 41-year-old mother of two with William Levy -- the hottie in her latest music video -- he denies there has ever been anything but a professional relationship between them.

Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony released a statement on Friday saying they were ending their seven year marriage.

Marc Anthony Divorce


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Cleveland Gal    

I am surprised that it took this long for these 2 to divorce, she is a very independent woman and her husband seemed to follow her every move and he was always hovering over her, that has to get on your nerves after a while. Besides that she is too good looking for him.

1139 days ago

el charro    

Criss...with half of people in their twenties w/ stds...I think it wise to conduct a love life of't marry too young..and then LOVE LOVE LOVE your choice. No matter how hot and heavy it is..the person is a choice..not just a romantic idealistic relationship... a marriage is not based on early moments of passion want the full package..and when the going gets together unless one of the As happens..doing a full 'Life' with someone you love is awesome. Celebrities on the other hand...they shouldn't marry ...

1139 days ago


William Levy? that's an major upgrade- he's really hot!

1139 days ago


Hope she gets a guy who is bigger than her , she always looked like Marc A's. mom. Other than that / could not care less. She is SO last millenium imo.

1139 days ago


who cares about this washed-up "star"??word is,she treats her employees like crap,i read she fired one of her employees for blurting out an answer while watching jeopardy in the dressing room.this stupid b!%ch should go away and quit exposing us to her.

1139 days ago


She's a worn out clap trap ho. Does "for better or worse, richer or poorer"? mean anything to you, you skank??

1139 days ago


Oh great, this only means her ghetto mug will be on this site and every other celeb gossip site every single day now. YUCK!

1139 days ago


We were rid of this PoS until some idiot at People magazine decided to name her and her cottage cheese thighs "The Most Beautiful". Beautiful my ass; she's a manufactured no talent diva.

1139 days ago

always-in-my <3    

@ Bobby Smith...Well said! @ Doug pound....Ewwwww!! Anyways I hate Hollywood!! Were all wrapped up in what they do,how they do it,and who their dating or not dating. Personally I think its a waste of our time! Actor/actresses/singer are OVER rated! Behind their Millions,and in some case Billions are just Normal Human beings Just like you and I...they just happen to be fortunate to make a hell of alot more Dough then us the real hard working People of the world!!!

1138 days ago


That my friends is what a c*nt looks like...

1138 days ago


she doesn't look tense - she looks annoyed.

1138 days ago


J. LO was a regular normal person,but all of you put her in a pedestal buying her stupid music ,her clothing ,her perfumes and nw she is a Diva ,you all created a monster ,she thinks she is special ha ha ha! she is just ghetto ,have been you hear she talking? "you know what I meant" you know" all those replies are ghetto talk ,"you can take the kid from the ghetto ,but you can't take the ghetto from the kid" so true! I like Marco Antonio (is his name) music he sings much better than her ,he will survive,what is the noise about her kids ? he has like seven kids form different women ,and she had like three marriages with this one...what is new in her life ? nothing! sleeping aorund ,she is a homewrecker he still married whne she strting the love affair with this one.....she is a rich Ghetto-diva! I always said this was a odd couple for sure!

1135 days ago

emmy m    

I agree with most of the comments about jho. this is a person who calls herself "Jenny from the Block" PULEASE!! She was raised in the Bronx in a one family home with a lilac bush in her back yard!! Don't really sound like the block to me, cuz! This is a woman who hooks up with people for their talent and connections. That is because she has none of her own. Jho has never been nominated for any serious acting or singing awards that I know of, I hear no news at all about her ever donating to charity or doing anything useful to anyone other than herself. All I can say is Marc, this is gonna cost you big pal! And Ben Affleck, you got lucky with your Jennifer!! As for beatrix kiddo, at least rogue warrior has a mother. As for you bk, you have no class at all.

1135 days ago
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