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Marc Tyler's Dad: My Son Is NOT Getting Paid

7/18/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marc Tyler's father tells TMZ ... the suspended USC running back should have known better than to  joke about the university paying football players ... but says he's 100% certain Marc has NOT taken one illicit penny from the school. 


TMZ spoke with Wendell "The Truth" Tyler (pictured left) -- a former NFL running back who played college ball at UCLA.

Wendell tells us, "Marc is accepting the punishment because he knows as a Christian he shouldn't have allowed himself to get in that position ... saying what he said."

Wendell insists that  "Marc was clearly joking" ... telling us the USC player still relies on his parents to cover his expenses outside of his scholarship.

"Marc is DEFINITELY not getting paid ... so I don't know what he was thinking when he said it."

Still, Wendell admits ...  "It's a wake up call."

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See how Mr. Tyler cleverly added "by the school". No ish Mr. Tyler. SC athletes get paid by the boosters, not the school. Come on now.

1161 days ago


I guwss pop didn't know that his Dumba$$ son was out getting drunk and playing the fool in La. He opened his mouth now he has to pay the price. He should have been suspended for a year for making accusations about the University that gave him an opportunity to become a good citizen not a Fool

1161 days ago

Ghost Rider    

There is somekind of conspiracy starting in Highschool for some of these players. Reggie Bush for example went to Helix High but like so many other football players that attend this school he was not from La Mesa and should have attended Licoln High. Helix Highschool is a farm team if you will that finds these players from bad schools and recruits them into La Mesa county where they unmercifully take out all the other schools in the district. From there they have gone directly to USC and other good football colleges where imho are getting a free pass, and a cushy paycheck. Its all a bunch of BS if you ask me.

1161 days ago


OMG people!! Lay off the guy....whatever realities he needs to wa ke up to are being handily served up to him right now. He seems to be reaping some heavy karma...lol. Gee, what were YOU doing and not thinking about the consequences of said actions when YOU were in college....those of you who went anyway. Am betting a lot of posters here have some tales to tell or you wouldn't be crapping all over this guy. Yeah...be serious.....seriously LIGHT..

1161 days ago



Yes, that practice has been going on for decades in San Diego County and probably everywhere! it sucks as an athlete to be aware of that and see what athletic departments and parents will do to manipulate the system. These kids learn from an early age the benefit of such tactics along with all the other perks. They cannot really be faulted especially at their "cruising hormone" stage for seemingly idiotic behavior

1161 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

The university might as well pay these guys because it certainly isn´t educating them. Neither father nor son seems to have an ounce of grey matter or to demonstrate intellectual maturity beyond what might be possessed by someone who barely made it out of 8th grade. When will college actually be about education?

1161 days ago


If he didn't make those comments, we wouldn't be making ours. Why would he say something so stupid and in such a convincing manner if they aren't true.

1161 days ago



1161 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Sharjoy, yeah I know. I graduated from GHS in 96, and it was like that then. It was kinda funny in a way, everybody would get all excited about the game and Homecoming, and Helix would destroy us by about 60 to 70 points every game. It just was not fair, but you pretty much pointed out the rest.

1161 days ago

The Neko Nation    

@ SarJoy, You are the perfect example of what is wrong with society today. Just make excuses or not even accept responsibility for your actions. It's easier to make excuses or just blame someone else. This guy is an adult, not a child. He has zero common sense and even less class or respect. After everything the Trojan football program has been through, you would think he would've know better. Just listening to his stupid rant, it's obvious that if it wasn't for football he would be out on the streets. There are foreigners out there with a better grasp of the English language than this fool.

1161 days ago


Tyler receives no cash to play! He works in trade!

1161 days ago



Lincoln HS was torn down when Bush was in HS and reopened in 2007.

1161 days ago


Here's a kid who has had everything. His father was a successful NFL player (when he held on to the ball) and attended a premier university. The kid turns out to be a major jerk. Has only himself to blame. Better find a career outside professional football. Great standard bearer for USC athletics.

1161 days ago

neko nation    

@ SharJoy, You are the perfect example of what is wrong with society today. Self entitled morons who don't take responsibility or accept their actions. It's easier to just make excuses or blame someone else. This guy is an adult. He is not a child. He has zero common sense. After everything the Trojan football program has gone through you would think he would've known better. Obviously by his stupid rant he has a vague concept of the English language. Even worse he has zero class and respect for anyone but himself. There are foreigners out there who have a grasp of the English language better than this fool.

1161 days ago


Come on, everybody. Clearly the dude was joking. You actually think if he was on the take he'd share his little secret with TMZ?

1161 days ago
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