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Elin's BF: I Did Not have Sex with THAT Woman BUT

7/19/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren is PISSED ... after learning Rachel Uchitel told friends she had slept with BF Jamie Dingman. Now Jamie is denying it happened, but others are providing VERY specific details.

Sources tell TMZ ... Elin was blindsided when the TMZ story ran over the weekend ... that Tiger Woods' #1 mistress had slept with Jamie and Elin didn't know about it.

We reported Jamie hooked up with Rachel twice in Miami in October, 2009,  when they were staying together-- less than 2 months before the scandal broke.  Jamie's friends now tell TMZ ... Rachel is lying and that they never had sex and never stayed together.

But  other people familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Rachel and Jamie went down to Miami in October, 2009, to work on a plan for a new investment business.

We're told the 2 stayed together for 2 1/2 weeks -- at the home of Chris Barish, the third partner in the prospective business.  Jamie had a girlfriend at the time -- a model named Inez -- but she wasn't around much.
People who were at Barish's house tell us ... Jamie came into Rachel's room late at night twice and the two hooked up ... and they heard Rachel discussing it with Barish the morning after each liaison.

Ironically, at the time this was allegedly going on, we're told Chris Barish hooked up with Jen Madden, the woman who sold the Tiger story to the National Enquirer.  And get this -- people staying at Barish's house tell us ... Jen got a lot of her info from discussions between Rachel, Jamie and Chris about Tiger's illicit relationship with Rachel.

As for Jamie and Elin, we're told they've been quietly dating for 6 months.


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Elin can't marry a "normal" guy. It doesn't work that way. She's a multimillionaire and needs to find the same in order for it to last. Statistics prove it.

1139 days ago


Rachel has her, er, em, "stamp" on multitudes of men. Hell, ladies, you'd better check ur man! I like her, though. She's a survivor, beautiful and very smart.

1139 days ago


Elin needs to dump this guy stat!!

1139 days ago


What Elin really needs is to have a long hard look at that bank account of hers and realize that statistics or no statistics, she is becoming what her ex-husband already is...another "victim" of her own ego!!

1139 days ago


If that Jamie guy did date Rachel, I'm glad it came out and Elin knows now. She dosen't need another cheating man. She's a beautiful girl whos been horribly betrayed by her ex-husband's cheating obsession. Better kick this one to the curb Elin. He dosen't sound like a man you can trust. Better days are coming girlfriend.

1139 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Elin is also an idiot for her choice of men. Stop with the sympathizing. Maybe if she would go meet a nice, down to earth guy she would find someone loyal and honest. Hanging around rich pricks isn't going to work if she really wants a nice guy.

1139 days ago


Who the **** is Rachel Uchitel - other than some one who ****** a golf player? And, WHY does ANYONE CARE what these two knobs do in their lives?

As far as Ms. Allred - she's nothing more than a publicity-whoring glorified AMBULANCE CHASER. At least she was (pathetic) funny when she ran around IN ALL red.

Rachel - you were on 'Celeb' Rehab - I'm SURE you picked up some new 'tips' there. Use 'em on yourself.

1139 days ago


This was all a plan for everyone to get a piece of Tigers money. Either from Tiger of from Elin...either was was fine.

1139 days ago

as I was sayin    

If I were a detective, it allegedly Sounds like Elin is not so squeaky clean, if Rachael really was with this man then it almost sounds like a scheme, maybe all 3 know each other and a black man just got taken advantage of, this story could deepen. A pyramid scheme of sort. May take years to find out the truth, yet it is already coming out about Rachel and this guy, what are the odds. It is always good to look at the whole picture and not just part of it.

1139 days ago


Elin, I never slept with or dated that skank, just fyi, throwing that out there... call me. :)

1139 days ago


Elin should take more time to know people before hooking up. I think she will be beter off dating in Europe.

1139 days ago


Elin is pathetic for chasing rich douche bags. I don't feel an ounce of sympathy for her anymore!

1139 days ago


Looks more and more like Elin is a gold digger. IMO she married Tiger knowing how he was then played the victim and left him, taking half. I am sure it was her plan all along. It was no secret how Tiger was and she probably told him she didn't mind. Now she is with a billionaire's son, GOLD DIGGER ELIN! GOLD DIGGER! KARMA WILL GET YOU GOLD DIGGER!

1139 days ago


ELIN DISSERS: Everybody knows if you're rich, you date rich guys! How can you people be so stoopid?! Things past the end of your _____!

1139 days ago


Elin should break all ties direct and indirect with people who were associated with Tiger's social circles. This incident makes her look pretty stupid and naive. The guy is something else which is enough to forewarn Elin to avoid him like the plague.

1139 days ago
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