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Jennifer Lopez Performs ...

To Drunken Crowd?

7/19/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez is set to perform at a Ukrainian wedding in 3 hours ... but here's the problem -- she doesn't hit the stage until 11:30, and you know how the Ukrainians like their vodka.

Jennifer is reportedly pocketing a million bucks for her performance.  Our wedding spies tell us there are roughly 300 people attending the bash.

A source connected to Jennifer calls the performance time "a little weird," but hey, drunk or not, a million bucks is a million bucks.

Fun fact ... the World Health Organization has rated the Ukraine as #1 in the world for alcohol consumption among youth.

BTW, the money Jennifer makes is hers and hers alone, since she's already separated from Marc Anthony.


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Is It Just Me    

Forget about Jennifer and let's focus on TMZ for a second: Who do you think you are to blast a whole country's people as a "drunken crowd"? I'm not Ukranian and still I'm offended by the kind of language often employed by TMZ. You also frequently make obtuse, ill-informed, uneducated remarks about the Portuguese, Greeks, Mexicans, Italians, Canadians, etc, which means that according to your standards, the whole world should be american or else it simply doesn't matter. Please get your head out of your behinds and realize that you're nothing but a little gossip web-based posse with nothing better to do than saying: "If something I know of happens and says "made in the USA" all over the place its spectacular, but if it's something from somewhere else and with a cultural complexity that would scarcely challenge a monkey I don't wanna know and do not need to know further, simply 'cause it's non-american dude!" Please try to be more civil and educate yourselves and therefore prevent sad events such as this one where you clearly show your stupidity by posting it online for millions to see. Cheers.

1010 days ago


She's a disgusting human. Not so much for this lame performance...I just mean in general. Gross.

1010 days ago

Litlle Lulu    

Ukraine was part of the USSR but it doesn't mean they are Russians plus who wouldn't sing for a million dollars.

1010 days ago


TMZ? What are you sucking in that cup. Looks like you like to keep that straw always close to your mouth. Try not to condem a whole country with your comments and be alittle more professional.

1010 days ago


you know that she has to be making a million plus to make it worth her while

entertainers like her make a fortune doing these private gigs for millionaire/billionaires in Saudi Arabia and all over the world
we usually just odn't hear about it
if her and Marc didn't just announce their divorce nobody would even know about this I'll bet

like we didn't know about Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Usher, and more who performed at parties for the sons of Muammar Gaddafi over the years and got a million each time

we only found out when Canadian performer Nellie Furtodo became so disgusted with Gaddafi (and his treatment of the people in Libya) early this past year that she made the decision to give the million she was paid for one such performance (4 years earlier) to charity

her act of conscience put the pressure and focus on some really big names to do the same when the press found out about their performing for Gaddafi also
others kept mum about performing there and kept the millions that actually belonged to the citizens of Libya

1010 days ago


they live in the ukraine and the best thing they had to do was see JLo. Who wouldn't drink?

1010 days ago


All you WHINERS from Ukraine, etc., need to settle yo asses down! I have friends who live in Russia (your former mother land) and he says half the grocery stores are liquor! That all his neighbors are drunk, all the time, on vodka, etc. There is TRUTH to what people here are saying. So what?!

1010 days ago


Let me rephrase re grocery stores. Half of every grocery store is comprised of liquor.

1010 days ago


And while I think JLO sucks as a musician, who wouldn't travel for 2 days to make 1 Million dollars?! Rich people get rich by making good business decisions, dummies!

1010 days ago

PRO US    

Look, it's a slam dunk to try and make fun of Russians, Ukrainians and people from that region for drinking a lot of vodka or having a lot of drunks there, but it's a little low, juvenile and unfair to do it. There are a lot of drunks everywhere. Why smear the Ukrainians? A lot of Ukrainians sided with Nazi Germany and tried to wipe out Russians, Slavs in general and Jews in WW 2 but most Ukrainians didn't. They were normal, regular, moral people caught up in a horrible event. So, it's not fair to label Ukrainians as drunks. TMZ should be ashamed of themselves for making fun of Ukrainians being drunks, but TMZ is never ashamed of itself. When was the last time that TMZ apologized for anything they published on the internet? Like never?

That Canadian piece of trash aka lovely woman Nelly Furtado earned $1 million for singing or lip syncing to the son of Moammar Gaddafi in Italy for a private concert. Isn't that worse for her to sing for the son of an arch terrorist who murdered all those people on the the plane they blew up with a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland?

So, leave JLo alone. She can't sing and can't dance and can barely lip-sync and she made $1 million from some fools in the Ukraine to listen to her CD or mp3 tracks while she lip synched at a wedding for some organized crime, er, reputable businesspeople's family.


1010 days ago


I don't think she has to worry about no settlement as they will get back together in around 45 days!! Plus there may be a new baby on the way... What u think about this.

1010 days ago


come on, really? that comment about "you know how ukrainians love their vodka" is TOTALLY out of line. VERY offensive, not ALL ukrainians love vodka. whoever was the stupid, ignorant person who wrote that should write an apology!

1010 days ago


Not only it is offensive - it it NOT TRUE. I checked, there is no stats from WHO on teenage drinking - how could there be - it is illegal and hidden. There was a study done on adults and Ukraine came in 4th - still high but not close to #1. This is offensive as hell and they should issue an apology

1009 days ago


Is this tax free? Never mine marc what about the irs?

1009 days ago


video link of the wedding

1009 days ago
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