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NFL Superstar Antonio Gates


7/21/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates had one hell of a productive off-season -- the future Hall-of-Famer just got married to his longtime girlfriend ... and TMZ has the pics.

Gates -- who will probably be the #1 tight end drafted in your 2011 fantasy league -- tied the knot to model-turned-business owner Sasha Dindayal on July 9 during a lavish ceremony at the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

We're told several Chargers were among the 250 guests -- including defensive stars Shaun Phillips and Stephen Cooper.

But the best part -- THE FOOD!!!  Guests were treated to a 5-course meal ... consisting of duck foie gras ... caramelized shallot ravioli in a brandy butter sauce ...  braised short ribs and grilled prawns with buttermilk mashed potatoes ... and for dessert -- red velvet wedding cake with marble sponge cake which was FLOWN IN from Trinidad.
After the ceremony, the couple took off to Tahiti for the honeymoon.

A happy tight end ... makes for a happy fantasy team.

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He bought her w/his money.
Indian wife another black sports guy with non black wife.
The gown and wedding is overdone.

Will not last. Trini's Indian are nasty and a phony and he too young to marry, he will see.

1160 days ago



Re: "Why all black sports players date or marry white women? What's wrong with black women?"

Black women aren't as pretty or as smart as White women.

1160 days ago


His wife is half Indian and half Black. Athletes do date all kinds of women just not PuertoRican women they are all ugly, fat and stupid. They do date White Latinas though.

1160 days ago

Smoke Kush    

Reading theese comments you would think it was 1965 not 2011....

1160 days ago


Sasha is not Indian her mother is black so she is a black Indian and it's none of your business who they marry.

1160 days ago



He has considerable professional achievements and wealth. Do you think he wants ugly, stupid babies or smart, pretty ones?

Here are the facts:

IQ distribution by race:

· Ashkenazi Jews = 115
· Asian = 106
· White = 100
· Non-White Hispanic = 86
· American Blacks = 85 (because average 20% White mix)
· Sub-Saharan Blacks = 70 (This is considered borderline retarded. Only 2% of Whites score this low)

Blacks have the lowest IQ of any race because they are the only race with no DNA from the large-brained neanderthal who lived in Europe. This is what caused the dramatic increase in cranium capacity (and brain size as MRIs reveal) as humans migrated out of Africa.

1160 days ago


OMG you better be careful Kim K might sue for marring a black man or taking her wedding pic pose!!! you know her and E!!! patton that pose.. I see a law suit coming

1160 days ago

Arizona 2011    

Ben Quack Quack,
You got out just in time, now tell JLO and her mother who wanted her to marry a white guy to improve her grandkids looks and IQ, to leave you alone. You dodged a bullet and we all know it. Your daughters are beautiful but JLO'S twins? Not so much.

1160 days ago


Working My Way to Trump Status: You have no idea what I can and cannot afford. Keep working for your status, my friend.

1160 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

She looks like she is pulling away from him in the second wedding photo, body language tells many things.

1160 days ago



She not white she's black from Trinidad

95% of Black players marry black women just like about 90% of white men marry white women if you haven't noticed the MAn of the year Dirk is engaged to a black woman. I doubt TMZ will cover Dirk Nowitzki's wedding to his black fiance, so you want hear about assuming you get all your news here.

1160 days ago


@ Ben Quack Quack:
@ Gormm:

It appears that the two of you are either a) RACISTS b) have a low level of educational attainment (with a job to match), c) have below average intelligence or d) all of the above.

As a PSYCHOLOGIST who works for a large urban school district in the southwest, I can tell you that an individual's cognitive ability is not linked by RACE. The IQ of all individuals in the U.S. is evenly distributed on a Normal Bell Curve, with the vast majority of individuals' IQ scores falling in the average range. Only a small subset of the population has an IQ that falls in the mental retardation category. Furthermore, your additional comments about native Africans and Puerto Ricans (basically every non-White racial group outside of the U.S.) has absolutely no merit as IQ is a construct which is measured by a series of tasks which have a high CULTURAL LOADING). This means that a given IQ test administered in the U.S. has been standardized and normed based on a LARGE subset of the U.S. population which reflects U.S. demographics (race, religion, age, educational attainment, geographical locations, disabilities, etc.)

With the upcoming revisions of the DSM-IV-TR (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) which is a manual used by psychiatrists and psychologists to diagnose mental disorders, may Racism/Prejudice should be submitted to the committee for consideration as a mental disorder. Symptoms including: disintegration of thought processes , grand delusions, hallucinations, aggressive thoughts and/or actions. Symptoms are all based on the belief that there are inherent differences in people's traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race.

1160 days ago


This chick is not natural. She had tons of plastic surgery.

@Cleveland Gal
Looks like she is pulling away,yes and he's all kissie over her. He looks more happy than her, how sad.

What is wrong w/these black men? Is he blind? The money stopped rolling from xxx movies and videos so she married him for money to keep up the lifestyle.

These are not in-love pictures, sorry but true.

1160 days ago

Anna Karenina    

Beautiful couple, looks like a dream wedding. Just one thing...FOIE GRAS? Very cruel. Where's Harvey on this one? Boo...

1160 days ago


@Dr. Wise

Re: "I can tell you that an individual's cognitive ability is not linked by RACE."

Your statement is factually incorrect. There is unquestionable a correlation between race and IQ scores. Further, those IQ scores reflect what we observe in the world.

Look up "achievement gap".

Do you believe that Blacks are as smart as Asians? African Blacks still cannot even feed themselves. There was no written language in sub-Saharan Africa until colonization.

1160 days ago
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