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Kelsey and Camille Grammer Settle Custody ... For Now

7/20/2011 4:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer and his ex-wife Camille have settled their child custody dispute -- but only temporarily.  And make no mistake about it -- they're still at war.


Sources tell TMZ ... the agreement outlines who gets the kids, when and where, etc.  We're told Camille will have both kids more than Kelsey, but the agreement accommodates Kelsey's work schedule.

The kids will not be separated.  You'll recall, at one point Kelsey's lawyer recommended that the couple's son would fly to Chicago to stay with him, and their daughter would stay with Camille in L.A.

Our sources say the underlying issues between the couple have not been resolved -- i.e., money and permanent custody.   

We're told Camille is bitter at the way Kelsey has treated her and the kids, while Kelsey is angry because he feels Camille has been disrespectful to his new wife.


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1193 days ago


That's alright, Camille. Since you live in a state that recognizes community property, half of EVERYTHING Kelsey had is yours, honey. Take him down, take him to the cleaners!! Dirtbag. Elyn Woods settled for much less than half - you don't have to. Enjoy the rest of your life comfortably - on HIS money.

1193 days ago


1193 days ago


Camille's a psycho biotch. She's crazy!! And all she does is bad mouth and look to get publicity. I HATE HER.

1193 days ago


I just don't get it! "Disrespectful"? My sorry, low-down, no-good ex wanted me to be friends with his new wife. I refuse. I just ignore both of them. He calls me rude. I'd rather be rude than a homewrecker. You go, Camille!

1193 days ago


I agree 100% with most of the posters, especially debbiedoesnothing and mrsschrute...great posts. Camille may not be the best-ever example of a wife and mother, but she's an angel compared to Kelsey, who is nothing but a jerk and a piece of s**t.

1193 days ago


Mr Mason was flipping off Tuddle. If you knew who Tuddle was, you'd understand.

1193 days ago

sharon robison    

Disrespect your wife, I would say she disrespected your wife at the time of marriage along with you!!!!

1193 days ago


Gee Kelsey, if I were Camille your new whore would have needed plastic surgery to repair the damage from the beat down I would have given her skanky behind! She would pay the price for disrespecting my marriage. You are a pathetic human being Kelsey.

1193 days ago


If his wife wants anyone's respect she should probably stop running around with married men and splitting up families. Neither Kelsey nor his wife deserve any respect from Camille. As long as she doesn't put any of this over on her children then she has every right to NOT respect them! They didn't show her any respect by running around behind her back now did they?
Kelsey should just keep his mouth shut, the more he says the worse he looks!

1193 days ago


@Debbiedoesnothing....(love that) I totally agree with you!! LOL!

1193 days ago


I think someone who asks for respect must also do the same. HOWEVER,YOU CAN NOT EXPECT IT WHEN YOU HAVE INDEED BROKEN UP SOMEONE ELSES'S HOME AND FAMILY. Kelsey Sir, You need to grow up, and quit asking Camille to respect your new Wife.. I did not know that your Children must be fit into your schedule. Your children are a gift one that you do not know how to appreciate. I feel so sorry for your children because they will never know what a Father's LOVE should really feel like. So sad at the situation you have put your own children.You are so concerned mostly about how to fit the children into your schedule. I wish that at your age you could step back and see how silly you and your new wife appear, especially to everyone looking at you.Gosh you are so Old, and ridiculous and your wife looks like a minor, to bad what a waste.I hope someday you will realize just how much damage you have done,and hope it is not to late to make things Right. KNOW THAT SOMEDAY THE SAME WILL BE DONE TO YOU YOU OLD FOOL!!!!!!!!!

1193 days ago


I speak from experience, these two people just need to suck it up and put the kids "First". It doesn't matter that they hate each other now or forever, they need to parent their kids period. The price of a damaged childhood is not rewarding to parents.

1193 days ago


Disrespectful to your new wife? Ah, c'mon, Kelsey, grow up!

1193 days ago


It's appalling how mean people are here. Have any of you mean people ever been divorced? It's one of the most horrible experiences to have to go through, especially for children. How could I judge Kelsey? Frankly, everybody has b.s. in life and I would more hope that these people sort out their stuff amicably for the sake of the kids and the peace of mind for everyone involved. The sooner the matter is settled they can get along with their lives. It's best for Kelsey and Camille to accept the new reality and do their best in it for the sake of their kids. I've gotten many laughs from Kelsey's work over the years and if there's one thing I'm grateful for, it's those laughs! Wishing the best for all involved.

1193 days ago
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