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Dodger Suspect EXONERATED in Stadium Beating

7/21/2011 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stunning development ... the person the LAPD claimed brutally beat a San Francisco Giants fan has been exonerated ... and two new suspects have reportedly been arrested.


Giovanni Ramirez is now officially off the hook for the beating of Bryan Stow outside Dodger Stadium on opening day. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the two suspects were arrested this morning and taken to Parker Center -- downtown L.A. police headquarters.  They are both male Hispanics.  At least one of them is in his mid-20's.  Search warrants were served at 4 homes at 2 AM today.

Our sources say ... there was concern that the intial investigation was flawed, so the case was sent to the Robbery Homicide unit for a fresh look.  We're told Robbery Homicide detectives "looked at the case from scratch, and the case against Ramirez fell apart."

One law enforcement source called the new development "a major embarrassment to the department."

The LAPD police chief held a news conference early on, saying he was "confident" they had their man -- i.e., Ramirez.

TMZ then posted several stories ... which called into question whether Ramirez was even at the game.  And we posted a photo and video of Bryan Stow in a verbal altercation with a Dodger fan during the game, and many other Dodger fans heard Stow go off on the team.

Ramirez is currently in jail on a parole violation.

UPDATE:  Ramirez' family tells TMZ ... they are "ecstatic and thrilled" that what they've been telling people all along is true -- "Giovanni did not do this."

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I am an attorney and police and prosecutors push to find a person to convict - talk about the misconduct in the Anthony trial, talk about this bogus arrest- it is more common than we would hope.

1189 days ago


The LAPD Police Chief had this to say: "Look at him- there is no way he's innocent! This is bull****! He's obviously Mexican because his last name is Ramirez, plus he's already on parole so he's obviously broken the law before and just look at the tattoos!"

1189 days ago


model citizen....maybe the LAPD should hit up a Faiders game when the football strike is over, I bet they find those other model citizen there too.

1189 days ago


Do you guys really believe he's a baseball fan? Just look at him? What kind of man gets a full neck tattoo like that? Gangbanger! DOYERS!

1189 days ago


Brian Stow didn't go off on the Dodgers. He went off on Dodger Dogs. Even if he did go off on the Dodgers, who cares? He is a GIANTS FAN, he doesn't like the Dodgers like every other Giants fan in the world. TMZ really sucks sometimes.

1189 days ago


Come on, let's be honest and profile here. Essay is a gang banger. Look at him. You know it, you can tell it, his smug mug shot says it. My guess is he is wanted for something else and you should have just held onto him. Probably for a gun and probation violation I'm guessing. He's a complete gang banger.

1189 days ago


My gut feeling when they first mentioned Ramirez was he didn't do it. So my gut feeling is better then the cops investigation...that's pathetic!!

1189 days ago


What does this have to do with the Anthony case. There was no evidence against him and all the evidence pointed to her. Stop comparing 2 cases that are totally different.

1189 days ago


Piece of crap incompetent lapd pigs, i hope he sues those idiots who were "Positive" that they had caught the right man. F-Chief Beck and the whole lapd.

1189 days ago


They didn't arrest Ramirez on the beating, they arrested him for the parole violation. He's no victim.

1189 days ago


@Mike, He might have a f'd up pass, but the lapd shouldn't be claiming they are 100% positive about having the right person in custody when they are not.F- THESE S*** PIGS!

1189 days ago


The lapd pigs agenda was obviously to accuse a Latino with a messed up passed and try to blame him for the crime, typical racist lapd. Beck needs to GTFO! I hope Giovanni sues these pieces of ***** pigs.

1189 days ago


This is hardly an embarrassment for the LAPD. It would be an embarrassment to a department that didn't regularly do things like this. For the LAPD this is business as usual.

1189 days ago


The Arizona law was passed for guys like him. Worthless garbage wasting valuable space in America. He was wanted on a probation violation anyways.

I guarantee the 2 people they arrested aren't white or even black.

1189 days ago


must of taken guts for the cops to admit not only that they got embarrassed when homicide had to reinvestigate their work in this case but to then let the now exonorated guy go . who no doubt will be talking to a lawer soon and proably filing a lawsuit over false arrest

1189 days ago
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