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Lindsay Lohan: I Saw This Lawsuit Coming ...

7/21/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't shocked one bit that Dawn Holland is suing her over the Betty Ford incident -- telling friends Dawn is MAKING UP the accusations just to bilk her out of millions of dollars.

Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Lindsay has ALWAYS maintained that Dawn was twisting the facts for a cash grab -- and now Lohan believes Dawn's lawsuit -- set to be filed this morning -- proves everything she suspected all along.

We're told Lindsay is adamant she NEVER laid a hand on Dawn during a late night confrontation at the rehab center back in December -- and strongly believes Dawn won't get a SINGLE cent out of her pocket.

Lindsay has another legal issue to deal with today -- she's due in court at 10 AM for a progress report in her necklace theft case. We'll be there -- and so will she -- so stay tuned!

Lindsay Lohan Betty Ford


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Seriously, it is and always has been about the money she can get out of Lindsay Lohan. Dawn Holland is beyond sleeze.

1168 days ago


They'd better settle out of court.
Chances are high Dawn will win after a jury sees the medical report and the incident report.

Healhcare workers CAN sue patients, even in rehabs and psych facilities.

1168 days ago


Lindsay still has millions of dollars? I think she's confused and meant millions of doll hairs cause everyone knows most of her fortune went up her nose or in to her body some how in the form of illegal and *sometimes* legal substances.

1168 days ago

Ellie G    

I am guessing that Dawn will not win this but it sure is fun to watch. I hope the lawsuits just keep coming. Hit the Lying Thief where it hurts, her (empty?) pocket book.

1168 days ago


@ andyconda

Over at our place, where us logical peeps go to discuss this twit, ask @ Blood Red Witch, she knows where, just don't want to say here, cuz we don't want all the trollhans over there, we make logical, witty, funny, sometimes snarky comments all designed to entertain, EXCEPT we have @ Innocent who is, of course Dina. You have @ Nicole, who is, of course Dina as well. That woman gets around and I thought Blohan got around. HA!

1168 days ago


Daddy Michael and the Lohan Gottis will handle it as always!

LieLow Guilthands!

1168 days ago



They'd better settle out of court.
Chances are high Dawn will win after a jury sees the medical report and the incident report.
there is no mention of lindsay grabbing her wrist in the incident report. that won't help her. either will the fact she sold her story to tmz or that she stopped cooperating with the police.

1168 days ago


Bilk her out of what, her pocket change?

1168 days ago



Lindsay and Michael Lohan are pathetic.

LieLow Guilthands!

1168 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Hey Madisyn and Andy,

I was laughing at the ROL thing. I swear andy is picking up online stalkers faster than he can blink. They all miss him when he isn't there.

Andy, did you see? Papa lohan yelled at me last nite! Why? I am so sweet. *giggle*

1168 days ago


The worker was injured and she lost her job over Lindsay's antics at Betty Ford Center.

She has the right to sue. Calling her names won't change anything. A jury will most likely side with the worker.

1168 days ago


susan 7 minutes ago

Seriously, it is and always has been about the money she can get out of Lindsay Lohan. Dawn Holland is beyond sleeze.


yea your right on. and lindsay is a national Hero.
that nobel peace prize has her name all over it.
she has been such a role model to girls every where.
what was I thinking.

mother theresa has nothing on lindsay.
Everyone should let her babysit their kids.
she should be able to house sit with booze and cash all over because she is so honest.
she sweats honest and truth.

Give me a break I would trust Dawn over lindsay any day of the week.

some one get me a baseball bat

1168 days ago



Its not about whether she can sue or not, its about Dawn Holland's actions during and after. She didn't mention any assault in her report or in the 911 call. That 911 call was made by Lindsay Lohan, Dawn Holland took the phone off Lindsay when she was in the middle of a 911 call, guilty much? When still employed by Betty Ford, she sold her story to TMZ. She said she didn't want to press charges and now we have this, shes so transparent I'm embarrassed for her.

1168 days ago


Always the victim. Such a precious little angel, so used and abused, so misunderstood. Matters not who "wins", they're both losers.

1168 days ago


Lindsay has a very self-serving memory. I guess we're all supposed to forget she sneaked out and was really outraged at being held accountable. Although Lindsay's long history of sticky fingers here and in Europe are becoming more common, I guess we're all supposed to forget, Lindsay's best acting comes from her cons.

1168 days ago
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