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Lindsay Lohan: I Saw This Lawsuit Coming ...

7/21/2011 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't shocked one bit that Dawn Holland is suing her over the Betty Ford incident -- telling friends Dawn is MAKING UP the accusations just to bilk her out of millions of dollars.

Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Lindsay has ALWAYS maintained that Dawn was twisting the facts for a cash grab -- and now Lohan believes Dawn's lawsuit -- set to be filed this morning -- proves everything she suspected all along.

We're told Lindsay is adamant she NEVER laid a hand on Dawn during a late night confrontation at the rehab center back in December -- and strongly believes Dawn won't get a SINGLE cent out of her pocket.

Lindsay has another legal issue to deal with today -- she's due in court at 10 AM for a progress report in her necklace theft case. We'll be there -- and so will she -- so stay tuned!

Lindsay Lohan Betty Ford


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some guy    


Think I saw you on TV the other day. Looked good. Is that your natural hair color.

Call me crazy, but for a while I thought you were someone else.

Dunno, maybe thinking I really am crazy.

1153 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

@ mousetrap

Oh I'm not saying that Holland is a saint. There were certainly questionable actions she did in relation to this whole incident back in December. And there's no doubt she's grubbing for money now. My comment was in relation to how several people on this and other boards always take Lindsay's word over anything else. She's never given anyone reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. She has a history of lying, among other things. While I'm usually one to have compassion for others in trouble, one can only go to that well so often. Lindsay has pumped that well completely dry long ago. I just don't understand why Lohan fans can't see her for what she is.

@ darkrage6
"zephyr, stargazer-You're both compelete and utter dumbf*cks."

Wow, it takes quite a person to come on here an issue such an intelligent statement, especially without including context or explanation. I'm so proud of you! Please continue.

1153 days ago


"Please oh please oh please let her wear a bra today" sez the bailiffs...them things are super stretchy low riders.

1153 days ago


slicke813 less than a minute ago

why didn't she sue her when it first happened? Also Lindsay has millions of $$$$$$


nope nope nope,she is in debt. up to her eyeballs.

no money left in the bank. remember the ATM thing. could not pay rent, $500,000 in credit card debt.
could not afford to stay in rehab.

she makes money but not enough to cover her family and legal problems. so strike 3 you are out.

that is a negative ghost rider.

1153 days ago


I think people are so bored and mad at Lindsay Lohan for getting away with so much. Does she understand that people dislike her for getting away with anything? that is why they choose to believe and support Dawn Holland even if it's just for money. Lindsay wants to be famous but doesn't want to work.

1153 days ago


what the heck does Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ what to post about her her? i know she has no job but how does she respond so quick to these rumours? Dawn is probably not even suing just for publicity is all.

1153 days ago


Lindsay is adamant she NEVER stole anything, drank to much, and of course NEVER touched this woman.

1153 days ago


This lady is a fool. The cops investigated... Wasted tax payers money for months.. Found no evidence to back the woman's story whatsoever. The Betty Ford Clinic did their own internal investigation.. Fired the woman, canceled her workers comp and filed a report with the state because the woman sold confidential patient information to the tabloids! Her reputation walking into a courtroom is even lower than Lohan's!

1153 days ago

I am Spartacus    

who cares, Lindsay will spend at least the next 3 years in and out of the court system. She's not going to make a movie that is worth watching and she is gross looking so why is she worth talking about?

1153 days ago


nothens wil hapen to linds that bich don holunn only wants frea mony and thats dispicabal y dunt evry1 just doo the rite thind and leave linds alon she wants 2 be goud preson and ali sese ur all meen u shude al get a job and doo somtheng with ur lifes

1153 days ago

some guy    

@AA Ali

Can I come with you to France? I promise I won't **** anything up.

I'll even post my own bail, if necessary.

1153 days ago

some guy    

...And can we bring DUIna?

1153 days ago


Micheal Lohan publicly admitted trying to hus this story up in return for a photoshoot payday which he failed to deliver.

Since Lohan has been a public figure for most of her life, you kind of wonder when she'll start behaving in a way that will protect her from this. When will she learn her action have consequences?

1153 days ago


Oh and as for Dawn's injury, she did collect Workers Comp, so there is an official record that ashe was injured.

1153 days ago

some guy    


If Dawn already collected Workers Comp, why is she suing? Sounds like she wants to get paid twice for the same incident.

Dunno... seems unethical.

1153 days ago
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