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Palin v. Bachmann -- The Who'd Ya Rather Showdown

7/21/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's in a major face-off with Michele Bachmann ... and we're not talking about the Presidential race. Whip out your ballots -- it's time to pick the hottest Republican!072011_TV_stephan_v2_still

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TMZ with enough class to show two intelligent, attractive woman and not put up a ballot. Wow who every would believe this? BTW, I see the liberal trolls are out in force. It's always fun to watch them wet their pants in fear of smart conservative women. Maybe they're afraid mommy will catch them lusting over them.

1157 days ago
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1157 days ago


Kill Religion entirely! Get that "in god we trust" off American Money! Get "under god" out of the Pledge of Allegiance!!

The original American Money never had that crap on it to begin with, and the Pledge of allegiance never mentioned "under god" when it was created!

The founding fathers are rolling in their graves at what these nutter christians are doing to the Constitution! Atheism is not a religion BTW, there is no god associated. christians are 'atheist' to the Islam god. EVERYONE is atheist when born, that is until your parents corrupt the undeveloped mind of a child. ABUSE!

1157 days ago


Neither....they are both a poor excuse for a woman.

1157 days ago


Hottest Republican? Kristi Noem.
Go ahead. Google her.

1157 days ago


I don't think either is smart enough to run our country. They are way too conservative with very narrow-minded ideals. As a woman voter I think both of these women make us look bad!

1157 days ago


Neither one! Both of them are S T U P I D! You know the country is going to hell when they are even a topic of conversation! Bad enough George W Bush was elected twice now these two... Aren't there ANY smart people left to run for office???? I thought being smart was a requirement. Please Help US!!

1157 days ago


Neither. I'd rather hang by my fingernails over a vat of acid while being chewed on by rats before going anywhere near either of these two.

1157 days ago


So, . . . where's the poll ? ? ? ? ? ?

Maybe, we could jus*****ch the two of them go at it, jsut for fun.

1157 days ago


The hastily typed word "jsut" directly translates to "just" in most english language using crowds. JUST KIDDING!!!

Typing errors rock!!!!!!

1157 days ago


Even Barbara Bush said Sarah Palin is beautiful and she loves Alaska so Barbara said she thought Sarah should STAY in Alaska. Barbara wants Sarah to stay in bush so she can find another "BUSH" to screw up in the White House.

1157 days ago


They are both total airheads and set women back 100's of yrs. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

1157 days ago


With the direction the Circus we call American Politics is headed, mud wrestling is DEFINITELY a viable option! Palin may be dumb as a box of rocks but hey, she’s H-O-T and that’s all that matters, right? Help Sarah help herself and keep reading and looking. She’s making millions off selling her image, because it sure isn’t her wit that’s getting her this far. You can see just how scandalous she can get at

1157 days ago


You must be kidding with this. They're both like poisonous flowers. Pretty to look at, but will kill you if you injest them.

1157 days ago


Michelle B is SMART and knows the Wash DC Bull..sara pathetic is a phony pig who wants MONEY MONEY and more money..sara does not know politicks shes in it 4 the money and fame..Michelle CARES I dont think Michelle B would allow her daughter to shake her money maker on National TV DWS..What a messed up bunch

1157 days ago
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