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Dodgers Beating Suspects -- Long Rap Sheets

7/22/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two suspects in the Dodger Stadium beating case have been identified, and it looks like they are both bad dudes.


The men currently in custody -- 29-year-old Louie Sanchez and 30-year-old Marvin Norwood.

Both men are being held on $500,000 bail for the beating of Bryan Stow (above) on opening day.

TMZ has learned ... Norwood has been arrested in San Bernardino County 5 times, including one for spousal abuse.  He was convicted for spousal abuse and various DUI and drug charges.

Sanchez has been arrested 9 times in San Bernardino County, and he has an arrest for spousal abuse.  Sanchez was convicted on spousal abuse and firearms violations, including carrying a LOADED gun in a public place.

All told, Sanchez has been arrested by THREE different police departments in THREE different cities.

Giovanni Ramirez -- the man whom the police chief said did the vicious deed -- has been exonerated.  It is a big embarrassment for the LAPD.

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what a joke.. Let's just arrest every mexican that fits the profile and maybe we'll be able to get a conviction. I would like to see the evidence they have on these guys. I hope it's not just the spousal abouse because I know plenty of white guys who have been convicted of that as well.

1186 days ago


@X yea, you sound like an idiot. Ignorant people like YOU are the s*** of the Earth! Go jump off a bridge. Marvin Norwood really sounds like a Mexican name.

1186 days ago

get a life ho    

IF the LAPD had brains they would be called the FBI where you actually need a 4 year college degree to even apply !

The LAPD hires high school graduates and drop-outs what can you expect to come out of that, geniuses ?

1186 days ago


One of the guys last names is Norwood, that doesn't sound like a Mexican last name. That must mean he probably has some white blood in him, so does this mean that whites from southern california are also s*** of the earth?

1186 days ago


ok TMZ...CALM DOWN! don't get every1 all worked up AGAIN until we know for sure these are the right guys. jeez...learn from ur mistakes, people.

1186 days ago


he deserved it... if he was talking crap to another guy during the game, he most likely told something to them.. he deserves for being a big mouth he looks like an ass too

1186 days ago


LAPD is embarrassed?!?! TMZ should be embarrassed!! They focused on Ramirez more than any other news organization!! Digging up stuff from his personal life, posting assumptions, no facts. Seriously guys. People in glass houses.......

1186 days ago


San Bernardino.. should've known. Lived there for nearly 30 years.. it has become an absolute cesspool of malevolence. So glad I got out when I did.

These guys need to be put away for good. I hope the victim's family can find some sort of peace from these arrests having been made.

1186 days ago


TMZ how have you not posted Norwoods' facebook picture yet?? He is decked out in dodgers gear and looks exactly like the sketch!

1186 days ago


I'm sure White men did this.

1186 days ago


Gormm less than a minute ago I'm sure White men did this.

I'm sure White men did this.


Gormm I'm sure you're an IDIOT! JEALOUS much???

1186 days ago


Rialto, Ca. Probably neighbors with Rodney King. Fake "G" capital of So. Cal.!!!

1186 days ago


can we just save all the taxpayer money on these two wastes and off them now? seriously, nobody (except their desperate spouses) will miss them.

1186 days ago


Wow. Good job on sensationalizing these guys too. TMZ convinced everyone that the last guy did it because he had a record. Hell, they even plastered his girlfriends mugshot all over the net. Great job. Are you going to apologize to her for that? The only reason you had that was because you were convinced she was the girlfriend of the beating suspect. Now that he isn't you guys just come off as even bigger a-holes.

It def is Guilty until proven innocent in this country and TMZ carries a lot of that blame. You put up scathing articles about him and how he had to be the guy. Great job guys.

1186 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wowo. a spousal abuser and a man beater??? i've never heard of such a thing, really...you never stop learning, do ya??!

1186 days ago
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