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'Teen Mom' Couple

EVICTED for Stiffing Landlord

7/23/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the couples from MTV's "Teen Mom" started off Season 3 by moving into their 1st apartment together -- but TMZ has learned, they've already been evicted from the pad ... for failing to pay rent!072211_teen_mom_lease_v3_still

19-year-olds Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra -- who are best known for giving their daughter Carly up for adoption on the show -- singed a lease on an apartment in Marine City, Michigan, in August, 2010. The big move was featured on the MTV show.

But according to court docs -- the couple stopped paying their rent in December 2010 ... so their landlord gave them an eviction notice -- and took them to court!

It didn't turn out well for the couple -- who agreed to give up their $450.00 security deposit, pay an additional $450 in back rent and move the hell out of the building.

No word on where Catelynn and Tyler -- who also happen to be step-siblings (!) -- plan to live next.


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@hotmamaofthree...I was BARELY 16 and gave my newborn son up for adoption (closed) ONLY because I couldnt provide for him properly. Of course that was in 1986, before schools provided daycare and it was common to have teenage mothers.. I love that child and have thought of him EVERYDAY since the day he was born. Its not selfish to admit you cant care for a child for whatever reason. I commend those 2 for making an UNSELFISH, EXTREMELY DIFFICULT decision. It ripped my heart out and its something you NEVER FORGET. I think its great that those kids gave that sweet baby girl UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, even though its very similar to losing a child to death. At least they have an open adoption and can explain their reasons for giving her up. Shame on you for judging when you obviously do not know what you're talking about. They gave her the most precious and stable parents.

1158 days ago


I feel horrible for them. They are really trying to make a better life for their daughter and for the both of them. If you've seen the show, Catelynn's mother is horrile and Tyler's mother and sister are their only family. Love Tyler's mom and sis. April should take some pointers on how to be a better mother from Tyler's mama. Keep your heads up Catelynn and Tyler. I hope things will get better soon.

1158 days ago


Them putting money for Carley to have when she gets older is F****ING STUPID!!! She has RICH parents. They'll foot her education bill!!!! She'll probably get a good education and get a good job. They should have used that money form selves.

I think they probably didn't have bank accounts so they let MTV put the money in April's account...hahahahah...

1158 days ago


The word signed is mispelled----
singed a lease on an apartment in Marine City, Michigan, in August, 2010. The big move was featured on the MTV show.

1158 days ago


They get paid for show how can they not afford it

1158 days ago


HOTMAMA - THANK YOU!!! Check out the teen mom message board online and you'll see people routinely pat these two on the back and say how brave they are!!! They're nothing!!! #1 why in the hell would you give your baby away like an old couch if you're still together as a couple? They use the excuse that their families are so messed up!!! HELLO you DO NOT have to have contact with your damn family!!! Move out, get some type of damn job and pay the damn bills!!!!! Hell since all they do is roll around on a mattress on the floor anyway they could have other losers drop their babies off & babysit!!!! There's hella money in that and you don't even have to leave the house!

1158 days ago


Their family is full of druggies so u never know if they r dipping their fingers in the piggy bank i have family that tries that and when u dont let them all hell breaks loose all i know is teen mom pays them alot look at the house amber a gary have

1158 days ago

Lucky Charm    

Seriously??? TMZ you're going to make the comment that they are "step brother/sister"?? That happened well after the kids had their baby and gave her the life she deserved. As for them being evicted.... all teenagers have to grow up and live and learn. This is just a learning experience for them, and it happens. Hopefully they will not let it happen again. As for where their money goes.... ummmm lets see his father was in jail and her mom has issues too, perhaps they were trying to help their parents?? Just a thought?!?!?!?

1158 days ago



1158 days ago


Who cares if they are step siblings? They were together long before their deadbeat parents got together.
I do wish they would get it together though.. I have such hope for them. They should have more than enough money with the payouts from the show.

1158 days ago


If it took the landlord almost 8 months to evict them, then it's the landlord that is an idiot.

1158 days ago


If he would dump her he can move in with me in a second! :P
Wouldn't mind getting pregnant by him!.... or at least have fun trying lol.

1158 days ago


They gave up their baby so they could make a better life for themselves. When you get pregnant, caring for your child IS your life now. The life you knew before is OVER. Your life changes forever and you live by a new set of rules. You sacrifice and do whatever you have to take care of the life that YOU created. What, so everyone with screwed up parents should give up their kid? Or if you're poor? You go out and make a life on your own away from your messed up families. That's what my husband and I had to do 20yrs ago. People do it everyday.I have a family member who got pregnant when she was underage and forced by both families to give up the baby. It was many years ago and she has never truly recovered. I see teen moms on this show who are pressured by their families to give up their baby. The parents say it's because it's better for the baby, but it's really because it's easier for them-the grandparents. They don't want their life to change because of their "mistake". That's selfish and narcissitic.

1158 days ago


Honestly .. with the type of family they have, my guess is most of their money went to help their family, not themselves. Tyler is also in school and tuition isn't cheap. People should give them a break. And honestly, emphasizing they're step siblings is just tacky, they were together before their parents even met one another, and decided they were a match. It's not like they were being sleazy or gross.

Whether it's $3,000 or $450 making your rent when you're on your own for the first time can be difficult. Different areas of the country have different costs of living, so how much you make for jobs will vary drastically. People should stop assuming they're deadbeats, etc. They might of lost their job, or had other mitigating factors.

1158 days ago


the trailer park is avaiable!

1158 days ago
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