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Kim K Sued Old Navy to Protect Sears Deal

7/25/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We now know what's really behind Kim Kardashian's lawsuit against Old Navy -- protecting a HUGE deal the Kardashian clan has with Sears ... sources close to the fam tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Kim filed suit against Old Navy because she felt they were trying to intentionally deceive people into thinking she was a spokeswoman for the company by using a girl who looked just like her in their commercials.

But our sources say ... the suit was filed because Sears felt the Old Navy commercial compromised its ad campaign for the Kardashian Kollection -- an exclusive line of clothing and bedding that launches in about a month and a half. 

We're told Sears execs actually questioned if Kim was part of the Old Navy ads. The company feels the ad creates confusion in the marketplace and that happens to be exactly what Kim needs to prove to win her suit.

Bottom line -- Kim doesn't care about KK wannabes ... but she cares a lot about a deal that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.



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BIG BUMMER am I first

1185 days ago


I agree with Sears and Kim K, when I first saw the commercial I thought it was Kim Kardashian and didn't realize it wasn't until I heard about the lawsuit. Old Navy people knew exactly what they were doing, banking off Kim K image without paying for it. They should pull commercials and get sued. Just like etrade and Lindsay=Milkaholic reference when all the Lindsay jail/lawsuit drama was going on. This thing with Old Navy is much worse thou...

1185 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Sears...REALLY...that's the best they can do...The only difference between Sears and Lowes is a cosmetic counter...

1185 days ago


It is obvious it is not Kim Kardashian.
This girl can sing and dance which was the key indicator it wasnt her.

1185 days ago


OMG ENOUGH w/this S**T already. When I first saw this ad I thought it was the girl from the Soprano's, Jamie something, then I thought no,then I was stumped, NEVER did I think it was Kim. The girl in the ad could dance, sing & didn't have a big ass..... so HELLO NOT KIM!!! ENOUGH This is just getting stupid!!

1185 days ago


This is BEYOND Stupid. TMZ can take whatever Kardashian friendly slant it wishes, but the truth is that Melissa looks nothing like Kim. You can't sue someone for having dark hair and tan just can't. The structure of the girls face is TOTALLY different, and if anything she looks more like Nicole Scherzinger than the sports groupie.

BTW-I still think Kim is trying to stick it to Reggie. Her marriage is a sham for cameras and fame, and she picked the doofiest dude imaginable.

1185 days ago

Hamptons dude    

Aside from having a big fat a$$, what has this girl done? Oh right, an interracial sex tape. So why is she famous?? If you look close enough, the whole family are a pigs.

1185 days ago


First off, the model/actress/dancer in the Old Navy ad looks more like Nicole Scherzinger than, she can sing and dance, two things Kardashian can't do, so there's no way Old Navy was trying anything shady. The lawsuit of a bunch of crap. Oh, and now we're gonna have the Kardashian Kollection forced upon us? Wonderful...that's all the public needs...more stuff so that useless family can make more $$$.

1185 days ago



1185 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

Thought SEARS was one of those companies predicted to go under in 2012

1185 days ago


Sigh, isn't this girl's 15 mins up yet? She's good looking ok.... How many other people are good-looking and actually HAVE talent and get nothing. This stupid cow gets a huge diamond ring worth millions (when its common knowledge that most diamonds in circulation are either stolen or blood diamonds, so that completely shows how hypocritical she is in terms of genocide) What the hell does this chick know about fashion and style to warrant her getting an entire line of clothing and apparel?? Are people really stupid enough to buy something just because some nobody with no talent has their name on it? Are we becoming that dumb of a nation that we'll pay a premium price for someone's name?? You're rich, yay for you. Now go back in a hole, enjoy your money and leave us all the hell alone!

1185 days ago


Why oh why does anyone care about this pointless piece of trash that's the spawn of an accessory to the murder of two people?

1185 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Wow this proves it. SEARS is a dead brand. They have lost almost all of their star endorsers and now they have stooped as low as signing a deal with the Crapdashian's. How low can you go SEARS. This is a family of whores, tramps, morons and idiots. For Sears to launch a clothing line with them as sponsors is the dumbest Corporate move (almost worse than NEW COKE) and is doomed. I stopped shpooing at sears years ago and this proves they continue to ruin their once proud brand.

Corporate stupidity at its best. Whats next for Sears, drive in plastic surgery so you too can look ugly like the Crapdashian family?????

1185 days ago


Sears? Who shops at Sears? This is as bad as Martha Stewart and her KMart products. Low rent.

1185 days ago


You can't infringe on the rights of others just because they look similar to you! In essence, what she is saying is that no female that looks similar to her can have a career in advertising or in the entertainment business! If the judge is honest, then she will not win this lawsuit.

Since Sears has the morals of a Kartrashian, I'm not buying any more tools from Sears.

1185 days ago
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