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U.S. Olympic Skier Commits Suicide In Utah

7/26/2011 4:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeret "Speedy" Peterson -- who won a silver medal for freestyle skiing for the U.S. in 2010 -- has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Utah ... officials have confirmed.

Jeret Peterson Suicide
Salt Lake County Unified Police told KTVB ... Peterson called cops to tell them where he was before he shot himself.  His body was discovered late Monday night.

Peterson was arrested last week in Idaho for speeding and DUI.

Jeret was a 3-time Olympian -- competing in 2002, 2006 and 2010 in Vancouver.

He was 29-years old.

Jeret was famous for his sick signature move called "the Hurricane" -- 3 somersaults and 5 twists. 072611_speedy_peterson_v2_still

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Chris Chung    

Trey Fernald, Peterson's roommate in 2005, committed suicide the same way in front of him. Nothing is funny about this. So, if you have jokes to tell, don't. Unless you're a coward Nazi, white supremacist from Norway, use some common sense.

1148 days ago


How sad that someone thought so little of himself that he would end it all. I hope that we can all learn from this tragedy that if we have bad thoughts about ourselves to the point of thinking about ending it, we shoud seek help. we were put here to be happy. unfortunately, sometimes our choices can cause us to be unhappy. there is always hope and we can always change. I am so sorry for the family of this wonderful athlete and person!

1148 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Don't tell me how to live my life. Don't tell me what I should eat. Don't tell me blah3x.
If you want to blow your brains out, I have no problem with that. As for me,
I'll stick around as long as I can.

1148 days ago


Read this and maybe some of you stupid, immature boys who write this stuff will actually think twice before pressing "enter. Because, you obviously have some real problems or you would not be writing such an insensitive and thoughtless commentary.

Also, as anyone who knows who's lived life, killing yourself is the easy way out, especially if you are depressed. Living is the difficult part.

Read about his life and show some respect.

1148 days ago

PRO US    

Chris Chung 4 hours ago

Trey Fernald, Peterson's roommate in 2005, committed suicide the same way in front of him. Nothing is funny about this. So, if you have jokes to tell, don't. Unless you're a coward Nazi, white supremacist from Norway, use some common sense.

You're funny telling others to use some common sense when you don't use it yourself. That mass-murdering psycho in Norway is a lot of bad things but he isn't a Nazi or a white supremacist. That psycho wrote a 1500 page manifesto and created a 12 minute video clip that said he was against Islamism, Multi-Culturalism, Communism and Fascism. He thought there would be a war in Europe by conservative Christians against Muslims there and also against the people supporting the left wing political parties there that in his opinion allowed massive immigration of Muslims into European countries. He said he had nothing against any race in Europe as long as they weren't Muslim or supporting Muslim immigration to Europe or Muslims in Europe. He said he was for Mono-Culturalism, free enterprise and for Europe being more isolationalist like Japan and South Korea. I'm in no way defending him. He's a mass murderer who has a lot of hate in him. It makes no sense to say he is something he's not either. It's bad enough what he is.

1148 days ago


He looked fine for 29. He was a skier and faced the elements duh. Lots of sun exposure. The pic TMZ has here is after competing in the winter olympics and cold will make you look funny not to mention blood flow and having just competed.

He was also an extreme skier and obviously an adrenaline junkie and was able to defy gravity like that due to his disregard for his own life and extreme risk taking. How people can't see that is crazy. It's too bad more of his friends and family and members of the media who claimed to be his friend weren't there for him when times were tough. That's how most people are...only there for you in the good times like when you are on an Olympic high.

RIP Speedy. You and your best friend and sister are all together now. My heart goes out to those who loved him.

1148 days ago


Last June he returned to his house in Park City, Utah, to check in on his roommate, who he says had been fighting drug and alcohol dependency. In the 18 months he had known Trevor (Trey) Fernald, Peterson often looked after him by bringing him along to competitions or finding tasks for him to do around the house in lieu of paying rent. As Peterson walked through the front door on June 26, Fernald was standing there with a gun in his hand. Fernald took a last look at Peterson and without warning shot himself in the temple. "One second things are O.K.," Peterson says, "the next second I'm trying to put Trey's eyeball back in his head."

1148 days ago


when you don't value your life its easy to end it. and its a bit selfish think about the rest of people that he left hurting and confused about his actions

1148 days ago


Committing Suicide is not brave, whats brave in running away from your problems and leaving all your family and friends hurt and confused as to why you would do something as such and are left to feel as if maybe they didnt do something. There are too many options to seek help for someone to do something as selfish as commiting suicide.

1148 days ago


Yes it may be selfish of him, but it just goes to show that happiness must come from within oneself and not from money and fame. He must have been really depressed in order to kill himself, and thats something many people will never understand.

1148 days ago


he was an amazing young man, friend, family member, and athlete...he was incredibly brave...he advocated for seeking out help instead of turing to suicide...he was treated so poorly by so many people, none of them knew him, but they felt compelled to email him day in and day out telling him how worthless he was, but he went out and tried to inspire and make a difference in the world...so why cant we all just stop and remember him for that and try to go out into the world as a better person and think about the things we say before we them...words can go deeper and farther than any of us know...and sometimes the cruelty and wickedness in the world is too much..so go out and be kind

1148 days ago


I admire that. Not many people have the courage to make a proactive decision and take action. Good for him. It obviously takes valor to look at the situation and decide what's best. Heck, if we don't get to determine our own life/death paths, then what DO we get to determine??? Good for him.

1148 days ago


It is sad some people like the only way to go is end it.Times are really hard for some people but got to stay strong no matter what.

1148 days ago


wow! amazing skier, gifted. rip.

1148 days ago


Why do white people kill themselves? thats sum weak ass ****..smfh

1148 days ago
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