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Cops to Jeezy: Your FERRARI Isn't Flashy Enough!

7/27/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FERRARI ADVICE: When you roll around town in a $192k car ... people notice -- especially POLICE who claim rapper Young Jeezy failed to signal while changing lanes in ATL this weekend.

TMZ obtained photos of Jeezy talking with Atlanta police officers around 8:00 PM Sunday evening ... after cops pulled over the rapper's super-customized 2011 Ferrari California.

We're told 3 officers in 2 squad cars handled the situation -- and Jeezy was eventually allowed to drive off after receiving his ticket.

Jeezy's citation will cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 ... but based on his ride, we're guessing he can afford it.

We called Jeezy's reps for comment -- so far, no response.


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did u see how these cops were dressed? these arent regular uniform cops their either detectives or a part of some type of task force that was probably following him and then used some stupid failure to change lane excuse as probable cause to pull him over because they wanted to shake him down for drugs. atl cops usually dont give a **** about these little things, unless their just lookin for an excuse to pull you over because of somethin else! now gwinnett or cobb is a different story!

1148 days ago


I have been driving Lambo's and Ferrari's, I am black, but not once did any cop pull me over for DWB. The only times I was pulled over was because they wanted to check on alcohol. Then again, they pulled over everyone driving a car, a truck or riding a bike. On the other hand, I have seen them pull over a lot of people (both black and white) for not signalling, driving through red, speeding etc.

1148 days ago


Actually I live in Atlanta and have for most of my life. Cops don't normally ride two in a car. Yes he was stopped while DWB. That was a petty violation most likely to see if there was anything else going on. I don't hate on the cops but if you drive cars like that then you should realize what time it still is and there will be morons out there who will stop you and look for anything to bust you. Yes it is DWB in this city and across this country.

1148 days ago


Y'all are late had this story yesterday

1148 days ago

RJ Hunt    

3 cops and 2 squad cars for failing to signal...ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME...

1148 days ago


Most cops DON'T travel in pairs. That's a Hollywood TV myth. Usually, if one cop makes a stop another car nearby will frequently roll by to make sure everything is okay. But this is obviously more than a routine stop. If it's just a simple ticket, why is everyone standing outside of their vehicles? And as someone else pointed out, the cops in jeans look more like task force guys, not the usual patrol officers (unless Atlanta has some very liberal uniform and grooming policies). I'm sure there was an extensive Q&A and likely even a consent search request before he was issued his BS ticket. Changing lanes? That's the best excuse they could find for pulling him over? What did they do for an encore after this stop, go ticket everyone on the freeway traveling 56 in a 55?

1148 days ago


Spend 200K+ on a car, that has wheels/tires/suspension specifically engineered for ultimate performance - then take it to some unique whip type place, where a bunch of dudes set you up with some new 'shoes' and spray can bling, and OH YA - modified.
D U M B!!!!!

1148 days ago


Yeah, this is wrong... They pulled him over, becuase they cant stand to see a black man driving such a nice car, under the guise of a lane change, and figured he could afford the 200.00 ticket. Overkill for sure... 2-cars for a lane change? LOL NO, they thought he was a drug dealer, and called out the boys.

1148 days ago


Jeez(y), who cares about pompous people like this?

1148 days ago


THat car is seriously off the hook! The rims just pop!

1148 days ago


You know you cant be black in a car that cost more than 14000, THAT's a crime with in it's self! Sad

1148 days ago


It's obvious they were targeting him because they thought he had drugs or guns in the car. If it wasn't for the failure to signal the cops would've eventually found something else to pull him over for.

1148 days ago


Weird . . I was actually in Atlanta and saw this go down. Hard to explain but it was clear to me the cop didn't like seeing a black guy driving an expensive Ferrari and was just looking for him to do something. The funny thing is, I didn't see the cop at first and went into his lane (too close!) . . then he eventually went around me and got the Ferrari. He was actually using my car to hide at first so the Ferrari driver would not see him so he could 'seemingly' wait for him to do something wrong to pull him over. At the time I swear I thought 'he is just harassing whoever that guy is in the Ferrari because he is black'. Now I see this. I don't know or care who the driver was or is, but that's absolutely the car and the guy I saw.

1148 days ago


I'm african american and I drive a car thats valued over 60K. In my two years of owning this vehicle i've been pulled over once, for speeding.

Although, I have a friend who's a state trooper who routinely remarks about how many times my license plates get ran, 20+ times in one month!

Only in MA... and no I dont live or frequent drug/crime areas (Dorchester, Mattapan, Lynn)

1148 days ago


DEFINITELY a racist thing. i'm married to a white cop. i'm not white. they did not like a black man in an expensive car. and i'm sure he was acting like a punk. BUT cops cannot pull you over based on color. but i think America knows better. best thing they can do is rip up the citation.

1148 days ago
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