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Jesse James' Ex-Wife



7/27/2011 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janine Lindemulder Arrested

Jesse James
' ex Janine Lindemulder was just arrested at her home in Texas  -- two days after a judge awarded him full custody of their daughter ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Janine was arrested for harassment.  You may recall ... Janine had been arrested for harassment earlier this year, and when she bailed out the judge ordered her not to harass or annoy Jesse.

We're told in the last few days she's called him more than 25 times, and that was enough for cops to get a harassment warrant, and that's why she was taken to the pokey.


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OMG have you seen this woman's movies? Smoking hot erotic. Bath-house Harvey Levin, you'll have to take my word on this.......James is a bum, total pathetic loser. Maybe Kat got mad about all the calls and living close by Janine? OMG blazing erotic hot, she is what life is all about.

1161 days ago


Look's to me like 5ft.6 of nothing but trouble..

1161 days ago


Must I say it again? Many of u*****E your tabloid like approach. It makes you look like STAR magazine, which is known to be unreliable.

Please stick to your tried and true previous approach -- such as when you reported Michael Jackson dead. You were the first media outlet to report the TRUTH, And you didn't resort to "OVER THE TOP HEADLINE TACTICS." Please go back to your normal, reliable reporting. Don't fall into the "over-the-top" category because you won't be trusted anymore.

1161 days ago


i can see what a pain she must be, but she is smokin' hot, that usually goes together unfortunately........

1161 days ago


P.S. Please ban your website of self-promos like "save on your "blah blah" when you sign up with us, etc, etc. etc...

1161 days ago


seriously, who writes this crud? **** OFF TMZ STAFF.

1161 days ago


What a crock of crap. Janine went to the Hays County Sheriff on her own because she knew lil baby Jesse was cryin' about being harassed. Puhleeeze. She has the court-ordered RIGHT to speak to her daughter DAILY. He has ignored every court order since the beginning. Classic punk behavior; what he's good at. Sunny loves her mother, she wants to see her mother, she wants to talk to her mother. Jesse can't stand the fact THAT NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES TO JANINE * the love between Sunny and her mother can't be destroyed. Jesse, this is Jonlyn and I DARE you to say what you did to Janine directly to me. You are a liar, a coward, a cheat, a dirtbag AND YOU ARE HURTING SUNNY. You know where I am. Janine never kept Sunny from Jesse jerkit. He had absolutely nothing to do with Sunny for the 1st three years of her life. NOTHING. This is not about him wanting custody of Sunny. She's constantly in the care of nannies while he chases tail. This is about torturing Janine * the one wife who would not take his cheating crap. He's an immature, narcissistic, abusive manchild. Karma's a bit*h, Jesse. You can feel it breathing down your neck, can't you? There was no harassment; there was only you hurting Sunny and Janine. Big man. Big tough guy. You're nothing. Kat got wind of your piece back in Austin and called you on it. And you ran like the sissy you are. She's **** lucky to be rid of you. You have my number, Jesse. Tell me I've got it wrong. I dare you. Crybaby punk.

1161 days ago


I wonder if there is a direct correlation between number of tattoos and lack of intelligence.

1161 days ago

Christopher Duran    

The case for the ex wife should be dismissed if she has a good and knowledgeable attorney. Unless she physically threatened him the harassment charge have been over turned in the San Antonio and Dallas area Appellate District Courts and one is currently under Appeal in Beaumont Tx which should follow the examples of the overturning in the other 2 Appeals. None of the cases have been appealed to the 5th Circuit in New Orleans to my knowledge. Now they could change the charge to violation of a court order?, but the harassment gets tossed

1161 days ago


@youknow: I agree with everything you said. James is a sociopath and liar. I feel sorry for a mother being kept from her daughter. The guy is a manipulator. Bullock and your relative are victims of this lowlife.

1161 days ago


TMZ - Get rid of that "Likes" "Dislikes" thing. It's distracting, unnecessary as nobody gives a crap, and extremely annoying. Your changes suck.

1161 days ago


Damn, I thought that was a shirt but that sh*t is tatoos around her neck and chest. Yeah, arrest her for harassment but keep her in jail for looking stupid.

1161 days ago


RE; If you've got site redesign feedback please leave it here! Thanks!
-------------------------------------------- thanks.. I don't need/want to sign up for yet another account somewhere that needs a password and user name. How about I just complain HERE IN A POST WHERE THEY WILL SEE IT? MMKAY

The headlines text size need to be the SAME on each line. It's stupid to have each line a different size. Annoying and distracting to read. Fix that and keep the ads away and I like the new design. BUT FIX THE HEADLINE BS!!

1161 days ago


who gives abt this guy not good looking maybe not good in bed n got famous cuz sandra cuz his profession is worth **** why r we still with this no good sob

1161 days ago


Even if she still loves him, must at some point to leave him alone. Some people understand this issue very hard.

1161 days ago
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