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Jesse James' Ex-Wife


7/28/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janine Lindemulder Mug Shot
Jesse James' ex Janine Lindemulder was thiiiiiiis close to smiling in her new mug shot -- taken when she was arrested for harassment at her home in Texas yesterday.

Sources tell TMZ ... Janine has called Jesse more than 25 times in the last few days -- and that was enough for cops to get a harassment warrant.

Janine is still in custody -- and is set to face a judge later this morning.



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Tide Fan    

That tattoo around her neck makes it look like she is choking! She is so skanky and so is Kat! No wonder Sandra Bullock wasn't good enough for him, she is way too classy for that trash!

1149 days ago


She used to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the world until she started covering her body in tats and the drugs and booze got to her. It's sad.

1149 days ago



1149 days ago


Loser with ugly tattoos!!

1149 days ago


Does this woman work?? She must have way too much time on her hands. I am thinking she also may be a little dangerous now that she is not "winning".

1149 days ago


listen,,i dont think we should get down on janine,,,no one knows the true story,,,and it is hard to turn over the child u gave birth to ,,to someone else,,,she needs alittle help ,,yes maybe,,,but come on people,,,this is janine,,,,one of the biggest adult film stars in the world,,,,she may be down now but she will bounce back,,,

1149 days ago


You eventually look like you live......and she looks every inch of it!

BTW-TMZ-your new webpage format is blinding WHITE...and needs borders! Get professional help...uck!

1149 days ago


If 25 calls over a few days is harassment then a lot I know harass me regularly. He is such a dumbasscreep. He could just let her see her child and be kind, but no, instead he has to routinely humiliate the mother of his child. She wouldn't be calling if he'd just be reasonable. He has all the money in the world to make this easy, but he'd rather fight. I remember his TV specials when Janine was the greatest thing since sliced bread. His behavior guarantees at some point in her life his child will HATE him. Way to go, ponds***.

1149 days ago


tattoos are for clowns

1149 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Janine needs to go to re-hab and get off her addiction to whatever substances she's abusing. The man who was with her most recently has a record for numerous drug & weapons felonies. Clean up Janine and stay away from bad infleunces!

1149 days ago

Mick Kahler    

One more thing. Any amount of time and money a woman spends on her looks is wasted the minute she gets a tattoo.
Wise up people!

1149 days ago

go home!    

wowzers. She used to be so beautiful back in the day. Shows what Tats and drugs will do to ya. :(

1149 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

It is incomprehensible to me why the non-tattooed think that we the tattooed give two ****s about what you think about our tattoos! Really? Oh, OK, you don't like them? We'll just cover them up then! Make your ignorant comments if it makes you feel better but remember this...if one of your loved ones needed CPR and the only person around who knew how to do it was covered in tattoos - somehow I don't think you'd have a problem with them then. So judgmental!

1149 days ago


sheesh . . she used to be really good looking. Now she looks like a red neck guy that's been run over by an 18 wheel truck.

1149 days ago


Janine used to be one Beautiful and one of the hottest women around.Due to the drugs(thanks Jesse) Booze and too many Tat's she looks pathetic.

1149 days ago
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