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Tami from 'Basketball Wives'



7/30/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tami Roman is throwing an ultimatum at the producers of "Basketball Wives" -- either Meeka Claxton does NOT come back next season ... or she walks.

Tami -- who used to be married to NBA star Kenny Anderson -- tells TMZ ... the straw that broke the reality star's back came when Meeka sued her over a fight that went down in Italy last month.

Tami says she knows "things got out of hand" with Meeka ... and she's "embarrassed" that things got violent ... but she was willing to let bygones be bygones ... until Meeka decided to sue.

Now Tami tells us, "I will NOT work with someone who is suing me, when they know what this situation is all about. I want to be clear, if she returns in any way, form or fashion I do not plan on participating."

A rep for Meeka had no comment.


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Tami is pathetic. She was classless on "The Real World" (getting David kicked off, responding to a producer calling her a slut, even having her abortion on national TV). Nothing has changed. The show was a hit (unfortunately) before she was even on it. Hopefully she, Shaunie, Evelyn,Susie, and everyone else can just go away.

1187 days ago


please get rid of tami. she was awful on the real world and she is just as horrible here!

1187 days ago


bye meeka , i think most people would aqree that we'd rather have tami than your messy ass !

1187 days ago

joe pocho    

meeka is the wakest person ever! shess a c*nt! haha she got what was coming for her, she is garbage,! muf cabbage! & its not tami fault. bi**& was talking her sshi**
tami is #1

1186 days ago

joe pocho    

meeka is the wakest person ever! shess a c*nt! haha she got what was coming for her, she is garbage,! muf cabbage! & its not tami fault. bi**& was talking her sshi**
tami is #1

1186 days ago

jacqui kimbrough    

I think it is a great idea for Meeka to file a law suit against Tami.I hope she won't return next year but instead work at the zoo where she belongs.

1186 days ago


You all are really killing me with this "Tami is classless and needs to be sued..." BULL!!! Why are you all acting as if these women were brought together to be "role models to young women"??? Not ONE of these reality shows centered around women of this caliber was intended for that purpose. The purpose of these types of "people" being assembled for this type of reality show is to entertain the masses. Everyone's talking about how violent Tami is and she should set a better example for her daughters and what not.....reeeeeeaally??? Her offspring are the result of her reality success....let's just keep it real...ity, feel me? None of you were singing that same tune PRIOR to watching the fight between her and Meeka or the fight between her and Evelyn.....need I go on? Mind you, what constitutes Meeka setting a better example solely based on the fact that she's the only one among them who's actually married? She's just (if not, more so) as classless as the others because she entered the scene addressing or rather, creating issues and unnecesssary drama when she didn't know most of the cast, with the exception of Shaunie (who's the major INSTIGATOR of them all.....PAY ATTENTION!!!), from a can of paint! At least, Tami keeps it 100 at ALL times! Do I condone violence? Nope, but I know what the purpose of a reality show is? Basketball Exes...Wives...Wannabees...the Former Chicks of Has Beens....whatever you wanna call it, is successful BECAUSE of...not in spite of....the drama, so keep it moving..... #TEAMTAMIALLTHEWAY

1186 days ago


Meeka has a Rep?! Funny!

1186 days ago


who gives a isht whether you come back or a matter of fact dont. You are nothing but a broke ass wannabe. Meeka has more class than your itch ass. Please do us all a favor and disappear. The show will go on. Take your drama self someplace else. You make the show look classless.

1186 days ago


Let that damn Tammi go!!!!! She is a bull in a china closet no class and stupid. What does she expect I would sue her ghetto ass too.

1186 days ago


Would lossing Tammy actually be a big loss? However, I do believe that Meeka is going overboard. Why jepordize the show?

1186 days ago

B J    

It's you Susie with your big mouth. Tami you let me down. You were my girl. A real forreal girl. I liked you until you got wild with Meeka. Meeka told the truth and you know it and you fought her for telling what you said. You could have said yes I said it because of the drama with Evelyn at the time. Own it but Sisie's big mouth did it. It's too bad you grown women don't know how to handle confusion.

1186 days ago

Big Pat    

Tammy know she wrong but she good for doing **** like this. If anyone remembers her from The Real World she did the same thing to david getting him kicked off the show. She sucks, its like she just there for them to laugh at

1186 days ago

It's Autumn!    

Meeka needed a good beat down and Tami was the one to give it to her!

1186 days ago


I am glad that Meeka is suing Tami stupid ass. All those bitches are fake and two faced. Suzy is a retarded stupid two face bitch and she meant for everything that took place to happen. Evelyn is a ******* two face loser bitch. Shaunie is fake as hell. Replace all those bitches with some real women MARRIED to an actual Basketball Player and remove the old dumb as scorn bitches.

1186 days ago
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