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Ashton Kutcher



7/31/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher
is getting the ROYAL treatment on the set of "Two and a Half Men" ... with a MASSIVE kick-ass trailer all to himself -- but to some Charlie Sheen supporters who still work on the show, it's a bit much.  

The mansion on wheels is two stories of awesomeness -- with satellite TV hookups, customized everything ... and "pop out" sections which expand to make the trailer EVEN BIGGER!

Problem is ... there are still plenty of Team Sheen people working on the show ... and we're told they feel the mega-trailer is "over the top" and makes Kutcher come off like a "diva."

But he IS the star of the biggest show on TV ... and Charlie had a pretty big trailer too when he worked on the show.

Plus, if someone offered you a badass trailer for free -- you probably wouldn't say "no" either ... right?


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Mrs Kutcher    

8 pictures of the same trailer....blah! Love "Tea-M-Zucks" LOL

1148 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Why are all of these news outlets saying that Ashton is the star of the show? The others who have been there since day one are the stars of the show-Jon Cryer and Angus are the stars.Love this show but, I don't know about Ashton Kutcher I think they could of made a better choice. And as for the trailer-a little too much.

1148 days ago


I was right...about TMZ Promoting T&M. Why is this post again on the top?

1148 days ago


I've had planty of these Trailers, been in the backs of over 300 of these trailers, sometimes as much as 8 to 10 hours at a time, I've even been under them, in front of em' dropped a few too,, damn near had one pass me on a steep grade comin down San Luis pass one cold Icy Night in Colorado, this trailer ain't nothin, should of seen my Trailers - a reefer, and a Flat Bed and sometimes a Dump Trailer too,, Ahh the life of a Long Haul Trucker - Yeeeee - Hawwwww !!!

1148 days ago


Ashton the star ??? Far from it, was what, third choice. Give me a break. The guy is so in love with his self he's sickning. Everything he has been in has been a flop. Maybe his plastic over the hill wife will pat him on the back. The fact remains, he was not first choice. They kind of got down to the bottom of the barrel with him as a replacement.

1148 days ago

i said lesbians...    

1) this site is hideous now
2) ashton kutcher was only good as kelso
3) two and a half men sucks and so does ashton
4) but i still wish i had ashton kutchers bank account

1148 days ago


Yeah, of course poor little Ashton is just taking a gift of this massive trailer lol - all stars on these shows set out their demands of what they want and play diva to the hilt to get it lol! Ashton WANTED this trailer - the hype he's getting though, sorry 2 1/2 Men will be nothing with him in it - might as well can the series now!! Without Charlie's real life persona this show probably never would have taken off in the first place - he IS the show and Ashton as far as I know hasn't been in anything of any importance anywhere, anytime - oops forgot Bill and Ted's adventure lol, guess that says it all really lol!!
Of course if he's coming on there to play a young kid who likes much older women - well he's got the part down pat already!!

1148 days ago


There are still people on that set who are Team Sheen? Considering the guy almost put them all out of work, I find that surprising.

1148 days ago


I give the "new" show 10 weeks at most. I feel bad for Jon Cryer but that's the way it will go, 10 weeks tops.

1148 days ago


Ashtons hot, hilarious, sweet, and bagged Demi Moore, he is young, vibrant and has his act together. Hes worth more then Chuck.

1148 days ago


This is a mega-star's trailer, far too ostentastious for a little-talented actor of little consequence in the world of stars.

1148 days ago


TMZ..seriously. Now you're begrudging/judge jury and final opinion on all things successful? So what? First it was a big deal that this was on a public road, NOW it's bothering people that it's on a PRIVATE lot? First you hate sheen, now it's Ashton..geez, what's's of Air Force One, and how over the top it is?
The guy makes 800k a show..big frig'n deal he gets a trailer. I say good on him, that he's so successful!

1148 days ago


what actor doesn't have this style trailer... damn TMZ go look back in your stories to Will Smith.. right his MIB3 trailer...

even if its full 2 stories its only around 500sf and thats not even a normal studio..

1148 days ago


This seems like a lame attempt to make a story happen... to create some controversy where there is none. Known star gets a big trailer for his starring gig on a hit show on TV. Wow, that's a shocker. Snooze. Slow weekend at TMZ?

1148 days ago

Aby G    

why would these crew member resent Kutcher?Charlie sheen almost made them unemployed!!if it wasn't for Ashton they would be looking for a job.what a bunch of A-HOLES

1148 days ago
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