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Ashton Kutcher



7/31/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher
is getting the ROYAL treatment on the set of "Two and a Half Men" ... with a MASSIVE kick-ass trailer all to himself -- but to some Charlie Sheen supporters who still work on the show, it's a bit much.  

The mansion on wheels is two stories of awesomeness -- with satellite TV hookups, customized everything ... and "pop out" sections which expand to make the trailer EVEN BIGGER!

Problem is ... there are still plenty of Team Sheen people working on the show ... and we're told they feel the mega-trailer is "over the top" and makes Kutcher come off like a "diva."

But he IS the star of the biggest show on TV ... and Charlie had a pretty big trailer too when he worked on the show.

Plus, if someone offered you a badass trailer for free -- you probably wouldn't say "no" either ... right?


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who cares    

Yeah ok TMZ is the second story a crawl space? Because that's not even close to a two stories. Exaggerating again TMZ?

1159 days ago


It wasn't the fact that the white guy didn't know what a GTO or goat was. Just never saw a black guy driving a muscle car! what no curb feelers you prick?

1159 days ago


jus*****ched the show and anyone with kim kardashian as their screen saver is a total douche! and then put yourself in the pic? wha are you 5? Douchebag!

1159 days ago


Isn't that Will Smith's trailer? It look exactly like it.

1159 days ago

Empty reason    

Who cares!?!?!?

1159 days ago


Who could blame him. One end of the trailer is for him and the other end for his mother - Demi.

1159 days ago


I disagree with people saying that Charlie is to blame for leaving the crew almost "jobless" when it was actually CBS/LORRE that decided to shut down production! Charlie wanted to continue working, & made the bad decision in bruising their big egos! The face that the crew are still "Team Sheen" proves that Charlie is not the total bad guy here, & was loved & still Missed by the crew! You Go Charlie! I can't wait to see your new show!

1159 days ago

The Truth    


It is being reported that the deal with Ashton also involves the story line of Demi his much older wife will try and play a young woman on the show or a young cougar. He cannot act and she is stretched thin (plastic surgery I mean.)

Neither Ashton no Demi have had a movie that didn’t bomb in the past 10 years, 20 for her. His last movie lost $30 million.

Adding these 2 to Two and Half Men is like the guys who think having kids dress like Mc Hammer and rap or do the running man will really capture the young audience.

What’s the demographic are they shooting for, neither brings in any. They will certainly lose their demographics that Charlie brought in. Can’t argue that since he was the highest paid TV star and he brought in more then double the advertising revenue of any other show of its type. People got tired of Punked once they were over the age of 12.

Just a case of Lorre’s vanity run a muck. He thinks he is the star.

The Truth

1159 days ago


Wonder how much it cost?

1158 days ago

still winning    

This loser is lucky to have a job nevermind this double wide trailer.

1158 days ago


Don't like the way CS left the show but, he did make the show. AK is just a pretty boy. I don't think AK has the talent CS has.

1158 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

The trailer sure looks like the one Will Smith had when he was on location filming a movie - I think it was in New York (but could be wrong).

1158 days ago


I think its really kind of excessive ,considering the show will not run long. To bad for Jake and Alan

1158 days ago


I think is part of the show that is trying to make something that is already dead, i bed companies are killin for the adds during the first episode with aston, two and half men is over, but WE ALL goin to see it crash in live, charlie was the soul of that show, he was the charecter, i bed he faked demi moore, and is probably that kutcher is his son, aston is a nobody, hes only famous for faking demi moore, and sale people a disfunctional hollywood life, all of his movies suck, he doesnt have the enough inteligente to create the pranks on punked, we are here watching that the producers are treating him like a diva, R.I.P two and a half men,

1158 days ago

Lauren Ashley    

I don't really care what size his trailer is. If its not your money, then why does it matter? I am more confused as to why TMZ felt it necessary to post 8 pictures of the exact same thing.

1158 days ago
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