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Meat Loaf



8/2/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Three days after passing out at a concert in Pittsburgh, Meat Loaf fainted AGAIN at a show in New Jersey -- and this time ... the 63-year-old singer had to be hooked up to an oxygen machine.

Meat was playing the New Jersey Balloon Festival on Sunday -- and after finishing his set, we're told he collapsed backstage and requested oxygen.

As we previously reported, Meat Loaf suffers from asthma.

Thankfully, the singer pulled himself together after ten minutes on the breathing apparatus -- and didn't require further medical attention.

Several calls to Meat Loaf's reps haven't been returned -- but it's pretty clear ... the guy needs a break.


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1147 days ago


LOL, good one Love My Fans. I bet he was hoping Trump was in town to give him mouth to mouth.

1147 days ago


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1147 days ago

Master Po    

I seen some do***entary on the msg channel and he passed out nearly nightly backstage on tour. It seemed somewhat forced for attention as everyone around him was business as usual from him doing it so often.

I hope that is the case here but if not good god man go to a doctor.

1147 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This guy needs to take a break and take care of his health. Health comes first, His career can come in second.

1147 days ago


Why don't his managers schedule his concerts in seasons that don't have such a devastating effect on his asthma. If that isn't the trigger, then they need to figure that out. Asthma at his age (and mine for that matter) requires some planning and thought. Also, give him some breaks during the concert, so that's he has time to catch his breath and get back his wind between songs. It can be done.......

1147 days ago


Meat Loaf has been suffering from Vertigo for years and is carrying an oxygen machine with him since then. It's all do***ented in here:

1147 days ago

Lucy Mouse Head    

It's time for all these "rockers" to just give it up already.Their time has passed. Bunch of geriatric has beens stumbling around playing their "hits" from 1978.

Many of these guys were great once, but popular music has a short shelf life and rock was always about, drugs,rebellion...not metamucil and adult diapers.

1147 days ago


If you watch his do***entary, In Search of Paradise, and other interviews around the place, once a show is doe he quite often does this, and thats going way back to the start, not just recently.

When he is on stage he puts himself in such a place that he really lives out the character he is portraying in each song.

This is nothing to worry about.

1147 days ago


so the poor guy is lying in the grass and someone snaps a picture of him. tacky

1147 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm frickin' sorry, but if you pass out from asthma you don't become suddenly revived unless they're pumping him full of epinephrine on scene and propping him up to keep performing. If that is the case, and he's not getting emergent treatment he's a dead man walking. I'm wondering if he's had a cardiac check lately like an echocardiogram. He's way to far gone for a simple stress test. There's way more going on here than asthma. There could be a lot of other things, but I'm thinking this is autonomic and not drugs.

1147 days ago


Yeah..take a break dude. You're getting older.

1147 days ago


Hey. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.....

1147 days ago


What's with this guy? He's so over music wise. Go sit down grandpa. If you can't stand up - sit the he** down.

1147 days ago


I hope its not serious. Meatloaf is a good dood.

1147 days ago
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