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Rihanna's Half-Naked Body


8/1/2011 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rihanna Barbados Pics
ruffled some feathers this morning in her home country of Barbados -- donning a fancy red headdress, and stripping down to a tiny bikini and stockings ... all for the local harvest festival parade!

It's called Kadooment Day -- which, historically, had its early beginnings in the 17th century on the sugar cane plantations and HOLY MOTHER LOOK AT RIHANNA'S BUTT.


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This is how most people on the island dresses for the crop over festival. Rihanna grew up enjoying these festivities from a young child. Get over y'all selves, she's bajan and she should be able to wear the costumes of her country for their festival. If you don't know anything about the bajan culture then learn about it before critizing something you have no Idea about.

1178 days ago

Lord Snooty    

she is sooo FAT !

1178 days ago


She makes me so sad. Always looks trashy.

1178 days ago


WOW! she's Delicious... mmmm...

1178 days ago


I dont know about you guys, but I'm from a Caribbean island as well...and even though we all wear costumes during carnival/festivals like this, behaving like that would give you the label of Slut. But then again, she's famous so everyone kisses her ass and says it's fine

1178 days ago


WOuld you bajans shut up already! blah blah blah Rihanna guys just happy a few people know your name in the world so you tell that little Skank to go ahead? Come on! Cant she promote being Barbadian without being so slutty? But whatever, you all are just a bunch of fame-whores like your dearly beloved pictured up top

1178 days ago


Rihanna is HOT

1178 days ago


U guys need to learn about other people's culture before u make stupid comments. It was Kadooment Day just like anyone else's carnival and over 8,000 persons took part and bikinis were to official attire ********. TMZ needs to stick to the US and keep out of BARBADOS when itcomes to Rihanna on Kadooment Day.

1178 days ago


It's CARNIVAL. She's in a masquerade costume. What they expect her to wear??

1178 days ago


I was there, and 99.99999% of the women were dressed like that. I love Kadooment, come on down to Barbados. Rhi is ours and we love her.

1178 days ago


I'll admit. She has a nice ass!! But I'm really not a fan of her body or her singing.

1178 days ago


I am not a Rhianna fan but if you were from the Caribbean then you would understand. This is our "Carnival". Basically this is the costume made up of feathers,plumes, beads,jewels etc. you would have a choice of bikini or whole piece. Masqueraders would chose whether to where fish net stockings, sheer stockings or no stockings at all. It is a wonderful experience, on more than one occasion celebrities have taken part. This is her ( Rihanna) culture, it is what she's known her life so it's only natural that when she can she would go back home and take part in the festivities. There is a whole world out there...people just need to take time out and discover.

1178 days ago


Really??? Slave women dressed up in skimpy bikinis and wildly colored feathers and danced around in the 1700s to celebrate the sugar cane harvest with their masters? I can't wait for the History Channel show!

1178 days ago


are you all people for real? whats wrong with how Rihanna is dressed or how she behaved?Its how we celebrate our festival and its also how we dress as well. haven't you seen carnival in Brazil? are they disgusting too? get over yourselves all you haters and leave our Ri-Ri alone.You have bigger things to worry about like your Economy.

1178 days ago


First of all...It is called Carnival and thats what all the guys and girls do...Its a cultural event for West Indian people and she was having a blast in her homeland. Its exactly what I do when I enjoy labor day in NYC or Miami. And trust its more fun and respectful that American Spring Break. So get over it and let her be normal like her peers.

1178 days ago
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